Section 115.240  Medical services and medications


When medical services and/or medications are provided, or their administration is supervised, by employees of the licensed agency, the licensed agency shall certify that they are provided or their administration is supervised in accordance with the Medical Practice Act of 1987 and the Illinois Nursing and Advanced Practice Nursing Act.  The agency shall additionally document:


a)         A physician shall be responsible for the medical services provided to individuals, and the management of, individuals' medications.


b)         A licensed prescriber shall prescribe and monitor all prescription medications.


c)         A physician shall perform an examination of the individual prior to the initiation of psychotropic medications.


d)         Screening for and documentation of abnormal involuntary movements, including tardive dyskinesia, in individuals receiving prescribed psychotropics shall be completed at least every six months by employees trained in performing this type of assessment.


e)         A physician shall review the medications prescribed and shall see the individual at least every six months, and every three months if psychotropic medications have been prescribed. Physician documentation within the individual's record shall include, but is not limited to, the following:


1)         Rationale for continuing current medications and/or initiating new medications; and


2)         Medication side effects.


f)         A physician or registered professional nurse shall evaluate the ability of the individual to self-administer medications.  Ability to self-administer medication shall be reassessed at least quarterly for individuals with mental illness (including those dually diagnosed with a mental illness and a developmental disability) and at least annually for individuals with a developmental disability. Individuals with a developmental disability (including those dually diagnosed with a mental illness and a developmental disability) shall be evaluated using Department approved screening and assessment tools, in accordance with 59 Ill. Adm. Code 116.


g)         A physician will provide the written order for an individual to self-administer medications or participate in a self-administration of medication training program based on the results of the individual's evaluation.  The order will become part of the individual's record.


h)         A psychiatrist will either review psychotropic medications or be available for consultation when psychotropic medications have been prescribed.


i)          All medications are labeled.


j)          Individuals who are able to independently self-administer medications will have access to their medications.


k)         When agencies supervise the self-administration of medication training programs or administer the medications, medications will be secured from unauthorized access and only a physician, pharmacist, registered or licensed practical nurse or agency employee authorized to supervise the self-administration of medication training program or administer medications will have access to medications.  A physician, pharmacist or registered professional nurse will be available at all times to consult with trained, unlicensed direct care employees administering medications or supervising a self-administration of medications training program for persons with developmental disabilities.


l)          A physician or pharmacist will be available to consult, at least monthly, with the QMRP or QMHP in reference to staff's behavioral or other observations relating to the individual's level, dosage, and types of side effects from any prescribed medications.


m)        A physician or pharmacist shall make available to employees, family and individuals information on expected consequences, potential benefits and side effects of any prescribed medication.


(Source:  Amended at 24 Ill. Reg. 16313, effective October 12, 2000)