Section 1230.20  Application Procedures


a)         Application for a FOID Card shall be made electronically by inputting the information as required by the Act, including, but not limited to, Section 4, as set forth on the Department's website.


1)         Assistance with completing the application is available at all customer service kiosks.  The locations of such kiosks are available on the Department's website.


2)         Paper applications, which may be obtained by contacting the Firearms Services Bureau Call Center, will only be accepted from applicants with appropriate proof of a religious exemption or a disability.  Proof of disability includes, but is not limited to, documentation from:


A)        the Social Security Administration;


B)        the Illinois Worker's Compensation Commission;


C)        the U.S. Department of Defense;


D)        an insurer authorized to transact business in Illinois who is providing disability insurance coverage; or


E)        a physician or heath care provider licensed in this State and is in the position to know the applicant's medical condition.


b)         All application forms shall be completed accurately and, in their entirety, accompanied by all fees, and a photograph (except as provided in Section 4(a-20) of the Act), and submitted as indicated on the application form.


1)         Applicants shall pay the fee required by Section 5 of the Act, in full, when submitting their application or reapplying if the application is denied.


2)         All application fees shall be collected using the Illinois State Treasurer's E-Pay program, which is linked to the electronic FOID application on the Department's website. A convenience fee will be charged in accordance with the Illinois State Treasurer's E-Pay program.


3)         Application, renewal and replacement fees are non-refundable.


c)         Any application form that is not completed accurately and, in its entirety, including all fees and a photograph, and which contains any deficiencies that cannot be cured in an expeditious manner, will be denied or rejected.


1)         An application is complete if it contains all of the information and materials required by the Act, including, but not limited to, Section 4, as well as the requisite fee and any associated convenience fee.


2)         If an application is rejected because it is incomplete, the applicant will not be charged an additional fee upon completing the application process.  If an application is rejected and the applicant does not correct deficiencies of which they were notified within 60 days, the application shall be denied.


3)         If the application is denied because the applicant has not been found to be qualified under the Act, and then later reapplies, the applicant will be assessed another fee and any associated convenience fee. 


d)         Except as provided in subsection (e), any requirement for an Illinois driver's license number or Illinois identification card number shall mean a valid Illinois driver's license number or valid Illinois identification card number.  A temporary visitor's driver's license (TVDL) will not be accepted.


e)         In regard to an applicant who is employed as a law enforcement officer, an armed security officer in Illinois or by the United States military permanently assigned in Illinois and who is not an Illinois resident, any requirement for a driver's license number or State identification card number shall mean the valid driver's license number or valid state identification card number from the applicant's state of residence.


f)         In regard to an applicant who is employed by the United States military permanently assigned in Illinois, the applicant shall also provide valid military identification and assignment orders establishing permanent assignment in Illinois. Only persons with a permanent duty assignment in Illinois qualify for a FOID Card if they are not otherwise an Illinois resident.  Military personnel in Illinois on temporary duty assignment are not eligible and do not need a FOID Card.


g)         In regard to an applicant who is applying under a non-immigrant visa exception, the applicant shall provide a letter from the applicant's foreign government stating the purpose for travel to Illinois and the date the applicant's non-immigrant visa expires.  The applicant shall also explain the need for the FOID Card or submit a waiver from this Part granted by the U.S. Attorney General.  Persons in Illinois on a non-immigrant visa must have permission from their government and the U.S. Attorney General to possess or transport firearms.


h)         The Department shall, as part of the application process, ask any questions necessary to determine whether the applicant is qualified to possess or receive a firearm, and deny a FOID application of any applicant who is prohibited by the Act from possessing or receiving a firearm.


i)          All FOID Cards issued shall remain the property of the Department.


j)          Applicants submitting fingerprints shall do so electronically by submitting a full set of fingerprints to the Department in an electronic format using a Live Scan vendor licensed by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.


k)         Upon receiving a Live Scan Fingerprint Transaction Control Number (TCN) from the licensed Live Scan vendor, the applicant may electronically complete and submit the FOID application to the Department.


(Source:  Amended at 48 Ill. Reg. 981, effective December 29, 2023)