Section 8010.20  Insurance Card Requirements


a)         Pursuant to Section 7-602 of the Act, each insurance company which issues vehicle liability policies in Illinois shall issue an insurance card to the policy holder of the vehicle indicating the vehicle is insured.  The insurance card shall be issued in conjunction with the issuance or renewal of the policy.  Additional insurance cards shall be issued upon request by the named insured.


b)         In the case of motor vehicles registered in Illinois, the top of the front of the insurance card shall display the words "ILLINOIS INSURANCE CARD".  The words "IDENTIFICATION" and "TEMPORARY" may also be displayed at the discretion of the issuing company.


c)         The insurance card shall contain the following vehicle information:


1)         the vehicle year,


2)         the vehicle make, and


3)         either all or the last six (6) characters of the vehicle identification number (VIN).  If the insurance card is issued for a fleet policy, it may state "FLEET" in lieu of vehicle years, makes, and VINs and if the card is issued with a non-owner policy, it may state "NON-OWNER POLICY" in lieu of the vehicle year, make and VIN.


d)         The insurance card shall contain the following insurance information:


1)         the name of the insured(s);


2)         the company name;


3)         the company code number assigned by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners;


4)         the policy number;


5)         the effective date and expiration date which shall cover a period of time not to exceed 12 months;


6)         a disclaimer as follows:  "Examine policy exclusions carefully.  This form does not constitute any part of your insurance policy"; and


7)         a warning of excluded drivers or vehicles, when applicable.


e)         The minimum size of the insurance card shall be 3" by 2⅛"; no maximum size is prescribed.  A minimum twenty (20) pound paper stock is required.  Except for the required disclaimer and any required warnings, the required information shall be displayed on the front of the card. Except for the disclaimer and warnings, the required information shall be displayed in a minimum eight (8) point upper case type.


f)         The insurance card may include other information at the discretion of the insurer.


g)         Insurance companies may allow authorized representatives to issue temporary insurance cards to satisfy the requirements of the Act.  Temporary insurance cards are not required to have the policy number but shall contain all other required information.


h)         In the case of a motor vehicle registered in another state or jurisdiction, an insurance card or other evidence of insurance is valid if it complies with the laws of the state or jurisdiction.


(Source:  Amended at 15 Ill. Reg. 15605, effective October 15, 1991)