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Bills Assigned To Executive Appointments
100th General Assembly
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Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
AM990623Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - HEIDI MUELLERAppointment Confirmed Pursuant Article V of the ILL Constitution7/1/2017
AM1000106Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JACK CALABROAssigned to Executive Appointments3/9/2017
AM1000107Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CAROLYN HOLDERAssigned to Executive Appointments3/9/2017
AM1000111Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - NIRAV SHAHAssigned to Executive Appointments3/9/2017
AM1000114Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - SHERRY EAGLEAssigned to Executive Appointments3/9/2017
AM1000115Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - EDUARDO GARZAAssigned to Executive Appointments3/9/2017
AM1000117Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ELIZABETH COPPOLETTIAssigned to Executive Appointments3/9/2017
AM1000118Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DEBORAH SIMPSONAssigned to Executive Appointments3/9/2017
AM1000119Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - LERRY KNOXReferred to Executive Appointments3/7/2017
AM1000126Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAY BERGMANReferred to Executive Appointments3/7/2017
AM1000127Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - NIKETA BRARReferred to Executive Appointments3/7/2017
AM1000128Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KETKI STEFFENReferred to Executive Appointments3/7/2017
AM1000130Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - VIRGINIA MARTINEZReferred to Executive Appointments3/7/2017
AM1000131Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BRIAN ANDERSONReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000132Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DONNA SACKReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000133Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BETH SHADURReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000134Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROGER TAYLORReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000135Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - WESLEY T. CAMPBELLReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000136Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - GARY CHANEYReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000137Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL MARTINReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000138Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - LUZ RAMIREZReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000139Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CLAUDIA QUEZADAReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000140Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ASAF BAR TURAReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000141Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN CLOUGHReferred to Executive Appointments3/14/2017
AM1000142Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARIA BRUNIReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000144Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - FELICIA NORWOODReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000146Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL BIGGERReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000147Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ELENI BOUSISReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000148Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CHERYL MAINORReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000150Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - EDITH CRIGLERReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000151Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAMES FLOYDReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000152Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BRITTANI KINDLEReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000153Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN KOMNICKReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000154Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROBERT MARTINReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000155Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL PERKINSReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000156Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KYLE WALSHReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000157Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DONALD EDWARDSReferred to Executive Appointments3/28/2017
AM1000158Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - EDGAR RAMIREZReferred to Executive Appointments4/4/2017
AM1000159Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - REBECCA ROPPReferred to Executive Appointments4/4/2017
AM1000160Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DAN SCHWABEReferred to Executive Appointments4/4/2017
AM1000166Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DR. ANDREA BARTHWELLAssigned to Executive Appointments4/20/2017
AM1000167Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BRADLEY HARTAssigned to Executive Appointments4/25/2017
AM1000169Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAMES BILOTTAAssigned to Executive Appointments4/25/2017
AM1000170Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BARBARA BAURERAssigned to Executive Appointments4/25/2017
AM1000172Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN BAMBENEKAssigned to Executive Appointments5/2/2017
AM1000173Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANDREW VOLPERTAssigned to Executive Appointments5/2/2017
AM1000174Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - TIMOTHY SICKMEYERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/9/2017
AM1000176Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - C. FOSS-EGGEMANNAssigned to Executive Appointments5/9/2017
AM1000177Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JERRY MITCHELLAssigned to Executive Appointments5/9/2017
AM1000180Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARC LEVINEAssigned to Executive Appointments5/11/2017
AM1000181Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL MCCOTTERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000182Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROBERT SCHILLERSTROMAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000183Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAMES BANKSAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000184Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - EARL DOTSONAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000185Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - TIMOTHY DREAAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000186Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN EASTONAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000187Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROBERT KARRAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000188Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - WILLIAM POTTSAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000189Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DAVID PROSNITZAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000190Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RICK TERVENAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000191Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - SHARON T. PARROTTAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000192Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MATTHEW HOWERAssigned to Executive Appointments5/15/2017
AM1000197Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOSEPH BEYERAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000198Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BETTY COFFRINAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000199Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ARTHUR L. MOORE JR.Assigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000200Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANDREW BERLINAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000201Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RICHARD STEFFENAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000202Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CARLA BARNESAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000203Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JENNIFER HANSENAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000204Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANTHONY GARCIAAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000205Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - LORRAINE HOCKERAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000206Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KATHERINE HENNESSYAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000207Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - STACEY WOEHRLEAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000208Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KEVIN MCDERMOTTAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000209Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARK COZZIAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000210Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DALE WINTERAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000211Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - LARRY IVORYAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000212Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ADAM LOWAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000213Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOSEPH GAGLIARDOAssigned to Executive Appointments6/23/2017
