Section 230.40  Label Requirements


The label or tag for each container of agricultural, vegetable or other seeds as defined in the Act shall contain the seed analysis information required in Section 4 of the Act, be in compliance with prohibitions in Sections 5 and 5.1 of the Act, and comply with rules pertaining to labeling required under the Federal Seed Act (7 U.S.C. 1551 et seq.) and the following:


a)         The name of the kind or kind and variety for each agricultural seed component present, either separately or collectively in excess of 5 percent of the whole, and the percentage by weight of each in the order of its predominance. Where more than one component is required to be named, the word "mixture" or the word "mixed" shall be shown conspicuously on the label or tag.  Except, a blend of two or more varieties of a kind may be sold as a blend or mixture; provided, that:


1)         the kind name followed by the statement, "Varieties Not Stated", shall be shown conspicuously on the label or tag, and


2)         if the seed comes within the definition of "hybrid" in the Federal Seed Act (7 U.S.C. 1551 et seq.) or Rules (7 C.F.R. 201.2(y) and 201.11a), and as amended in future amendments, the seed may be labeled as "hybrid."


b)         Origin (State or foreign country), if known, of alfalfa, red clover, white clover and field corn (except hybrid corn).  If the origin is unknown, the fact shall be stated.


c)         For agricultural or vegetable seed sold from vehicles, bins or other bulk containers, to which the purchaser has access before buying, to examine the seed and the label thereof, a complete label shall be attached to such vehicle, bin, or other bulk container in a conspicuous place on the exterior of said container or a placard conspicuously displayed with the information required in Sections 4.0 through 5.1 of the Illinois Seed law and this rule. All seed must be packaged in the presence of the purchaser.  A label or tag meeting all requirements of the Illinois Seed Law and Rules shall be supplied to the purchaser if the seed is from one container and/or one lot and in quantities of:


1)         Agricultural seed or any mixture thereof, 10 pounds or more.


2)         Lawn and/or Turf Grass seed or any mixture thereof, 4 pounds or more.


3)         NOTE: The labeling requirements for vegetable seeds sold in bulk quantities of 1 pound or more shall be deemed to have been met if the seed is weighted from a properly labeled container in the presence of the purchaser.


d)         Net Weight. All net weight labeling shall be consistent with the requirements of the Illinois Weights and Measures Act (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1979, Ch. 147, paragraph 101 et seq.) and its Rules.  The net weight information must appear on the container and may also appear on the seed label or tag if desired.


e)         Certified Agricultural and Vegetable Seeds.  Each such container of certified seed, if offered for sale as certified seed, shall meet all the requirements for agricultural or vegetable seeds and in addition shall have attached thereto a tag issued for such seed by the certifying agency.


f)         Sample label For Single Agricultural Seed.  The label shown in Exhibit A is for a single agriculture seed and provides for a suitable arrangement of required labeling data.  This label may be used for hybrid corn or a special label may be used omitting Origin, Hard Seed, and Total Germination And Hard Seed on the label.  The label shown in Exhibit A may be used for mixtures of agricultural seeds by adding extra lines for the components, germination and test dates (under the Kind of Seed).  Where grown (origin) is required for alfalfa, red clover, white clover, and field corn (except hybrid corn).  If the origin is unknown, the fact shall be stated.