Illinois General Assembly

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Senate Committees     97th General Assembly
Agriculture and Conservation SAGR
Appropriations I SAPA
Appropriations II SAPB
Assignments SCOA
Commerce SCOM
 - Sub on Emerging Tech & Spec.Issues SCOM-SCES
 - Subcom Competitiveness & InnovationSCOM-SCCI
 - Subcommittee on Consumer ProtectionSCOM-SCCP
Committee of the Whole SCWL
Criminal Law SCCL
 - Subcommittee on CLEAR Compliance SCCL-SCLR
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SCCL-SCSI
Education SESE
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SESE-SESI
Energy SENE
Enterprise Zone Extensions SCEZ
Environment SNVR
Executive SEXC
 - Sub. on Constitutional Amendments SEXC-EXCA
 - Subcommittee on Civil Rights SEXC-SXCR
 - Subcommittee on Education SEXC-EXED
 - Subcommittee on Election Law SEXC-SEEL
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SEXC-SXSI
 - Subcommittee on St. Gov Operations SEXC-SESG
Executive Appointments               *96th AMsSEXA
Financial Institutions SFIC
Gaming SGAM
Higher Education SCHE
Human Services SHHS
 - Subcommittee on Medicaid SHHS-SHHM
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SHHS-SHSI
Insurance SINS
 - Sub on Ins Mandates & Ins Issues SINS-SIMI
 - Subcommittee on Health Exchanges SINS-SIHE
Judiciary SJUD
 - Subcomm on Civil Process Procedure SJUD-SJPP
 - Subcomm on Property and EnvironmentSJUD-SJPN
 - Subcommittee on Amendments SJUD-SJOA
Labor SLAB
 - Subcommittee on Employment Issues SLAB-SLEI
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SLAB-SLAI
Licensed Activities SLIC
 - Subcomm on Health Care Licensing SLIC-SLHL
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SLIC-SLSS
Local Government SLGV
 - Subcommittee on Amendments SLGV-SLGA
 - Subcommittee on Annexation SLGV-SLGN
 - Subcommittee on New Districts SLGV-SGND
 - Subcommittee on Public Safety SLGV-SLPS
Pensions and Investments SPAI
 - Subcomm on Pension Enhancements SPAI-SPPE
 - Subcommittee on Pension Reforms SPAI-SPIP
Procurement SCOP
Public Health SPHL
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SPHL-SPHS
Redistricting SRED
 - Subcommittee on Redistricting I SRED-RRDI
 - Subcommittee on Redistricting II SRED-RRII
Revenue SREV
 - Subcommittee on Amendments SREV-SRVA
 - Subcommittee on Property Taxes SREV-SRPR
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SREV-SRVS
 - Subcommittee on Tax Credits SREV-SRTC
State Government & Veterans AffairsSGOA
 - Subcommittee on Resolutions SGOA-SSUR
Transportation STRN