Section 1255.61† Continuing Education Requirements


The continuing education required as a condition for registration renewal under the Registered Interior Designers Act [225 ILCS 310] is set forth in this Section.† All registrations shall meet these requirements.


a)†††††††† Continuing Education Requirements


1)†††††††† Beginning with the August 31, 2025, renewal, and every renewal thereafter, in order to renew a registration, a registrant shall be required to complete 10 hours of continuing education (CE) relevant to the profession of interior design, or be exempt from the CE requirements, as provided in subsection (i).† Failure to comply with these requirements will result in non-renewal of the registrantís registration, other disciplinary action, or both.


A)††††††† One hour of the total CE hours required shall be in Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, which shall meet the requirements of 68 Ill. Adm. Code 1130.400.† A registrant completing a course on sexual harassment prevention developed or offered by the Illinois Department of Human Rights, offered by the registrantís employer or an acceptable provider listed within this Section, that complies with the minimum training requirements specified in Section 2-109 of the Illinois Human Rights Act [775 ILCS 5] may count that course toward the one-hour requirement under this Section.


B)††††††† One hour of the total CE hours required shall pertain to the subjects of professional conduct and/or interior design professional ethics.


2)†††††††† A pre-renewal period is the 24 months preceding September 1 of each odd-numbered year. All CE hours must be completed during the pre-renewal period.


3)†††††††† All required CE hours may be completed online; however, each self-administered course shall include an examination that will be graded by the sponsor.


4)†††††††† A CE hour means a minimum of 50 minutes of technical instruction or participation.† No credit will be allowed for introductory remarks, meals, breaks or administrative matters related to courses of study.† If the program involves one or more hours of education, credit may be issued in one-half hour increments.


5)†††††††† Registered interior designers registered in Illinois but residing and practicing in other states must comply with the CE requirements set forth in this Section.


6)†††††††† The CE hours used to satisfy the CE requirements in another jurisdiction may also be used to satisfy the CE requirements of this Section so long as the CE activities meet the requirements of this Section.


b)†††††††† All CE programs, activities or courses shall emphasize health, safety and welfare subjects and:


1)†††††††† Contribute to the advancement, extension or enhancement of the professional skills and/or scientific knowledge of the profession of interior design;


2)†††††††† Foster the enhancement of general or specialized practice and values of interior design, related professions and interior design ethics;


3)†††††††† Be developed and presented by persons with education and/or experience in the subject matter of the program; and


4)†††††††† Specify the course objectives and course content.


c)†††††††† CE Activities shall include, but are not limited to:


1)†††††††† Successful completion of courses, programs, presentations, meetings, seminars, etc., relevant to the profession of interior design or architecture.† Credit will be given for self-study courses only if an examination has been completed by the registrant and graded by the sponsor.


2)†††††††† Successful completion of higher education courses in interior design or architecture taken at college or university programs accredited by NASAD or CIDA.† One CE hour per credit hour earned (not the actual hours spent in class) may be awarded.


3)†††††††† Presenting a course, program, etc., as listed in subsection (c)(1) will receive twice the listed CE credit given for said course, program, etc., but shall only be accepted for the first offering or presentation.† Full-time faculty may not claim teaching credit associated with their regular duties.


4)†††††††† Authoring published papers, articles, books, or accepted registration examination items.† Two CE hours may be awarded per paper, article, etc., and a maximum of four CE hours will be awarded per pre-renewal period.


5)†††††††† Active participation in educational outreach activities that involve K-12 or higher education students which pertain to professional registration or the interior design profession.† One hour of CE will be given per each one hour of outreach activities participation and a maximum of three CE hours may be awarded per pre-renewal period.


