Section 805.20  Listing of Injurious Species


a)         Wild Mammals


*Flying fox or fruit bat of the genus Pteropus


*Mongoose or meerkat of the genera Atilax, Cynictis, Helogale, Heroestes


*Ichneumia, Munzos, and Suricata


*Any species of European rabbit of the genus Oryctolagus


*Any species of Indian wild dog, red dog, or dhole of the genus Cuon


*Any species of multimammate rat or mouse of the genus Mastomys


*Raccoon dog, Nyctereutes procyonoides


*Any Brushtail Possum, Trichosurus vulpecular


b)         Wild Birds


*Pink starling or rosy pastor, Sturnus roseus


*Dioch, Quelea quelea, including its black-fronted, red-billed or Sudan subspecies


*Java sparrow, Padda oryzivora


*Red-whiskered bul-bul, Pycnonotus jocosus


*Eggs of wild nongame birds


c)         Fish, Mollusks and Aquatic Invertebrates


*Walking catfish of the family Clariidae


*Dreissenid mussels, genus Dreissena, including but not limited to zebra and quagga mussels


*Mitten crabs of the genus Eriocheir


*Snakehead fishes of the genera Channa and Parachann (or their generic synonyms of Bostrychoides, Orphicephalus, Ophiocephalus, and Paraphiocephalis) of the family Channidae, including but not limited to:


Chel or Borna snakehead, Channa amphibeus


Northern or Amur snakehead, Channa argus


Chinese or Northern Green snakehead, Channa asiatica


Channa aurantimaculata


Bangka snakehead, Channa bankanensis


Baram snakehead, Channa baramensis


Barca or Tiger snakehead, Channa barca


Rainbow or Jewel snakehead, Channa bleheri


Bluespotted snakehead, Channa cyanospilos


Dwarf, Gaucha, or Frog snakehead, Channa gachua


Inle snakehead, Channa harcourtbutleri


Shiny or splendid snakehead, Channa Lucius


Blotched snakehead, Channa maculata


Bullseye, Murrel, Indian, Great, or Cobra snakehead, Channa marulius


Emperor snakehead, Channa maruloides


Channa melanoptera


Black snakehead, Channa melasoma


Giant, Red, or Redline snakehead, Channa micropeltes


Channa nox


Ceylon or Ceylonese Green snakehead, Channa orientalis


Channa panaw


Ocellated, Spotted, or Eyespot snakehead, Channa pleurophthalmus


Dotted or Spotted Snakehead, Channa punctata


Golden Snakehead, Channa stewartia


Chevron or Striped Snakehead, Channa striata


Niger or African Snakehead, Parachanna Africana


Congo, Square-spotted African, or Light African Snakehead, Parachanna insignis


Dark African, Dusky, or Square-spotted Snakehead, Parachanna obscura


*Crucian carp, Carassius carassius


*Prussian carp, Carassius gibelio


*Largescale silver carp, Hypophthalmichthys harmandi


*Silver carp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix


*Bighead carp, Hypophthalmichthys nobilis


*Black carp, Mylopharyngodon piceus


*Eurasian minnow, Phoxinus phoxinus


River ruffe, Gymnocephalus cernuus


Round goby, Neogobius melanostomos


Tubenose goby, roterorhinus marmoratus


*Roach, Rutilus rutilus


*Nile perch, Lates niloticus


*Amur sleeper, Perccottus glenii


*European perch, Perca fluyiatilis


Rusty crayfish, Orconectes rusticus.  Possession of living rusty crayfish is prohibited for all except the holders of an approved aquaculture permit with a letter of authorization to import/possess this species.


Rudd, Scardinius erythrophthalmus


Stone moroko, Pseudorasbora parva


Zander, Sander lucioperca


*Wels catfish, Silurus glanis


Killer Shrimp, Dikerogammarus villosus


Yabby, Cherax destructor


Asian Swamp eel, Monopterus albus


Tench, Tinca tinca


Golden mussel, Limnoperna fortune


Marmorkreb/marbled crayfish, Procambarus virginalis


New Zealand mud snail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum


d)         Plants


Mosquito fern, Azolla pinnata


Flowering rush, Butomus umbellatus


Caulerpa or Mediterranean killer algae, Caulerpa taxifolia


Brazilian elodea, Brazilian waterweed, Anacharis or Egeria, Egeria densa


Anchored water hyacinth, Eichhornia azurea


Hydrilla or water thyme, Hydrilla verticillata


European frogbit or common frogbit, Hydrocharis morsus-ranae


Miramar weed, Indiana swampweed or hygro, Hygrophilia polysperma


**Chinese water spinach or swamp morning-glory, Ipomoea aquatic


Yellow flag iris or tall yellow iris, Iris pseudacorus


Oxygen weed or African elodea, Lagarosiphon major


Asian marshweed or ambulia, Limnophila sessiliflora


Monochoria, arrowleaf, or false pickerelweed, Monochoria hastata


Heartshape or false pickerelweed, Monochoria vaginalis


Parrot feather or parrot feather watermilfoil, Myriophyllum aquaticum)


Eurasian watermilfoil, Myriophyllum spicatum


Brittle naiad or brittle water nymph, Najas minor


Yellow floating heart, Nymphoides peltata


Duck lettuce, Ottelia alismoides


Curlyleaf pondweed, Potamogeton crispus


Arrowhead, Sagittaria sagittifolia


Giant salvinia, Salvinia auriculata


Giant salvinia, Salvinia biloba


Giant salvinia, Salvinia herzogii


Giant salvinia, Salvinia molesta


Exotic bur-reed, Sparganium erectum


Water chestnut, Trapa natans


Water soldier, Stratiotes aloides


NOTE:  Species noted by an asterisk (*) are also federally listed as injurious wildlife under 50 CFR 16.  (**) Chinese water spinach, a federally listed noxious weed, cannot be propagated in Illinois; however, stems, leaves and parts of plants absent roots are permissible to possess and sell, within the State of Illinois, for consumption.


(Source:  Amended at 47 Ill. Reg. 18981, effective December 7, 2023)