Section 1240.510  Firearm Training Course


a)         No registered or armed employee shall be allowed to perform duties that require the use, carrying or possession of a firearm until that employee has completed the 20 hours of basic training required by the Act, and has satisfactorily completed a 20-hour firearm training course approved by the Division.  The firearm training course shall include both classroom instruction and firing range experience.  Classroom instruction shall include, but not be limited to, the following subject matter:


1)         Legal use of firearms;


2)         Ethical and moral considerations of weapons use;


3)         Liability for acts while armed;


4)         Use of deadly force;


5)         Search, seizure and arrest procedures while armed;


6)         Firearm safety and maintenance; and


7)         Fundamentals of firearm use:


A)        Stance;


B)        Grip;


C)        Sight alignment;


D)        Sight picture; and


E)        Trigger control.


b)         Each student shall be allotted time on the firing range to apply, in supervised practice, the techniques and methods described in subsection (a).  The personal firearm of each student or the firearm assigned to the student shall be inspected for safety and approved by the range master prior to the beginning of actual range firing.  Instruction shall include double-action shooting.


c)         The range where the training is to be given, whether indoor or outdoor, shall be maintained in a safe condition and shall be located in an area where the firing of live ammunition is allowed.  In determining whether the range is maintained in a safe condition, the Division may conduct an on-site inspection and may consider the following factors:


1)         Safety of participants;


2)         Safety of any persons or property in the area;


3)         Safety maintenance procedures; and


4)         Operational rules and policy.


d)         Upon application to the Division, any firearm training course approved by the Illinois Community College Board and/or Illinois Board of Higher Education that requires the firing of a minimum of 50 live rounds of ammunition and a minimum qualification score of 70% will be approved as satisfying the requirements of this Section.


e)         Upon application to the Division, any Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Course approved and registered by the National Rifle Association that requires the firing of a minimum of 50 live rounds of ammunition and a minimum qualification score of 70% will be approved for the range portion of the training.


f)         Each individual shall be required to fire a minimum of 50 rounds of live ammunition (factory loaded service ammunition or factory reloaded ammunition).


g)         Each student must qualify with a minimum score of 70% with each type of weapon (revolver, semi‑automatic, shotgun, rifle) he/she will be authorized to carry.


h)         The range instructor shall be responsible for maintaining a safe range environment.  Any student who refuses to adhere to proper safety requirements shall be dismissed from training by the instructor or the range master.  The range master shall also have full authority as to whether a weapon is in safe operating condition.


i)          Upon completion of the training, each student must successfully complete a written examination.  A copy of the examination shall be made available to the Division upon request (e.g., course audit).  The examination shall test the subjects encompassed in both classroom and range instruction.  Passage of the examination shall require a score of 75%.


j)          Each instructor shall file with the Division, on forms provided by the Division, Certification of Completion of Firearm Training for each student who successfully completes the training.  Upon receipt by the Division of the Certification of Completion of Firearm Training, a Certificate of Training shall be issued to the student which shall bear the training number assigned by the Division.


k)         The Certificate of Firearm Training shall be the permanent record of firearm training and shall be retained by the individual as proof of the training.  During the term of the individual's employment with an agency licensed by the Division, the Certificate of Training or certified copy shall be filed by the employer with the employee statement required by Section 35-30(b) of the Act and shall remain in the employee file during the term of employment.  Upon termination of employment, the original Certificate of Firearm Training shall be returned to the employee.


l)          In the case that the employee is employed by more than one employer, a notarized copy of the Certificate of Firearm Training shall be kept with the employee statement required by Section 35-30(b) of the Act in lieu of the original Certificate of Firearm Training.


m)        Those persons employed as registered armed employees on August 5, 2003 shall be considered to have completed the training prescribed in this Section.


n)         The training requirements of this Section shall be waived for an individual approved by the Division as an instructor under the provisions of Section 1240.515.  Such individual shall, upon application to the Division, be issued a Certificate of Firearm Training by the Division.


(Source:  Amended at 36 Ill. Reg. 9938, effective July 13, 2012)