AM1000215Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JEAN BOHNHOFFAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000216Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RAYMOND POEAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000217Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DONALD MOFFITTAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000218Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL HOFFMANAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000219Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN BALDWINAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000220Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - GLADYSE TAYLORAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000221Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JANICE GLENNAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000222Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAMES DIMASAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000223Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - GREGORY SMITHAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000224Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - WAYNE ROSENTHALAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000225Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DONALD KAUERAUFAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000226Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - C. BARBERA-BRELLEAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000228Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KAMBIUM BUCKNERAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000229Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - NICHOLAS GOWENAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000230Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - TIFFANY HARPERAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000231Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BEVERLY J. WALKERAssigned to Executive Appointments7/21/2017
AM1000232Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAMES DIMASAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000233Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - SUSAN MORRISONAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000234Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - STUART KINGAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000235Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BRITTANY LADDAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000237Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KATIE PAPADIMITRIUAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000238Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - THOMAS MCCAULEYAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000239Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RANDALL BLANKENHORNAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000240Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - PARKER BANEAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000241Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAMES HARRISAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000242Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - BRAD PILCHERAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000243Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DAN CAULKINSAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000244Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOSEPH DIVELYAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000245Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - PHILLIP THOMPSONAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000246Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CESILIE PRICEAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000247Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KEVIN SETTLEAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000248Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RUTH CROSSAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000249Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARK GRANTAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000250Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CARNEY BARRAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000251Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CORNELIUS GRIGGSAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000252Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - PATRICK ORMSBYAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000253Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MASAH RENWICKAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000254Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DARLENE RUSCITTIAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000255Antonio MuņozAPPOINT- JANE HAYAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000256Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANDREW VOLPERTAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000257Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROBERT DOBSKIAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000258Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JULIE JONESAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000259Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - J. RAUSCHENBERGERAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000260Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - SHARON ROSSMARKAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000261Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARK GRANTAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000262Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DENNIS BARSEMAAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000263Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - VERONICA HERREROAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000264Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - TIMOTHY STRUTHERSAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000265Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ERIC WASOWICZAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000266Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOYCE RAHNAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000267Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARSHA RYANAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000268Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - LYNEIR COLEAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000269Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CATHERINE EARLYAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000270Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - TODD LESTERAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000271Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - STEVEN NELSONAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000272Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MARK GRANTAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000273Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - AMIEL HARPERAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000274Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - HECTOR ALEJANDREAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000275Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DEE ROBINSONAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000276Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KEVIN BATTAGLIAAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000277Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CHRISTOPHER WIENEKEAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000278Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - STEVE KIMAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000279Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - SHERRY EAGLEAssigned to Executive Appointments8/17/2017
AM1000280Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - SADZI MARTHA OLIVIAAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000281Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KREG ALLISONAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000282Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CRAIG FINDLEYAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000283Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DONALD SHELTONAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000284Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN DUTYAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000285Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - LARRY JONESAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000286Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - RANDY LEWISAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000287Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - THOMAS SMITHAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000288Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JAMES STEINERAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000289Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - STEVE WILLISAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000290Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - WESTON SPARKSAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000291Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JANE HAYSAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000292Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - CHERILYN MURERAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000293Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHELLE OWNBEYAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000294Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - JOHN HARTNETTAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000295Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KATHRYN NELSONAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000296Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ANTHONY C. ERBACCIAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000297Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - STEVEN J. FRUTHAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000298Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - DAVID A. KANEAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000299Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - MICHAEL K. NOWAKAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000300Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - KETKI STEFFENAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000301Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - THOMAS CIECKOAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000302Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROBERT M. HARRISAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017
AM1000303Antonio MuņozAPPOINT - ROBERT E. LUEDKEAssigned to Executive Appointments9/7/2017