Section 240.190  Temporary Relief Hearings


a)         Pending the holding of a hearing in accordance with Sections 240.185 and 240.180 relating to a cessation order issued under Section 240.185, the person or permittee affected by the Department's action may file a written request for temporary relief from the cessation order, together with a detailed statement giving reasons for granting such relief. The person or permittee shall serve the request for temporary relief within 14 days after service of the cessation order.


b)         The Department shall commence a hearing within 5 working days after receipt of a timely request for temporary relief and may grant that relief, under such conditions as it may prescribe, if the person or permittee requesting temporary relief shows a substantial likelihood that the findings of the Department will be favorable to him or her and the relief will not adversely affect the health or safety of the public or cause significant environmental harm or significant damage to property.


c)         All hearings under this Section shall be conducted in accordance with Article 10 of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act [5 ILCS 100].  All hearings under this Section shall be conducted in the Department's offices located in Springfield, Illinois.  However, the Department may conduct a hearing under this Section at a site located closer than Springfield to the production and/or injection/disposal well identified in the Director's decision being contested if facilities are available and convenient, as determined by the Department.


d)         All hearings conducted under this Section are open to the public and are held in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990.  The hearings will be held at locations ordered by the Hearing Officer.  The Hearing Officer will select hearing locations that comply with any geographic requirements imposed by applicable law and, to the extent feasible, promote the convenience of the parties and the conservation of the Department's resources.  All hearings are subject to cancellation without notice.  Any rescheduled hearing shall comply with this Subpart A.  Interested persons may contact the Department or the Hearing Officer for information about the hearing.  Parties, participants and members of the public must conduct themselves with decorum at the hearing.


e)         Upon the motion of any party, the Hearing Officer may order that a hearing be held by telephone conference, video conference or other electronic means.  In deciding whether a hearing should be held by telephone conference, video conference or other electronic means, factors that the Hearing Officer shall consider include cost-effectiveness, efficiency, facility accommodations, witness availability, public interest, the parties' preferences, and the proceeding's complexity and contentiousness.


f)         At the hearing, the permittee shall have the burden of proving that temporary relief from the cessation order will not adversely affect the health or safety of the public or cause environmental harm or significant damage to property.  The Hearing Officer shall conduct the hearing, hear the evidence and, at the conclusion of the hearing, render findings of fact, conclusions of law and the disposition of the case.


g)         The Hearing Officer shall issue a final administrative decision granting or denying temporary relief from the cessation order within 7 days after the close of the administrative record, pursuant to Section 10 of the Act. Temporary relief shall not extend for more than 90 days, after which the cessation order shall be reinstated pending the outcome of the cessation order and pending a resolution of the violations of the Act specified in the cessation order.


(Source:  Amended at 43 Ill. Reg. 10459, effective September 6, 2019)