Illinois General Assembly

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Bills Assigned To State Government
100th General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
SB1778Neil AndersonIFA-FIRE TRUCKSPostponed - State Government1/30/2018
SB1779Neil AndersonSTATE FIRE MARSHAL-GRANTSPostponed - State Government1/30/2018
SB 2252 (SFA 1)Antonio Muņoz Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Postponed - State Government3/1/2018
SB2279Laura M. MurphySTATE CONTRACT FUNDINGPostponed - State Government3/1/2018
SB2311Dale FowlerSHAWNEE INDIAN RECOGNITION ACTAssigned to State Government1/30/2018
SB 2313 (SFA 1)Linda Holmes Senate Floor Amendment No. 1 Postponed - State Government3/14/2018
SB2533Martin A. SandovalBUSINESS ENTERPRISE-POSTINGPostponed - State Government3/1/2018
SB2872Neil AndersonSTATE POLICE ORGANIZATIONPostponed - State Government3/1/2018
SB2896Andy ManarIL BICENTENNIAL OFFICE & COMMPostponed - State Government3/1/2018
SB3020Antonio MuņozST POLICE-CADET CLASSESAssigned to State Government3/1/2018
SB3081Laura M. MurphyPUBLIC HOUSING-WAITING LISTPostponed - State Government3/1/2018
SB3106Toi W. HutchinsonCOMPTRLLER-MINORITY CONTRACTORAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB 3106 (SCA 1)Toi W. Hutchinson Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to State Government3/14/2018
SB3127Iris Y. MartinezCDB-FEDERAL FUNDSAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3144Dale A. RighterCAP DEVELOPMENT BD-PROJECTSAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3151Pamela J. AlthoffPROCUREMENT-TAX SOFTWAREAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB 3151 (SCA 1)Pamela J. Althoff Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to State Government3/14/2018
SB3185Pamela J. AlthoffFINANCE-ST AGENCY GRANT MAKINGAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3186Pamela J. AlthoffFINANCE-FUNDS & MANDATESAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3211Wm. Sam McCannDEAF & HARD HEARING COMMISSIONAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3225David KoehlerGOV: SAFETY DAY PROCLAMATIONAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3230Heather A. SteansHEALTH FACILITIES-REVIEW BOARDAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3233Andy ManarCOMPTROLLER-PAYROLL CERTIFYAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3234Andy ManarAUDIT EXPENSE FUND TRANSFERSAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3246Dale FowlerLANDOWNER GRANT PROGRAMAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3254Dale FowlerEO 3 (2017) IMPLEMENTATIONAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3304Neil AndersonLOCAL GVT-FIRE PROTECTIONAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3305Chapin RosePERSON WITH DISABILTY-EMPLYMNTAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3307Paul SchimpfDNR-STRATEGIC PLANSAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3402Jacqueline Y. CollinsIL COUNCIL ON WOMEN & GIRLSAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3525Don HarmonJCAR-ONLINE DATABASE STUDYAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3533Pamela J. AlthoffPROCURE-RENEW ENERGY RESOURCESAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3560Omar AquinoCOMPTROLLER-VENDOR PAYMENTAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SB3561Antonio MuņozBLDG COMMISSION-DESIGN-BUILDAssigned to State Government2/27/2018
SR1117Michael E. HastingsPROTECT NET NEUTRALITYPostponed - State Government2/21/2018
SR1273Karen McConnaughayPORNOGRAPHY-EPIDEMICPostponed - State Government2/8/2018
SR 1273 (SCA 1)Karen McConnaughay Senate Committee Amendment No. 1 Assignments Refers to State Government2/27/2018
SR1407Ira I. SilversteinPOLISH HOLOCAUST LEGISLATIONPostponed - State Government3/1/2018
SR1437Laura M. MurphyNATIONAL SERVICE DAYAssigned to State Government3/14/2018
SR1472Julie A. MorrisonSUNSHINE WEEKAssigned to State Government3/14/2018