The versions of proposed rulemakings appearing here are the 2nd Notice versions (r02); that is, the original agency proposal as published in the Illinois Register with the agency's 1st Notice Changes applied.  This is the version of the rulemaking that has been presented to JCAR for its review. It is provided here as a courtesy to persons who plan to submit comment on the rulemaking to JCAR. It can be referred to, in any correspondence, by line numbers. Documents are labeled by a 2 part file number. The first segment consists of the Title and Part (5 Ill. Adm. Code 100 appears as 050100). The second segment, following the hyphen, consists of the year and page number of the Illinois Register where the rulemaking was originally proposed (a rulemaking proposed in 2013 at page 547 appears as 1300547, with r02 appended at the end). The resulting file number would be 050100-13-00547r02. The 2nd Notice version can also be accessed by clicking on any rulemaking on the Meeting Agenda that is shown in blue. Rulemaking text will be added to this site after the 1st Notice Changes have been integrated.

Disclaimer:  These are working documents used by JCAR and may be altered at any time if errors in engrossing the 1st Notice Changes are discovered. The text depicted here is not an official version of any agency rule. The officially adopted rule text will be filed for adoption with the Secretary of State by the agency and will appear in the Illinois Register and will be added to the Administrative Code database, available on the ILGA website.  That final version will be based on the 2nd Notice version appearing here, with any 2nd Notice Agreements entered into by the agency and JCAR included.

The Second Notices are PDF documents and will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. Please refer back to JCAR's home page for instructions on downloading the reader application.