6)†††††††† Active participation on a board or committee in professional or technical societies or in accrediting organizations relating to interior design.† Two CE hours will be awarded per committee membership or office held and a maximum of four CE hours will be awarded per pre-renewal period.


d)†††††††† The Division shall not pre-approve individual courses or programs.


e)†††††††† Acceptable providers for continuing education activities shall include, but not be limited to:


1)†††††††† American Society of Interior Designers (ASID);


2)†††††††† International Interior Designer Association (IIDA);


3)†††††††† Council of Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ);


4)†††††††† International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC);


5)†††††††† American Institute of Architects (AIA);


6)†††††††† Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI);


7)†††††††† International Facility Management Association (IFMA);


8)†††††††† National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA);


9)†††††††† Colleges, universities, or other educational institutions;


10)††††††† Technical or professional societies or organizations including manufacturers relating to interior design.


f)††††††† The Division may conduct random audits of registrants to verify compliance with this Section.


g)†††††††† For auditing or restoration purposes, it shall be the responsibility of a registrant to maintain a record of CE hours for six years that includes:


1)†††††††† Documentation consisting of:


A)††††††† the name and address of the sponsor or provider;


B)††††††† the number of CE hours attended in each program;


C)††††††† the date and place of the program, including a certificate of attendance; and


D)††††††† a brief statement of the subject matter, printed program schedules, registration receipts or other proof of participation; or


2)†††††††† Transcripts or records of CE hours maintained by an acceptable provider as set forth in subsection (e).


h)†††††††† Certification of Compliance with CE Requirements


1)†††††††† Each renewal applicant shall certify, on the renewal application, full compliance with the CE requirements set forth in this Section.


2)†††††††† The Division may require additional evidence demonstrating compliance with the CE requirements as set forth in subsection (f).† This additional evidence shall be required in the context of the Divisionís random audit.† It is the responsibility of each renewal applicant to retain or otherwise produce evidence of compliance.


3)†††††††† When there appears to be a lack of compliance with CE requirements, a registrant shall be notified in writing and may request an interview with the Board.† At that time the Board may recommend that steps be taken to begin formal disciplinary proceedings in accordance with Section 10-65 of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act [5 ILCS 100].


i)††††††††† Waiver of CE Requirements

A registrant may be exempt from CE requirements if one of the following situations occurs.† If an exemption is claimed, it is required that the renewal fee an any documentation needed to support the exemption be submitted for renewal of a registration.† Waiver requests must be made before the end of the renewal period.† Waiver requests sent after the end of the renewal period shall not be considered.


1)†††††††† A registrant shall not be required to report CE hours during the first biennial renewal period in which the registrant obtained initial registration in Illinois but shall be subject to the CE requirements for all subsequent biennial renewal periods.


2)†††††††† Waiver Requests.† Registrants may submit a waiver request in the following circumstances:


A)††††††† A registrant who is on full-time active duty in the military service or Armed Forces of the United States or is a registrant who is called to temporary active duty in the military service or Armed Forces of the United States for a period of time exceeding 120 consecutive days during the renewal period, when that activity or location restricts participation in a CE program or activity.


B)††††††† A registrant who demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Division that meeting these requirements would be an undue hardship by reason of disability, illness, or other clearly mitigating circumstances shall submit supporting documentation.


i)††††††††† The documentation shall be in the form of a sworn statement by the registrant, statement from a licensed healthcare provider, or medical record showing the disability, illness, or circumstance preventing the registrantís participation in the CE program or activity during a substantial part of the renewal period.


ii)†††††††† If the Division finds undue hardship is demonstrated, the Division will waive enforcement, extend the time within which the applicant shall comply, or establish a particular program or schedule of CE for the renewal period in which the undue hardship existed.


iii)††††††† Consecutive waiver requests made for reasons of disability, illness, or other circumstances may be prima facie evidence for non-renewal of applicantís registration based on an inability to actively engage in the registered profession.


3)†††††††† Any renewal applicant who, prior to the expiration date of the registration, submits a request for a waiver, in whole or in part, pursuant to the provisions of this subsection (i) shall be deemed to be in good standing until a final decision on the application is made by the Division.


(Source:† Added at 47 Ill. Reg. 6274, effective April 20, 2023)