Section 1270.20  Examinations


a)         An applicant for licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor-in-Training shall pass the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) Fundamentals of Land Surveying Examination.


b)         An applicant for licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor who is licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor-in-Training shall pass the following examinations:


1)         NCEES Principles and Practice of Land Surveying Examination; and


2)         Illinois Jurisdictional Examination.


c)         The scoring of the NCEES Fundamentals of Land Surveying Examination and the NCEES Principles and Practice of Land Surveying Examination and the determination of scores shall be as approved by NCEES.  Separate scores shall be given for each examination and the scores shall be reported as pass/fail.


d)         The Illinois Jurisdictional Examination shall be reported as pass/fail. The Jurisdictional Examination shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas:


1)         History of the public land surveying system in Illinois;


2)         Jurisdictional Standards and Ethics (knowledge of prevailing professional standards and ethics specific to Illinois);


3)         Jurisdictional Legal Precedent and Principles (knowledge of legal principles and requirements specific to Illinois);


4)         Jurisdictional Field Techniques (knowledge of field research techniques specific to Illinois); and


5)         Jurisdictional Record Sources (knowledge of sources of records and information specific to Illinois).


e)         Retake of Examination.


1)         Applicants who do not pass the NCEES Fundamentals of Land Surveying Examination, the NCEES Principles and Practice of Land Surveying Examination or the Illinois Jurisdictional Examination will be required to retake only the examinations failed.


2)         If an applicant neglects, fails, or refuses to take an examination for registration under this Act within 3 years after filing his or her application, the application fee shall be forfeited to the Department and the application denied.  However, the applicant may thereafter make a new application for examination, accompanied by the required fee. (Section 11 of the Act)  New applications shall include proof of meeting the qualifications for examination in effect at the time of such new application with the exception provided in subsection (e)(3).


3)         Scores from examinations already passed under a previous application shall be carried over and applied to subsequent applications.


4)         The Fundamentals of Surveying Examination scores are valid only for 10 years.  If the applicant has failed to meet the requirements and apply for the Principles and Practice of Surveying within 10 years after original passage of the Fundamentals of Surveying, the original score is voided and the Fundamentals of Surveying must be retaken for enrollment as a Land Surveyor-in-Training.


f)         Candidates who fail an examination may not review their examination booklet or the associated answer sheets.  Rescoring of the examination or any individual problem is not permitted; however, a retabulation of the numerical score will be permitted for a paper examination, but no retabulation of a computer-based examination is allowed.


g)         Examinations may be given in various formats with different application submittal dates depending on the examination format.  For examinations administered in paper form in October and April, the application deadline is November 15 for the April exam and May 15 for the October exam.  For examinations administered continuously in a computer-based format, there is no deadline for submittal of the application.  Computer-based examinations will be offered at times and in manners prescribed by NCEES.  If approved for any examination, paper or computer-based, the applicant will be allowed to test for three years after the date of receipt of the application by the Department, with no limit on the number of times the examination may be taken other than those limits published by NCEES.


(Source:  Amended at 39 Ill. Reg. 14826, effective November 13, 2015)