Section 1370.140  Weigh Ins


a)         The weigh-in shall be conducted by an inspector or Division representative at a time and place approved by the Division.


b)         Prior to engaging in a contest, all contestants must submit to a weigh-in and a physical examination by the physician at the time and place approved by the Division.


1)         The physical examination given to contestants shall include, at a minimum, the following: weight, pulse, blood pressure, examination of the lungs and heart, and general physical condition.


2)         Contestants shall disclose all medical history and conditions to the physician during the physical examination.  All female contestants must submit to a pregnancy test at a time and location to be determined by the Division and in the presence of a Division representative.  Any female contestant who tests positive for pregnancy shall be prohibited from fighting.


3)         The physician shall conduct examinations and tests necessary to attest to the fitness of the contestants engaged in the contest.  The physician shall certify in writing on a form prescribed by the Division those contestants who are in good physical condition to compete.


4)         If, upon physical examination, a contestant is determined by the physician to be unfit for competition, the contestant shall be prohibited from competing during that specific contest.


c)         The scale used for the weigh-in shall be provided by the promoter and approved by the Division representative.  The scales must weigh accurately and be capable of weighing up to 10 pounds over the maximum weight of the heaviest contestant scheduled to compete.  The Division may, in its discretion, use the scales furnished by the promoter or use its own scales.  All scales furnished by the promoter shall be thoroughly tested and approved by the representative of the Division prior to being used in connection with any contest.


d)         Each contestant shall be weighed in the presence of his or her opponent, unless waived by his or her opponent, a representative of the Division, and an official representing the promoter, on scales approved by the representative of the Division, at any place designated by the Division.  Weigh-ins shall be open to the public.


e)         Contestants shall have all weights stripped from their bodies before weigh-in.  Male contestants may wear shorts and socks.  Female contestants may wear shorts, a sports bra and socks.


f)         The representative of the Division may require contestants to be weighed more than once for any cause deemed sufficient.


g)         Contestants who fail to make the weight for their designated weight class shall be given up to 2 hours to make required weight.  Any contestant who fails to make the weight shall be disqualified unless both contestants consent to participate in the scheduled bout.  The weight differential shall be approved by the Division; bouts may be cancelled per the Division's discretion.


h)         At the weigh-in, no contestant may lose more than 3 pounds in less than a 2 hour period.  This rule applies to a second day weigh-in also.  This does not apply to boxing contestants who compete in light heavyweight class and above.


i)          For title bouts, contestants may weigh no more than 10 pounds heavier on the day of the bout or contest than their weight at the weigh-in.


j)          Contestants who fail to arrive or arrive later than one half hour after the appointed start time of the weigh-in may be disqualified, immediately suspended for no more than 6 months, or both.