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Bills Assigned To Gaming
100th General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
SB1356Pamela J. AlthoffVIDEO GAMING-LOCAL RESTRICTIONPostponed - Gaming3/14/2018
SB2478Steve StadelmanSPORT BETTING-CONSUMER PROTECTAssigned to Gaming2/14/2018
SB3125William E. BradyRACING BOARD-SPORTS WAGERINGAssigned to Gaming2/27/2018
SB3166Terry LinkVIDEO GAMING-VETERANSAssigned to Gaming2/27/2018
SB3387Dave SyversonGAMING-VARIOUSAssigned to Gaming2/27/2018
SB3432Napoleon Harris, IIISPORTS WAGERING ACTAssigned to Gaming2/27/2018
SB3452Terry LinkGAMING-ADVANCE DEPOSIT WAGERAssigned to Gaming2/27/2018
SB3528Steve StadelmanLOTTERY-INTERNET PROGRAMPostponed - Gaming3/14/2018
SB3529Steve StadelmanLOTTERY-INTERNET PROGRAMPostponed - Gaming3/14/2018