Illinois General Assembly

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Senate Committees     95th General Assembly
Agriculture and Conservation SAGR
Appropriations I SAPA
Appropriations II SAPB
Appropriations III SAPC
Commerce and Economic Development SCED
Education SESE
Environment and Energy SENV
 - Subcomm. Global Warming & Energy SENV-SGWE
 - Subcomm. Waterfront Devel./Preserv.SENV-SEWD
 - Subcommittee on Climate Change SENV-SENC
 - Subcommittee on Deregulation SENV-SEND
Executive SEXC
Executive Appointments               *ReportsSEXA
Financial Institutions SFIC
Higher Education SCHE
Housing and Community Affairs SHCA
 - Subcomm Comm. Affairs SHCA-SCAF
 - Subcommittee on Housing SHCA-SCHO
Human Services SHHS
Insurance SINS
 - Subcommittee on Insurance Mandates SINS-SINM
Judiciary Civil Law SJUD
Judiciary Criminal Law SJCR
 - Jud. Criminal - Special Issues SJCR-SJSI
Labor SLAB
Licensed Activities SLIC
 - Subcomm. on Prscriptive Authority SLIC-SLPA
Local Government SLGV
Pensions and Investments SPAI
 - Subcommitte Pension Benefit ReviewSPAI-SPBR
Public Health SPHL
Revenue SREV
 - Subcommittee on Amendments SREV-SRVA
 - Subcommittee on Property Taxes SREV-SRPT
 - Subcommittee on Special Issues SREV-SRSI
Rules SCOA
Senate Committee of the Whole SCWL
Spec.Comm. on Impeachment ProcedureSITP
State Government & Veterans AffairsSGOA
 - St Govt Subcomm Spec Issues/Amends SGOA-SGIA
Transportation STRN
 - Transportation Subcomm. Amendments STRN-STRA
 - Transportation Subcomm. Spec. IssueSTRN-STSI