Section 650.30  Submission to the State Board of Education


Local boards of education shall submit a final report to the State Board of Education as to the action by the local boards of education with regard to an application for, renewal of, or revocation of a charter.  A copy of the report shall be provided to the applicant or charter holder at the same time that the report is submitted to the State Board of Education.  Reports shall be submitted as follows.


a)         The local board of education shall submit the report to the State Board of Education either by electronic mail or U.S. mail to the address in subsection (f) no later than seven days after the date of the public meeting at which the board acted on the charter request.


1)         For reports submitted by U.S. mail, the report must bear a postmark date of no later than seven days following the meeting date.


2)         In the case of separate public meetings by each school board involved, the seven days shall begin when the last school board votes on the matter.


b)         Section 27A-6 of the Code provides that a proposed contract to open a new charter school or to renew the charter of an existing charter school must be submitted to and certified by the State Board before it can take effect.


1)         Reports of approved applications or renewals shall consist of the charter school proposal voted upon by each of the local boards of education authorizing the charter school and the contractual agreement. 


2)         The report also shall be accompanied by each of the forms, to be supplied by the State Superintendent of Education, listed in this subsection (b)(2).  Reports lacking one or more of these documents shall be considered incomplete and shall not be reviewed for certification until all required items have been submitted.


A)        A form attesting to the local board of education's compliance with all of the procedural requirements and application components set forth in Article 27A of the Code.  The form and the proposed contractual agreement shall be signed by the president of each local school board that is a party to the application and the appropriate officers of the charter school governing body.


B)        A budget narrative and financial schedule for the term of the charter.


C)        A plan for the provision of special education services to students with disabilities enrolled in the charter school that aligns to the requirements of Article 14 of the Code and 23 Ill. Adm. Code 226 (Special Education), and which, for approved applications, shall at least include, but not be limited to, an explanation of how parents of students with disabilities will be informed of their students' eligibility to participate in the charter school lottery held pursuant to Section 27A-4(h) of the Code and how the charter school will identify students who may be eligible to receive special education services at the charter school. 


D)        A plan for the provision of educational services for English learners that aligns to the requirements of Article 14C of the Code and 23 Ill. Adm. Code 228 (Transitional Bilingual Education).


c)         Reports of denials, revocations or non-renewals shall consist of all of the following:


1)         The charter proposal or current charter contract voted upon by each of the local boards of education;


2)         A copy of each board's resolution setting forth the board's action and its reasons for the action;


3)         Any other documents upon which each board relied in denying the current proposal or revoking or not renewing the contract.


d)         Reports of revocations or non-renewals must also contain a notice to the charter holder to the effect that a revocation or non-renewal of a charter school contract may be appealed to the State Board of Education within 21 days after the date that the school board voted to revoke or not renew a contract.


e)         Each submission under subsection (b) or (c) also shall include a certification of publication and a copy of the printed notice of the public meeting for each local board of education involved, as required by Section 27A-8(d) of the Code.


f)         Reports shall be submitted via electronic submission to charter@isbe.net or by certified mail, return receipt requested, addressed to:


Illinois State Board of Education

Charter Schools

100 West Randolph Street

Suite 14-300

Chicago, Illinois 60601


(Source:  Amended at 44 Ill. Reg. 13375, effective July 28, 2020)