Section 3035.570  Eligible Project Costs


a)         A library building consultant may work with the library in developing and implementing the public library facilities plan.  The library board shall select a building consultant in accordance with the Illinois Local Library Act [75 ILCS 5/4-7] and the Illinois Library District Act [75 ILCS 16/30-55.40].


b)         Funding may be used for joint use by the library and community, with the State Librarian's participation in the funding of facilities limited to those items required to meet the needs of the library's plan for the provision of library services and any other activities and events the applicant library plans to conduct.  The library shall submit the documentation prescribed in Section 3035.480.


c)         Funding will not be used for administrative offices or other support services outside of a facility that provides direct on-site services to library users.


d)         Funding will not be used for facilities intended for commercial use by profit making organizations. This is not meant to exclude facilities to be operated by non-profit organizations.


e)         Funding will not be allowed for square footage designated for food service in which a fee is charged (example: coffee shop or café).


f)         The State Librarian will not fund land acquisition costs:


1)         For land that was or will be donated to the library.


2)         For land that is already owned by the library or its corporate authority and, prior to July 13, 2009, will be the site of new construction or an addition to an existing facility.


3)         For land that is not an integral part of the project and does not conform with Section 3035.565(d).


g)         Funds will be used to support off-site improvements only if they directly impact the facility.


1)         The applicant shall submit documentation that local, State and/or federal funding sources are not available to the library or any other public body for off-site improvements before the State Librarian will consider participation in funding.


2)         The State Librarian's participation in funding off-site improvements is only permitted if the off-site property or interest in the property, such as an easement or leasehold, is owned by a public body.


h)         The State Librarian's participation in funding on-site improvements is limited to those minimum requirements necessary to making the site functionally operational. The State Librarian will not fund certain types of site improvements, including, but not limited to:


1)         Storage facilities;


2)         Lawn sprinkling systems;


3)         Exterior commons area, such as paved sitting areas, benches, etc.;


4)         Traffic signals at intersections;


5)         Landscaping in excess of seeding costs;


6)         Off-site access roads.


i)          Determination of Recognized Project Cost


1)         Recognized project cost shall be based upon calculations made in accordance with eligible expenditures enumerated in this Section and shall include the following unit cost ($/sq.ft.):


A)        Buildings constructed to the five foot line;


B)        Design and construction contingencies;


C)        Building fixed equipment.


2)         Recognized project cost shall also include additional associated costs as deemed appropriate by the State Librarian in consultation with the public library, as follows:


A)        Site improvements, including related architectural/engineering fees and reimbursements;


B)        Land acquisition and associated legal fees.  A certified property appraisal will be acquired prior to the approval of land acquisition costs in the grant award.  The appraisal must be for the value of the land and any improvements;


C)        Movable equipment;


D)        Utility service lines, both on-site and off-site; and


E)        Special foundation construction and related architectural/ engineering fees deemed necessary as a result of unusual sub-surface soil conditions.


3)         The State Librarian shall create separate recognized cost calculations for various types of construction projects, including but not limited to new construction and additions, and for rehabilitation of or renovations to an existing facility. 


4)         The recognized project costs initially calculated by the State Librarian will establish the maximum acceptable cost of the eligible expenditures.  If the bid price received by the district from the various contractors for the eligible expenditures is less than the bid estimate amount included in this initial calculation, then the recognized project cost will be reduced by the amount of the difference.


(Source:  Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 4348, effective March 19, 2013)