Section 1800.2150  Operational Procedures


a)         A compliance check operation plan under this Subpart shall be submitted prior to each detail and shall be approved by the Board investigator serving as operations officer prior to implementation.


b)         When practicable, operation compliance checks shall be conducted outside of the peak hours of business of a licensed video gaming location.


c)         A photograph shall be taken of the confidential source on each day or night of the compliance check operation showing his or her appearance and dress.  This photograph shall be available for any type of hearing relating to the operation, along with an investigator who either took the photograph or observed the photograph being taken.


d)         A Youth Participant Consent Form and Underage Gambling Participant Acknowledgment Form in substantially the form set forth in Exhibits A and B shall be signed by the confidential source and kept on file by the Board before the confidential source begins participation in any compliance check operation.  An investigator shall ensure that the confidential source understands the instructions and parameters of both forms.


e)         Before a compliance check operation begins, an investigator shall check the confidential source to ensure that he or she possesses only valid identification.  A photocopy of the valid identification shall be made for later possible presentation at a hearing.


f)         Board investigators shall be assigned to each detail team.  The roles of the investigators shall be as follows:


1)         Detail supervisor.  For purposes of this Subpart U, "detail supervisor" means the highest ranking officer in charge of the underage compliance operation.


2)         Covert investigator.


3)         Investigator/handler who accompanies the confidential source.


4)         Contact investigator whose assignments shall be to identify and confront the employee of the licensed video gaming establishment responsible for monitoring the video gaming terminals.


5)         Additional investigators to serve in a support capacity at the discretion of the operations officer.


g)         The investigator/handler shall direct the confidential source to enter the licensed video gaming location after surveillance positions have been taken up by covert investigators.


h)         A confidential source shall enter a licensed video gaming location alone and proceed directly to the video gaming terminals.


i)          The covert investigators shall always conduct observation inside the licensed video gaming location when the confidential source is attempting to gamble.  They shall enter the licensed video gaming location alone and shall not be in close proximity to the confidential source


j)          The confidential source shall sit at a video gaming terminal and insert a pre-determined dollar amount of funds into the terminal.  The confidential source shall play the minimum bet per hand for a pre-determined number of plays.  After these plays have been completed, the confidential source shall cease play and obtain a voucher from the video gaming terminal.  The confidential source shall then exit the licensed video gaming location, make contact with the Board investigators, and give the voucher to the investigators.


k)         The investigators and confidential source shall immediately record details of the underage compliance check on an Underage Gambling Field Notes form that shall be retained by the Board and uploaded to a report.


l)          If a violation is found as a result of an underage compliance check operation, an investigator shall identify himself or herself to the on-site manager of the licensed video gaming location, explain to him or her the nature of the violation, ascertain the identity of the employee responsible for monitoring the video gaming terminals, and obtain licensee information, photographs, and all other necessary information.


m)        If no violation is observed, the licensed video gaming location shall be notified within 30 days after the compliance operation that no violation has been found.


(Source:  Added at 44 Ill. Reg. 11134, effective June 22, 2020)