Section 375.30  Notification


a)         Upon the initial enrollment or transfer of a student to the school, the school shall notify the student and the student's parents of their rights under the Act as specified in subsection (d) and of their rights with respect to the collection, distribution, and retention of biometric information under Section 10-20.40 or 34-18.34 of the School Code, if the school collects student biometric information.


b)         All notification under this Part to parents of children classified under Section 14C-3 of the School Code to be of limited English-speaking ability shall be in English and in the language of the child's primary speaking ability. All notifications shall be in a manner that is accessible to parents with disabilities.


c)         This notification may be delivered by any means likely to reach the parents, including direct mail or email, parent-teacher conferences, delivery by the student to the parent, or incorporation in a "parent-student" handbook or other informational brochure for students and parents disseminated by the school.


d)         The notification shall consist of:


1)         The types of information contained in the permanent and temporary records;


2)         The right to inspect and copy permanent and temporary records, the limitations on the right of access established under Sections 10-22.3c and 34-18.6a of the School Code and Section 5(a) of the Act, and the cost of copying these records;


3)         The right to control access and release of school student records, except to the extent the records are authorized by law to be released without consent, and the right to request a copy of information released;


4)         The rights and procedures for challenging the contents of the school student record;


5)         As applicable, and if allowed by district policy, the process to request the inclusion on the student's academic transcript of one or more scores received on college entrance examinations;


6)         The persons, agencies or organizations having access to student records without parental consent;


7)         The right to copy any school student record or information contained therein proposed to be destroyed or deleted and the school's schedule for reviewing and destroying this information;


8)         The categories of information the school has designated as "directory information" and the right of the parents to prohibit the release of this information;


9)         A statement informing the parents that no person may condition the granting or withholding of any right, privilege or benefits or make as a condition of employment, credit or insurance the securing by any individual of any information from a student's temporary record that the individual may obtain through the exercise of any right secured under the Act or this Part;


10)        The right of the parents, as limited by Section 7 of the Act, to inspect and challenge the information contained in a school student record prior to transfer of the record to another school district, in the event of the transfer of the student to that district; and


11)         Any policies of the school relating to school student records that are not included in the Act or this Part, including any policy related to the collection of biometric information as permitted under Section 10-20.40 or 34-18.34 of the School Code.


e)         The principal of each school or the person with like responsibilities or his or her designate shall take all action necessary to assure that school personnel are informed of the provisions of the Act and this Part, either orally or in writing (105 ILCS 10/3).


(Source:  Amended at 42 Ill. Reg. 5899, effective March 15, 2018)