Section 7000.70  Grantee Qualification Status


a)         Prior to making an award, the State grantmaking agency or pass-through entity is required by 31 USC 3321, 41 USC 2313 and Section 25(4)(C) of the Act to review information available through any GOMB- and/or OMB-designated repositories of government-wide eligibility qualification or financial integrity information, such as:


1)         Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS);


2)         Dun and Bradstreet;


3)         Suspension and Debarment requirements (2 CFR 180); and


4)         GATA requirements (Section 25(6)(G), (H) and (I) of the Act).


b)         Illinois grantee registration is centralized and automated through GATU from https://www.grants.illinois.gov/portal.


c)         An individual representing an organization must utilize the Illinois.gov Public Authentication Portal as a cyber security check and to formally associate the individual with the organization he or she represents.  Authentication is initiated from the Grantee Portal (www.grants.illinois.gov/portal).


d)         An entity must provide the following information annually to be registered with the State of Illinois as a grantee/awardee: 


1)         Organization name and contact information;


2)         Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN);


3)         Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number; and


4)         Organization type.


e)         Illinois prequalification is centralized and includes an automated verification through www.SAM.gov and the GATA implementation website based on information provided during registration.


f)         Based on the information provided, the entity is "qualified" to be an awardee if it:


1)         has an active DUNS number;


2)         has an active SAM.gov account;


3)         has an acceptable fiscal condition;


4)         is in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, if the Illinois Secretary of State requires the entity's organization type to be registered. Governmental entities, school districts and select religious organizations are not required to be registered with the Illinois Secretary of State. Refer to the Illinois Secretary of State Business Services website: http://www. cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/business_services/home.html;


5)         is not on the Illinois Stop Payment List;


6)         is not on the SAM.gov Exclusion List;


7)         is not on the Sanctioned Party List maintained by HFS.


g)         Upon registration, the Grantee Portal will list the status of each requirement. If a status is not "good", on-line HELP will provide an explanation and a link to correct the issue.  The status of all requirements must be "good" for the entity to be qualified. 


1)         If an entity is on the SAM.gov Exclusion List or in Permanent Stop Payment Status on the Illinois Stop Payment List, the entity is "Not Qualified".  There is no remediation available.  The State of Illinois cannot do business with entities on either the SAM.gov Exclusion List or in Permanent Stop Payment Status on the Illinois Stop Payment List.


2)         If an entity is on the Illinois Stop Payment List, is not in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, is on the HFS Sanctioned Parties list, does not have an active DUNS number, or has an expired SAM.gov account, the entity has a temporary "Not Qualified" status, but can remediate.  On-line HELP through the Grantee Portal enables the entity to self-mediate the issue. 


3)         If an entity's verification confirmed all requirements under subsection (f) are met, the entity has a "Qualified" status.


h)         Qualified status is re-verified nightly.  If the entity's status changes, an email notice is sent to the designated representative with a link to the Grantee Portal.  The entity shall utilize on-line HELP to self-mediate.


i)          Registration and prequalification is required before an organization can apply for an award. State agencies shall use the State Staff Inquiry Screen to ensure an entity is "qualified" before accepting a grant application.


j)          Local governments are responsible for determining how the governmental department or agency unit will register and prequalify.  In the case of a county government, the decision should be made by the individual with the highest level of fiscal and administrative authority. 


1)         An entity may register as a single county if the county and the departments or agency units within the county use the same FEIN and:


A)        Have one government-wide DUNS number;


B)        Complete one government-wide Internal Control Questionnaire; and


C)        Complete one government-wide indirect cost rate negotiation or election.


2)         If it is determined that the departments should register and prequalify separately, each department must:


A)        Have a separate DUNS number for each department or agency unit;


B)        Utilize a registration name that includes both the name of the local government and the governmental department or agency (e.g., Sangamon County, Public Health Department);


C)        Complete separate Internal Control Questionnaires (ICQs) for each department or agency unit; and


D)        Complete separate indirect cost rate negotiations or elections for each department or agency unit.