Illinois General Assembly

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Bills Assigned To Labor
100th General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
SB 398 (SFA 1)Emil Jones, III Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Labor1/30/2018
SB956Jason A. BarickmanUNEMPLOYMNT CONTRBUTE QUARTRLYTo Subcommittee on Special Issues (LB)2/28/2018
SB957Jason A. BarickmanPREV WAGE CONTRACT DURATIONTo Subcommittee on Special Issues (LB)2/28/2018
SB958Jason A. BarickmanPREVAILING WAGE-CLASSIFICATIONTo Subcommittee on Special Issues (LB)2/28/2018
SB959Jason A. BarickmanPREVAILING WAGE PUBLIC UTILITYTo Subcommittee on Special Issues (LB)2/28/2018
SB1305Michael ConnellyPUBLIC LABOR-ARBITRATIONTo Subcommittee on Special Issues (LB)2/28/2018
SB1306Michael ConnellyMIN WAGE-SUSPENSION W/O PAYTo Subcommittee on Special Issues (LB)2/28/2018
SB1307Michael ConnellyLABOR - CONFIDENTIAL EMPLOYEERe-assigned to Labor1/30/2018
SB1308Michael ConnellyLABOR AGREEMENT HEARINGSRe-assigned to Labor1/30/2018
SB 1308 (SCA 1)Michael Connelly Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Labor1/30/2018
SB2213Daniel BissEPA-PUBLIC INTEREST ACTIONSPostponed - Labor2/28/2018
SB2242John G. MulroeEMPLOYEE SICK LEAVE BENEFITSAssigned to Labor1/24/2018
SB2333Michael ConnellyEQUAL PAY DISCLOSE PAY AMOUNTAssigned to Labor1/30/2018
SB2438Chuck WeaverLABOR REL-FINANCIAL ABILITYAssigned to Labor2/7/2018
SB2480Michael E. HastingsHAZARDOUS MATERIALS WORKFORCEPostponed - Labor2/28/2018
SB2546Daniel BissEDU LABOR ACT-EMPLOYEE DEFNPostponed - Labor2/28/2018
SB 2546 (SCA 1)Daniel Biss Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Postponed - Labor2/28/2018
SB2867Michael ConnellyREPEAL ECON DATA TASK FORCEAssigned to Labor2/21/2018
SB2878Chuck WeaverPERSONNEL-JURISDICTION EXEMPTAssigned to Labor2/21/2018
SB2961Chuck WeaverAMUSEMENT RIDE SAFETY ACTAssigned to Labor2/21/2018
SB3096Jil TracyUNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS LIENSAssigned to Labor2/21/2018
SB 3096 (SCA 1)Jil Tracy Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Labor3/1/2018
SB3100Jennifer Bertino-TarrantEQUAL PAY-SALARY HISTORYAssigned to Labor2/27/2018
SB3390Cristina CastroEQUAL PAY ACT-WAGE HISTORYAssigned to Labor2/27/2018
SB 3390 (SCA 1)Cristina Castro Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to Labor3/1/2018
SB3534Jason A. BarickmanBARGAINING UNIT STATUSAssigned to Labor2/27/2018