AUTHORITY: Implementing and authorized by the Law Enforcement Camera Grant Act [50 ILCS 707].

SOURCE: Emergency Rules adopted and codified at 7 Ill. Reg. 1174, effective January 13, 1983, for a maximum of 150 days; adopted at 7 Ill. Reg. 7949, effective June 17, 1983; amended at 8 Ill. Reg. 4169, effective March 20, 1984; amended at 35 Ill. Reg. 206, effective December 16, 2010; emergency amendment at 42 Ill. Reg. 7972, effective April 25, 2018, for a maximum of 150 days; emergency expired September 21, 2018; amended at 46 Ill. Reg. 11484, effective June 23, 2022.


Section 1700.10  Preamble


The purpose of these Rules is to establish the procedures for the provision of financial assistance to qualifying local governmental units for law enforcement training as authorized and approved by the Board pursuant to the Act. These Rules are intended to provide disbursement to participants of approved training programs involving mandatory, specialized, optional, and in-service training.


Section 1700.20  Eligibility


To be eligible for financial assistance, an applicant must be a local governmental agency as defined in Section 2 of the Police Training Act.  (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1981, ch. 85, par. 502)


Section 1700.30  Use of Funds


Financial assistance shall be provided from available funds to qualified applicants for approved training program costs, which may include, but not be limited to, tuition at training schools, the salaries of trainees while at training schools, and the necessary travel and room and board expenses of trainees.


Section 1700.40  Applications


a)         A local governmental agency wishing to receive financial assistance shall submit a complete application to the Police Training Board office on forms prescribed or provided by the Board. Applications should be mailed to the Illinois Police Training Board, 524 South Second Street, Springfield, Illinois  62706.


b)         Claims for reimbursement for mandatory training programs shall include, but not be limited to, the name of the claimant, the trainee served, the dates of training, the title of course received, the location of training, and the specific cost of training, including tuition, salary, lodging, food, and transportation.


c)         An application to receive financial assistance must be received by the Board no later than July 15 for funding for mandatory training programs, and no later than April 1 for in-service training programs.


Section 1700.50  Board Review


a)         The Board may request additional information from the applicant if the Board determines other information is necessary to adequately complete its review of the application.  Additional information will be requested only when the application, on its face, does not provide the Board with sufficient information to determine if the program or project is eligible for funding pursuant to the Acts and Board regulations.


b)         The requested information must be submitted to the Board in a timely fashion so as to allow for adequate review prior to the next quarterly Board meeting.  "Timely fashion" means the Board must have enough time to review the information to determine if the application conforms and complies with the requirements stated in the Acts and rules adopted pursuant thereto.


c)         Failure to provide such additional information may result in denial of the application or postponement of the review process until the following Board meeting.


d)         In reviewing an application, the Board must determine if the proposed program or project is necessary and in the public interest to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.  Factors which the Board must consider include, but are not limited to, the need for the proposed program or project in this State, the specific training needs of the locality involved, and the financial practicality of the venture.


Section 1700.60  Certification


Every applicant for financial assistance shall certify that the contents submitted as part of the application are complete and a true and accurate representation of the program involved, and the expenditures incurred or to be incurred.


Section 1700.70  Approval by the Board


a)         The Board shall notify the applicant within thirty days after it decides to grant an applicant financial assistance.  Applicants who receive approval for basic training funds will receive a copy of the state voucher authorizing payment.  Applicants who receive approval for in-service training funds will be notified in writing.


b)         The applicant must comply with the application as approved by the Board.  Applicants who do not comply with the terms of an approved application may have disbursement reduced or denied.  In determining whether there will be a reduction or denial of disbursements, the Board will compare the terms of the approved application with the actual practices of the approved applicants, and;


1)         Any variance from the approved application that results in the negation of the existence of the factors necessary for approval of disbursements pursuant to Section 1700.50(d) of these rules shall result in the denial of disbursements; or


2)         Any variance that does not negate the reasons for approval pursuant to 1700.50(d), but results in a requirement of a lesser amount of funds than approved previously, will result in a reduction of disbursements to that level actually required.


c)         Board approval must ensure the applicants are complying with the Acts and regulations adopted pursuant thereto.


Section 1700.80  Denial by the Board


If the Board denies an application for financial assistance, it shall within thirty days provide the applicant with a letter of denial setting forth the reasons for its decision.


Section 1700.90  State Disbursements (Repealed)


(Source:  Repealed at 8 Ill. Reg. 4169, effective March 20, 1984)


Section 1700.100  Accounting Reports


Upon written request by the Board, recipient local governmental agencies shall provide an accounting to the Board within 60 days, containing all expenditures incurred for programs funded under these Rules.  In order to test compliance with the requirements of the Act and these Rules, the Board will, on a random basis, investigate the expenditures of programs funded under these Rules.


Section 1700.105  Law Enforcement Camera Grant Act (Repealed)


(Source:  Repealed at 46 Ill. Reg. 11484, effective June 23, 2022)


Section 1700.110  Severability Clause


If any provision of these Rules or the application thereof is invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions or application, and to this end the provisions of these Rules are declared to be severable.