Section 335.2120  Mobile Medical Service Requirements


A licensee providing mobile medical service shall:


a)         Prior to bringing radioactive material into a remote use location, obtain a letter, signed by the management of the client for whom services are rendered, that clearly delineates the authority and responsibility of the licensee and the client and authorizes use of radioactive material at the client's address of use.


b)         Transport to each address of use only those syringes or vials containing prepared radiopharmaceuticals or radiopharmaceuticals that are intended for reconstitution of radiopharmaceutical kits.


c)         Provide services in accordance with the client's specific medical license, when providing services that the client is also authorized to provide.


d)         Check instruments used to measure the activity of unsealed radioactive material for proper function before medical use at each client's address or on each day of use, whichever is more frequent.  At a minimum, the check for proper function required by this subsection shall include a constancy check.


e)         Before releasing a use location for unrestricted use, monitor all areas of use with a radiation detection survey instrument to ensure that all radioactive materials and all associated radioactive wastes have been removed.


AGENCY NOTE:  32 Ill. Adm. Code 340, Appendix A may be used as a guideline for this purpose.


f)         Check survey instruments for proper operation with a dedicated check source before use at each client's address.


g)         Secure or keep under constant surveillance and control all radioactive material when in transit and at a location of use.


h)         Not have radioactive material delivered from the manufacturer or the distributor to the client unless the client has a license allowing possession of the radioactive material.  Radioactive material delivered to the client shall be received and handled in conformance with the client's license.


i)          Retain the letter required in subsection (a) of this Section and the record of monitoring required in this Section in accordance with Section 335.2080(e) of this Part.


j)          Retain a copy of each letter that permits the use of radioactive material at a client's address as required by subsection (a) of this Section.  Each letter must clearly delineate the authority and responsibility of the licensee and the client and shall be retained for 5 years after the last provision of service.


k)         Retain the record of monitoring required by subsection (e) of this Section for 5 years.  The record shall include the monitoring date, an annotated diagram of each area that was monitored, the measured dose rate at several points in each area of use expressed in units, multiples or subunits of Sieverts (or rem) per hour, the manufacturer, model and serial number of the instrument used to perform the monitoring and the identity of the individual who performed the monitoring.


l)          Retain a record of all dosages administered under the service's license for 5 years after the date of administration.  This record shall include the radiopharmaceutical name, the clinical procedure, the activity administered, the name of the authorized user, the date of administration and the identity of the individual performing the administration.


(Source:  Amended at 30 Ill. Reg. 9029, effective April 28, 2006)