Section 207.110  Requirements for Voter Information Tapes


a)         This rules implements Sections 4-8, 5-7, and 6-35 of the Illinois Election Code.


b)         Electronic data processing information containing voter registration information required to be furnished by election authorities to the State Board of Elections ("Board") shall be furnished in the format identified in Appendix B to this Part.  The physical and logical data structure, as well as form, are part of the format.


c)         The following information must be furnished for all registered voters:


1)         name;


2)         residential address;


3)         precinct;


4)         ward, if the voter's residence is in a ward;


5)         township, if the voter's address is in a county under township organization;


6)         county;


7)         representative district;


8)         legislative district; and


9)         congressional district.


d)         The following information must be furnished for all voters registered after July 1, 1988, and for all registered voters irrespective of the date of registration, if available:


1)         age; and


2)         sex.


e)         Telephone numbers must be furnished for a voter registered after May 1, 1990, and for all registered voters, irrespective of date of registration, if available.


f)         Voter affiliation with an established political party, as such party is defined by Section 7-2 of the Election Code, shall, after December 1990, be furnished for all registered voters who affiliate with an established political party and choose that party's ballot at a general primary election or consolidated primary election.  Party affiliation shall be cumulatively reported for a period beginning four years prior to the closing date for the reporting period, to the extent such affiliation data is available.  From December 1990 forward, all election jurisdictions shall maintain voter party affiliation data for a four year period.


g)         Election authorities may, but need not, also furnish the registration date, physical impairment indicator, naturalization indicator, social security number, driver's license number, and voting history for elections other than primary elections, for registered voters in the respective jurisdictions.


h)         The Board reviews voter registration data submission furnished by election authorities pursuant to the Election Code and this rule for compliance with the statute and rule.  If the submission is compliant with respect to contents and format, the submission will be accepted as of date of receipt by the Board.  If the submission is noncompliant, it will be rejected and returned to the submitting election authority.


i)          When a submission of voter registration data is determined to be noncompliant, the Board will notify the submitting election authority by first-class certified mail, return receipt requested.  The Board will identify the reasons for rejection.  Such election authority shall have ten (10) days from the date of receipt of notice of noncompliance, or until the last date allowed by statute for data submission, whichever is later, to furnish a compliant data submission.  An election authority may request, within the same time allowed for furnishing a compliant data submission, an extension of time in which to furnish a compliant submission.  Such request for extension must be in writing, and will be routinely granted for an additional 20 day period.


j)          Data submission must be within the times specified by statute.  An election authority which knows that it cannot comply with a statutory data submission deadline because of the absence of key personnel or computer malfunction will be granted an additional 20 days beyond the deadline in which to comply, provided that before the deadline the Board receives the election authority's written request for an extension, citing the grounds for the request.  The Board shall notify each election authority which fails to make data submission within the time prescribed by statute of its failure to make a timely submission.  Such notice shall be in writing, by first-class mail and sent within ten (10) business days after the data submission is due.  The Board will refer to the Illinois Attorney General for compliance enforcement each election authority which has not made a timely and compliant submission within fifteen (15) days after the submission was due, including any extensions.


k)         Reimbursement will be made at the rates prescribed by statute only once for each semi-annual reporting period and only for compliant data submission. When multiple submissions are required by a Board determination of noncompliance, the election authority will be reimbursed for only the final and compliant submission.


l)          Dissemination of data submissions will be to those authorized by statute to purchase them, at the rate of sixty dollars ($60.00) plus fifteen dollars ($15.00) for each 150,000 voter files or portion of 150,000 voter files, payable in advance.  Each eligible purchaser must, in addition, furnish to the Board blank magnetic tape reels sufficient to transfer the voter registration data requested.  Payment must be made from the funds of the eligible purchasers, and not from the funds of third parties on behalf of the eligible purchaser.  Money orders, cashier's checks, treasurer's checks and other banking instruments purchased by an eligible purchaser for the purpose of funds transmission are deemed to be the funds of the eligible purchaser.


(Source:  Added at 15 Ill. Reg. 14427, effective September 27, 1991)