Section 207.150  Receipt and Dissemination of Absentee Voting Information


a)         Sections 19-4 and 20-4 of the Election Code require the election authorities in Illinois to transmit to the State Board of Elections the name, street address, ward or township, and precinct number of every person who:


1)         requests an absentee ballot to be voted either in person or by mail;


2)         voted early under the provisions of  Article 19A of the Election Code; or


3)         voted under the provisions of grace period voting contained in Section 4-50, 5-50 or 6-100 of the Election Code.


b)         The transmission shall occur within one business day after the public posting of the information in the office of the election authority and the information shall be transmitted electronically, in a standard format prescribed by the State Board of Elections.


c)         For persons who vote at a primary election, the State Board of Elections shall request that, in addition to the information specified in subsection (a), the election authorities transmit the type of ballot requested:  Democrat, Republican, other established political party, or non-partisan.  For all elections in which a voter requests to vote absentee by mail, the request shall include the address to which the absentee ballot is to be sent.


d)         Except as provided in subsection (f), the State Board of Elections shall make this information available to State and local political committees registered with the Board on a secure website containing search and download capabilities.  To access this information, committees shall request and obtain an account and password from the Board.  One password shall be issued to the committee by the Board and it shall be valid for the committee as a whole, regardless of how many officers are serving the committee.  Only the chairman or treasurer of the committee, as listed on the committee's most current D-1 Statement of Organization, will be entitled to receive a user ID and password on behalf of the committee.


e)         A committee may at any time request that its password issued by the Board be changed or voided entirely.  The Board shall, after determining that the request was made by the current chairman or treasurer of the committee as described in subsection (d), change or void the password in accordance with the committee's request.


f)         The State Board of Elections shall not make available to any person or political committee the address to which the applicant's absentee ballot is to be sent, if different from the address required by subsection (a).  The retention of this information by the Board is for internal tracking purposes only.


g)         In compliance with the intent of the General Assembly in enacting Sections 19-4 and 20-4 of the Election Code, the State Board of Elections will create a computer program that will keep a record of which political committees access absentee ballot information through the use of their designated account and password, and how frequently this access is initiated by the committee.


AGENCY NOTE:  This Section interprets and applies Sections 19-4 and 20-4 of the Election Code [10 ILCS 5/19-4 and 20-4].


(Source:  Added at 30 Ill. Reg. 16076, effective September 30, 2006)