Illinois General Assembly

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Senate Committees     96th General Assembly
Agriculture and Conservation SAGR
 - Subcomm. on Fertilizers & ChemicalsSAGR-SAFC
 - Subcommittee on Animal Welfare SAGR-SAAW
 - Subcommittee on Coal Mining SAGR-SACM
Appropriations I SAPA
Appropriations II SAPB
 - Subcomm.on Containing Costs/TuitionSAPB-SCCT
Assignments SCOA
Commerce SCOM
Committee of the Whole SCWL
Consumer Protection SCCP
 - Subcommittee on Amendments SCCP-SCPA
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SCCP-SCPI
Criminal Law SCCL
 - Crim. Law Subcom Enhance/RedundancySCCL-SCER
 - Criminal Law Subcomm. Const. ReviewSCCL-SCCR
 - Criminal Law Subcomm. on Firearms SCCL-SCCF
Deficit Reduction SCDR
Education SESE
 - Subcommittee on Charter Schools SESE-SSCR
 - Subcommittee on Mandates SESE-SEDM
Elections SELC
 - Subcommittee on Election Reform SELC-SEER
Energy SENE
 - Subcommittee on Readiness SENE-SENR
 - Subcommittee on Transparency SENE-SENT
Environment SNVR
 - Subcomm. Children's Health Issues SNVR-SCEH
 - Subcommittee on Amendments SNVR-SNVA
Executive SEXC
 - Executive Subcommittee on AmendmentSEXC-SXAM
 - Executive Subcommittee on EducationSEXC-SXED
 - Executive Subcommittee on Revenue SEXC-SXRV
 - Subcommittee Legis.Tuition Waivers SEXC-SXTW
 - Subcommittee on Campaign Finance SEXC-SECF
 - Subcommittee on Const. Amendments SEXC-SXCA
 - Subcommittee on Ethics SEXC-SXET
 - Subcommittee on State & Local Govt.SEXC-SXLG
Executive Appointments               *ReportsSEXA
Financial Institutions SFIC
 - Subcommittee on Mortgages SFIC-SFMG
 - Subcommittee on Payday Loans SFIC-SFPD
Gaming SGAM
 - Subcommittee on Gaming Activities SGAM-SGGA
 - Subcommittee on State Regulation SGAM-SGSR
Higher Education SCHE
 - Subcommittee on Program Expansions SCHE-SHPE
Human Services SHHS
 - Subcomm.Medicaid &Provider Rate RefSHHS-SMPR
Insurance SINS
 - Subcommittee on Insurance Mandates SINS-SCIM
Joint Comm. on Government Reform SCGR
Joint Committee on MPEA SMPE
Judiciary SJUD
 - Med. Discipline/Ins./MalpracticeRefSJUD-SMED
 - Subcomm. on Civil Process&ProcedureSJUD-SJCP
 - Subcomm. on Property & Environment SJUD-SJPE
 - Subcommittee on Amendments SJUD-SJDA
Labor SLAB
 - LaborSubcommittee on Special IssuesSLAB-SLSI
Licensed Activities SLIC
 - Subcomm.Adv.PracticeNurse's LicenseSLIC-SPNL
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SLIC-SLSI
Local Government SLGV
 - Subcommittee on Procedures SLGV-SLGP
Pensions and Investments SPAI
 - Subcomm.on Pension Enhancements SPAI-SPBE
 - Subcommittee on Pension Reform SPAI-SPPR
Public Health SPHL
 - Subcommittee - Nursing Home Care SPHL-SPNH
 - Subcommittee on Amendments SPHL-SPHA
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SPHL-SPSI
Redistricting SRED
Revenue SREV
 - Revenue Subcomm. on Special Issues SREV-SRSI
 - Revenue Subcommittee on Amendments SREV-SRAM
 - Revenue Subcommittee on Prop. TaxesSREV-SRPT
Spec Committee on Education ReformSCER
Spec. Comm. on Workers' Comp ReformSWCR
Special Comm. on Medicaid Reform SCMR
State Government & Veterans AffairsSGOA
 - St. Govt Subcommittee on AmendmentsSGOA-SGSA
 - St. Govt Subcommittee on Finance SGOA-SGSF
Telecommunications & Technology STEL
Transportation STRN
 - Subcommittee on Red Light Cameras STRN-SRLC
 - Trans Subcommittee Special Issues STRN-STSI
 - Trans. Subcommittee on Amendments STRN-STRA