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Senator Chapin Rose (R), 110th District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB359Chapin RoseCT OF CLAIMS-DEFAULT JUDGMENTHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB360Chapin RoseMARRIAGE ACT-CHILD COUNSELINGHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-06408/22/2005
HB361Chapin RoseDCEO-OFFICE PARK CERTIFICATIONHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-05988/16/2005
HB362Chapin RoseMASS TRANSIT DIST-ANNEXATIONHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB363Chapin RoseSCH CD-DISSOLUTION OF DISTRICTHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB364Chapin RoseCRIM PRO-PRIOR STATEMENTSHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB365Chapin RoseCD OF CIV PRO-EXPERT WITNESSESHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB366Chapin RoseCD OF CIV PRO-VERDICTSHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB367Chapin RoseLNDLORD/TNANT-BCKGROUND CHECKSHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB368Chapin RoseVEH CD-UNDER 21-DRIVE CLASSHTabled By Sponsor Rep. Chapin Rose4/15/2005
HB369Chapin RoseVEH CD-MISDEMEANOR-RESTITUTIONHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB370Chapin RoseCD CIV PRO-MEDICAL MALPRACTICEHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB371Chapin RoseJUV CT-DETENTION-JAILHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB372Chapin RoseHEALTH CARE ARBITRAT-PROVISIONHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB373Chapin RosePENCD-ARTS 3 & 7-TRANSFERSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-03567/29/2005
HB400Chapin RoseELECTIONS-KIDS IN VOTING BOOTHHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB401Chapin RoseMUNI CD FIRE POLICE APPLICANTSHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB443Chapin RoseELECTIONS-VOTER REGISTRATIONHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB599Chapin RoseMEDICAID-MENTAL HLTH SERVICESHTabled By Sponsor Rep. Chapin Rose4/15/2005
HB738Chapin RosePEN CD-SERS-CONTRACT SERVICESHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB811Chapin RoseEDUCATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB812Chapin RoseGOVERNMENT-TECHHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB813Chapin RoseCONSERVATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB814Chapin RoseELEC-REGISTRATION INFORMATIONHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB989Chapin RoseCONVICTION INFO-COUNTIES&MUNHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB1033Chapin RoseMARRIAGE ACT-CHILD CUSTODYHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB1094Chapin RoseCD CORR-AGG CRIM SEX ABUSEHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB1139Chapin RoseCRIM CD-EAVESDROPPINGHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB1550Chapin RoseVEH CD-BLUE FLASHING LIGHTSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-03317/26/2005
HB3502Chapin RoseMETHAMPHETAMINE-DRUG COURTHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB3508Chapin RoseDRUG COURT-MANDATEHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB3509Chapin Rose$SUPREME COURT-DRUG CTHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB3525Chapin Rose$DEPT AG-ANHYDROUS AMMONIAHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB3526Chapin RoseDEPT AGR-ANHYDROUS AMMONIAHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-05538/12/2005
