Section 1800.1940 Approval of Video Gaming Equipment


a) Before being offered for play, all video gaming equipment must be approved by the Administrator.


b) All video gaming equipment must be tested by an independent outside testing laboratory before the Administrator will review the video gaming equipment.


c) Request for Approval


1) Any licensee seeking approval of any piece of video gaming equipment must initiate its request by submitting that piece of video gaming equipment to a licensed independent outside testing laboratory. The licensee must cooperate with the licensed outside testing laboratory in providing all equipment and information needed for certification by the Board.


2) Each licensed independent outside testing laboratory must notify the Administrator, upon receipt of any request to test video gaming equipment for approval in Illinois, in a format prescribed by the Administrator. The notification shall, at minimum:


A) Identify the licensee seeking approval of the video gaming equipment;


B) Describe the product for which approval is being sought;


C) Indicate the date on which the request was received; and


D) Include a unique identification code or signature, approved by the Administrator, for Critical Program Storage Media. For purposes of this subsection (c)(2)(D) and Section 1800.1930(a)(2), "Critical Program Storage Media" means any program storage media containing software that is involved in, or that significantly influences, the operation and calculation of game play, game display, game result determination, game accounting, revenue or security.


i) Software in program storage media includes, but is not limited to:


game accounting software;


system software; and


peripheral firmware devices.


ii) Critical Program Storage Media shall be verified utilizing an external third-party methodology approved by the Administrator.


iii) Critical Program Storage Media may be required, as determined by the Administrator, to have security seals attached.


3) The independent outside testing laboratory shall submit a written report in accordance with Section 1800.1920(a)(2) after completing the testing.


4) The Administrator may request additional information from either the licensee or the licensed independent outside testing laboratory in making his or her determination under subsection (d)(2).


5) The Administrator may require additional testing. Whether the additional testing is performed by the original independent outside testing laboratory or another independent outside testing laboratory is to be determined by the manufacturer. Additional testing will be required when the Administrator determines that it is necessary to ensure the integrity or proper functioning of any of the items listed in Section 1800.1930(a) because of the existence of one or more of the following:


A) Inconclusive initial test results;


B) A need to establish repeatability of test results; or


C) A need to determine compatibility with components other than those tested.


d) Approvals


1) The Administrator shall review the request to approve video gaming equipment after the testing report and all other requested information has been received.


2) In making the determination, the Administrator shall consider the following:


A) The minimum criteria established in Section 15 of the Act;


B) The extent to which the video gaming equipment meets the technical standards by which the independent outside testing laboratory must test; and


C) Whether approving the video gaming equipment would jeopardize the integrity and security of video gaming in this State.


3) If the video gaming equipment is approved, the Administrator shall make his or her approval available electronically.


4) If approval of the video gaming equipment is denied, the Administrator shall notify the licensee in writing. The Administrator's determination is a final Board order and is reviewable under the Administrative Review Law [735 ILCS 5/Art. III].


5) The Administrator may revoke any approval pursuant to this section under the criteria of paragraph 2) of subsection d) of this section.


(Source: Added at 44 Ill. Reg. 1961, effective December 31, 2019)