Section 1285.101  Visiting Physician Permits


a)         Any person not licensed in this State to practice medicine in all of its branches or as a chiropractic physician who has received an invitation or appointment to study a specific medical, osteopathic, chiropractic or clinical subject or technique in a medical, osteopathic, or chiropractic school or hospital in this State must be the holder of a Visiting Physician Permit issued by the Division pursuant to the provisions of Section 18(B) of the Act.


b)         An application for a Visiting Physician Permit shall be made on forms provided by the Division.  The application shall include:


1)         Certification from the jurisdiction of current licensure indicating the date of licensure and current status of the license;


2)         Certification from the dean or program director of the school or hospital indicating:


A)        That the person has received an invitation or appointment to study a specific clinical subject or technique;


B)        The nature of the educational services to be provided to the applicant;


C)        The term of the contact;


3)         A copy of the applicant's current curriculum vitae; and


4)         The fee of $100.


c)         In determining the need for the issuance of a Visiting Physician Permit, the Division, upon the recommendation of the Medical Licensing Board, shall consider the availability to the program of medicine of the services for which the Visiting Physician Permit is sought.


d)         Written notice of the Division's final action on every application for a Visiting Physician Permit shall be given to the applicant and/or the school or hospital designated.  When the application is approved, the Visiting Physician Permit shall be delivered or mailed to the program of medicine.  The applicant shall not commence the appointment before the program receives written notification from the Division of the approval of the application.


e)         A Visiting Physician Permit shall be valid for 180 days or until such time as the clinical studies or techniques are completed, whichever occurs first.


f)         When the holder of a Visiting Physician Permit has been discharged or terminated from an appointment, any certificate issued in the name of the person shall be null and void as of the date of the discharge or termination. The school or hospital shall immediately deliver or mail by registered mail to the Division the Visiting Physician Permit and written notice of the reason for the return of the permit.


g)         Only one Visiting Physician Permit shall be issued to an applicant.  If, at the conclusion of the term of the appointment for which the permit was issued, the holder of the permit desires to remain in the State and practice or teach his/her profession, he/she must apply for and receive a license to practice medicine in all of its branches or as a chiropractic physician.


h)         Whenever a program of medicine is required to deliver or return a Visiting Physician Permit to the Division and that permit has been lost or destroyed or is for any other reason unavailable for return to the Division, the program of medicine shall immediately mail or deliver to the Division a written explanation concerning the inability to return the permit.


i)          Nothing shall prohibit the holder of a Visiting Physician Permit from applying for and receiving a license to practice his/her profession in this State during the term of the appointment.  In the event the holder of a permit is issued a license to practice in this State, upon receipt of the license, the permit shall become null and void and shall be returned to the Division pursuant to the provisions of subsection (f).


j)          A Limited Visiting Physician Permit will be issued by the Division to an out-of-state physician who has been requested to perform an emergency procedure in Illinois.


1)         An individual seeking a Limited Visiting Physician Permit shall apply to the Division, on forms provided by the Division, and submit the following:


A)        Verification of licensure in another jurisdiction;


B)        A description of the emergency procedure to be performed;


C)        The exact date and location of the procedure;


D)        The name and license number of the sponsoring physician who will be responsible for the applicant;


E)        Proof from the hospital that the applicant has approval from the facility to perform the procedure signed by the administrator of the hospital;


F)         A copy of an up to date curriculum vitae; and


G)        A fee of $25.


2)         The permit will be issued for no more than 5 days.  However, in extenuating circumstances, upon review by the Chairman of the Licensing Board or his/her designee, the permit may be extended.


3)         The Division shall notify the Medical Licensing Board of the issuance of all Limited Visiting Physician Permits.


(Source:  Amended at 29 Ill. Reg. 18823, effective November 4, 2005)