HB3527Chapin Rose$DEPT AG- PUBLIC INFO- METHHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB3528Chapin RoseDEPT AG-METH ENCOUNTERHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB3625Chapin RoseEDUCATION-TECHHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB3626Chapin RoseSCH CD-TEACHER EVALUATIONHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB3837Chapin RosePUB SAFETY EMPL-CATASTROPHICHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB4015Chapin RosePARENTAL RESPONSIB-DEFINITIONHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB4016Chapin RoseCONTROLLED SUB-METH MANUFACTURHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB4022Chapin Rose$EIUHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB4043Chapin Rose$EIUHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB4277Chapin RoseDRUG COURT-STATEWIDE PLANHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB4300Chapin RoseCONT SUB-DEXTROMETHORPHANHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-08005/25/2006
HB4332Chapin RoseFUND TRANSFER NOTIFICATIONHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB4432Chapin RoseHFS-CHILD SUPPORT-DISCLOS INFOHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB4959Chapin RoseCRIM PRO-FAIL TO APPEAR-FUNDHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB4960Chapin RoseFIRE PROT DIST-DISCONNECTIONHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-08065/26/2006
HB5822Chapin RosePRIVATE SEWAGE-OFF LOT SYSTEMSHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB5825Chapin RoseCLEAN COAL PROJECTS-INDEMNIFYHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HB5858Chapin RoseUTILITIES-RATE FREEZE EXT-TASKHSession Sine Die1/9/2007
HR30Chapin RoseCONGRATS SANDRA L DECKERHResolution Adopted1/26/2005
HR31Chapin RoseCONGRATS BEMENT 150TH ANNIVHResolution Adopted1/26/2005
HR48Chapin RoseCONGRATS FIGHTING ILLINIHResolution Adopted1/27/2005
HR55Chapin RoseCONGRATS ARCOLA 150TH ANNIVHResolution Adopted2/1/2005
HR77Chapin RoseRECOGNIZES MATTOON HS JROTCHResolution Adopted2/3/2005
HR78Chapin RoseCONGRATS SHIRLEY STEWARTHResolution Adopted2/3/2005
HR82Chapin RoseRECOGNIZES TECH 2005 DAYHResolution Adopted by Voice Vote4/6/2005
HR121Chapin RoseCONGRATS EIU CHEERLEADERSHResolution Adopted2/17/2005
HR134Chapin RoseCONGRATS ROBERT LUTHERHResolution Adopted2/24/2005
HR194Chapin RoseRECOGNIZES GAILA BARCUSHResolution Adopted3/9/2005
HR272Chapin RoseCONGRATS TINA PINKHAMHResolution Adopted by Voice Vote4/7/2005
HR306Chapin RoseCONGRATS LEE JESSUPHResolution Adopted4/14/2005
HR355Chapin RoseCONGRATS FIRST MID-ILLINOISHResolution Adopted4/28/2005
HR377Chapin RoseTHANKS DAVID E CARTER JRHResolution Adopted5/3/2005
HR378Chapin RoseTHANKS JOHN CHAMBERSHResolution Adopted5/3/2005
HR451Chapin RoseRECOGNIZES TOM & SONNA CAINHResolution Adopted5/18/2005
HR452Chapin RoseCOMMENDS MAYOR DAN COUGILLHResolution Adopted5/18/2005
HR459Chapin RoseCONGRATS CITY OF MATTOONHResolution Adopted5/19/2005
HR460Chapin RoseCONGRATS JEFFREY A COURSONHResolution Adopted5/19/2005
HR511Chapin RoseCONGRATS CERRO GORDOHResolution Adopted5/28/2005
HR522Chapin RoseCONGRATS FIRST MID-ILLINOISHResolution Adopted5/28/2005
HR523Chapin RoseCONGRATS GRACE CHURCH MAHOMETHResolution Adopted5/28/2005
HR673Chapin RoseHONOR USS INDIANAPOLIS SURVIVRHResolution Adopted10/26/2005
HR674Chapin RoseCONGRATS LAWN RANGERSHResolution Adopted10/26/2005
