Section 1231.100  Application


a)         The application shall include the information required in Sections 25 and 30 of the Act, as well as the information required in Sections 4, 8, and 8.2 of the FOID Act. The application shall also include the FCCL applicant's citizenship, race, gender, phone number, e-mail address (if available) and state of residence. For Illinois residents, the application shall include the FCCL applicant's driver's license or identification card number and its expiration date.


b)         As part of the application process and pursuant to Section 30(b)(10) of the Act, FCCL applicants must electronically upload proof of compliance (e.g., training certificates; official documentation from the employing agency demonstrating that the applicant is an active law enforcement or corrections officer, has completed required firearms training, and is authorized to carry a firearm; official documentation from the Department approving the Concealed Carry Firearm Instructor's application that includes the Instructor Number; official documentation from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board; printouts from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations' "License Look-up" that includes the licensee's name, license number and license status; etc.) with the training requirements of  Section 75 of the Act.  For every certificate submitted, FCCL applicants must include the Instructor's name and contact number and the name of the approved curriculum, as well as the unique identification numbers assigned by the Department to the instructor and the curriculum.  


c)         All information required pursuant to Section 30 of the Act as made available by the Department on its website shall be submitted electronically as part of the FCCL application, including but not limited to, any certifications regarding qualifications for a license under penalty of perjury.


1)         All applications pending on January 1, 2022, will be processed by the Department without further fee to the applicant if all fees as set forth in Section 1231.140 have been previously paid.

2)         However, if an application is incomplete or inaccurate, the applicant will be subject to subsections (f) and (g).


d)         FCCL applicants shall select whether they prefer to receive Department FCCL related notifications via e-mail, text message, or written notification.


1)         Applicants will be prompted to indicate how they wish to receive future communications, messages, and alerts using the applicant portal.


2)         If selecting e-mail or text messaging notifications, applicants shall opt out of first-class mail communication and provide a current e-mail address or cellular phone number to the Department as part of the application process and are responsible for checking the e-mail address and cellular phone number provided for correspondence from the Department regarding the application.


3)         The Department will require persons who select electronic communication to consent to accept service by electronic means of all notes, orders, pleadings, and motions filed in this matter in lieu of service by certified or regular mail.


A)        The person will be prompted to accept electronic service through the application portal.


B)        Service shall be made upon the party's email address provided through the applicant portal.


e)         If any of the FCCL applicant's contact information changes, including but not limited to the applicant's e-mail address or cellular number, the FCCL applicant shall amend the applicant's application to notify the Department of the corrected contact information.


f)         An application is complete if it contains all of the information and materials required by this Act, as well as the requisite fee which shall include a processing fee.  Upon receipt of an incomplete application, the Department shall notify the FCCL applicant and advise the applicant as to what information is missing.  The application shall not be deemed complete and the provisions of Section 10(e) of the Act shall not apply until the FCCL applicant provides a complete application including the requested missing information.


g)         If an FCCL applicant has not provided the missing information in response to the Department's notification within 60 days after notice from the Department, the application shall be denied.


(Source:  Amended at 46 Ill. Reg. 1081, effective December 21, 2021)