Illinois General Assembly

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Senate Committees     98th General Assembly
Agriculture and Conservation SAGR
 - Sub on Hunting and Trapping SAGR-SAHT
 - Subcommittee on Food Labeling SAGR-SAFL
Appropriations I SAPA
Appropriations II SAPB
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (AP)SAPB-SASI
Assignments SCOA
Committee of the Whole SCWL
Criminal Law SCCL
 - Subcommittee on CLEAR Compliance SCCL-SCCC
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (CL)SCCL-SCLS
Education SESE
 - Subcommittee on Charter Schools SESE-SECS
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (ED)SESE-SSSI
Energy SENE
 - Subcommittee on Natural Resources SENE-SENR
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (EN)SENE-SESI
Environment SNVR
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (SN)SNVR-SNSI
Executive SEXC
 - Sub on Constitutional Amendments SEXC-SECA
 - Sub on Governmental Operations SEXC-SEGO
 - Sub on Mental Health Issues SEXC-SEMH
 - Subcommittee on Civil Rights SEXC-SECR
 - Subcommittee on Election Law SEXC-SSEL
 - Subcommittee on Gaming SEXC-SEOG
 - Subcommittee on Procurement SEXC-SESP
 - Subcommittee on Restorative JusticeSEXC-SERJ
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (EX)SEXC-SESI
Executive Appointments SEXA
Financial Institutions SFIC
 - Sub. on Financial Regulation SFIC-SFSR
 - Subcommittee on Payday Loan Reform SFIC-SFPL
Higher Education SCHE
 - Sub on Research & Academic MedicineSCHE-HEAM
Human Services SHHS
 - Sub on Community Youth Employment SHHS-CYEM
 - Sub on Issues Relating to DCFS SHHS-SHDC
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (HS)SHHS-SSSI
Insurance SINS
 - Sub.on Ins.Madates & Special IssuesSINS-SIMS
Joint Criminal Justice Reform Comm.SCJR
Judiciary SJUD
 - Subcommittee on Firearms SJUD-SJSF
 - Subcommittee on Tort Reform SJUD-SJTR
Labor and Commerce SLAB
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (LC)SLAB-SLSI
Legislative Petitions SCLP
Licensed Activities and Pensions SLIC
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (LA)SLIC-SLSI
Local Government SLGV
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (LG)SLGV-SLSI
Public Health SPHL
 - Subcommittee on Amendments SPHL-SPSA
 - Subcommittee on Immunizations SPHL-PSOI
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (PH)SPHL-SPSI
Public Pensions & State InvestmentsSCPP
Revenue SREV
 - Subcommittee on Property Tax SREV-SRPT
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (RV)SREV-SRSI
 - Subcommittee on Tax Credits SREV-SSTC
Special Comm. on Watercraft Safety SCWS
State Government & Veterans AffairsSGOA
 - Sub on Economic Development SGOA-SOED
 - Sub. on Wireless Emerg Tel. Safety SGOA-SWET
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (SG)SGOA-SOSI
Transportation STRN
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues (ST)STRN-STSI