HR675Chapin RoseCONGRATS CONNIE KEELINHResolution Adopted10/26/2005
HR676Chapin RoseCONGRATS MATTOON K OF CHResolution Adopted10/26/2005
HR677Chapin RoseCONGRATS BETTY COFFRINHResolution Adopted10/26/2005
HR749Chapin RoseMEMORIAL RAYMOND W LAMKINHResolution Adopted1/11/2006
HR820Chapin RoseCONGRATS JIM MANLEYHResolution Adopted1/18/2006
HR871Chapin RoseMEMORIAL RANDY DEHAANHResolution Adopted2/1/2006
HR882Chapin RoseCONGRATS CHARLESTON TRANS FACHResolution Adopted2/7/2006
HR883Chapin RoseCONGRATS EIU PANTHERS FOOTBALLHResolution Adopted2/8/2006
HR910Chapin RoseCONGRATS COLES COUNTYHResolution Adopted2/9/2006
HR923Chapin RoseRECOGNIZES TECH 2006 DAYHResolution Adopted2/14/2006
HR924Chapin RoseMEMORIAL EMMETT E KIRBYHResolution Adopted2/14/2006
HR976Chapin RoseRECOGNIZES MATTOON HS JROTCHResolution Adopted3/1/2006
HR977Chapin RoseMEMORIAL DARRELL D TUCKERHResolution Adopted3/1/2006
HR1027Chapin RoseCONGRATS DARRELL NEESHResolution Adopted3/16/2006
HR1028Chapin RoseMEMORIAL WILLIAM J HEISE JRHResolution Adopted3/16/2006
HR1104Chapin RoseCONGRATS TOMMY L WASKOMHResolution Adopted3/30/2006
HR1114Chapin RoseCONGRATS TUSCOLAHResolution Adopted4/3/2006
HR1176Chapin RoseCONGRATS JOHN JAYHResolution Adopted4/10/2006
HR1187Chapin RoseMEMORIAL DENNIS BURRELLHResolution Adopted4/11/2006
HR1209Chapin RoseCONGRATS FCC OF VILLA GROVEHResolution Adopted4/18/2006
HR1271Chapin RoseMEMORIAL DAVID C BAKERHResolution Adopted5/3/2006
HR1351Chapin RoseCONGRATS TOLONOHResolution Adopted11/14/2006
HR1352Chapin RoseCONGRATS TED GHIBELLINIHResolution Adopted11/14/2006
HR1377Chapin RoseCONGRATS CHAMPAIGN CRIME STOPHResolution Adopted11/14/2006
HR1401Chapin RoseHONOR CHAMPAIGN COPS FOR KIDSHResolution Adopted11/14/2006
HR1402Chapin RoseMEMORIAL HORACE W ROMINEHResolution Adopted11/14/2006
HR1412Chapin Rose50TH ANNUAL DELAND HOMECOMINGHResolution Adopted11/14/2006
HR1455Chapin RoseACES ALUMNI ASSOC 50TH ANNIVHResolution Adopted11/14/2006
HR1456Chapin RoseRONCHETTI DIST 100TH ANNVHResolution Adopted11/14/2006
HR1518Chapin RoseCONGRATS-BOOTS GILBERTHResolution Adopted11/16/2006
HR1519Chapin RoseANNIV-MAHOMET LODGEHResolution Adopted11/16/2006
HR1527Chapin RoseJEAN STODDARD-RETIREMENTHResolution Adopted11/28/2006
HR1528Chapin RoseCLYDE FOSTER-CONGRATSHResolution Adopted11/28/2006
HR1529Chapin RoseMEMORIAL LOLA D ADAMSHResolution Adopted11/28/2006
HR1545Chapin RoseNATL HOSP/PALLATIVE CARE MONTHHResolution Adopted11/30/2006
HR1546Chapin RoseCONGRATS ROBERT K LUTHERHResolution Adopted11/29/2006
HR1547Chapin RoseCONGRATS FARMERS GRAIN COMPANYHResolution Adopted11/29/2006
HR1580Chapin RoseCONGRATS LAKE LAND COLLEGEHResolution Adopted1/8/2007
HJRCA4Chapin RoseESTATE TAX-ALTERS APPLICATIONHTabled Pursuant to Rule 465/6/2006
SB78William R. HaineCRIM PRO-PRIOR STATEMENTSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-00536/17/2005
SB1495Kirk W. DillardVEH CD-AGG DUI-CAUSING DEATHSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-06098/16/2005
SB2286Dale A. RighterSPEECH PATHOLOGY ASSIST-QUALIFSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-08696/16/2006
SB2391William R. HaineMETH CONTROL-METH TRAFFICKINGSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-08306/5/2006
SB2427John J. MillnerCRIM CD-EAVESDROPPING EXEMPTSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-10871/19/2007
SB2966Dale A. RighterCRIM CD-THREATEN PUB OFFSSession Sine Die1/9/2007