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Senator William E. Brady (R), 44th District - 99th General Assembly
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
SB678William E. BradyISU-ADD 2 BOARD MEMBERSSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB745William E. BradyPUBLIC EMPLOYEE BENEFITS-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB794William E. BradySTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB795William E. BradyEDUCATION-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB796William E. BradyCRIMINAL LAW-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB819William E. BradyLOCAL GOVERNMENT-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB877William E. BradyREVENUE-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB878William E. BradyEMPLOYMENT-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB918William E. BradyLOCAL GOVERNMENT-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1051William E. BradyGOVERNMENT-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1146William E. BradyEDUCATION-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1293William E. BradyUSE/OCC TAX-GRAPHIC ARTSSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1387William E. BradyREPEALS HEALTH FAC PLANNING BDSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1563William E. BradyCRIM CD ARMED OFFENDERSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1565William E. BradyHIGHER ED-ILL GRANT PROGRAMSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1618William E. BradySTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1627William E. BradyIEMA-LGDF-DISASTER RELIEFSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1628William E. BradySCH CD-ST AID-ADA-DISASTERSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1689William E. BradyPUBLIC EMPLOYEE BENEFITS-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1695William E. BradyREGULATION-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1696William E. BradyPUBLIC EMPLOYEE BENEFITS-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB1697William E. BradyREAL ESTATE BROKER-SUPERVISORSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2902William E. BradyCONSERV FOUND BD OF DIRECTORSSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2903William E. BradySTATE FAIRGROUNDS FOUNDATIONSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB2904William E. BradyUSE/OCC TX-MULTISTATESSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3063William E. BradyIDOT & DNR LAND CONVEYANCESSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-07498/5/2016
SB3064William E. BradyREGULATION-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3065William E. BradyREGULATION-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3066William E. BradyREGULATION-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3125William E. BradyFINANCE-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3126William E. BradyFINANCE-TECHSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3170William E. BradyWILDLIFE-CONCEALED CARRYSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SB3380William E. Brady$VARIOUS-HIGHER EDUCATIONSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
SR91William E. BradyMEMORIAL - ST. SEN. STONE, JR.SResolution Adopted2/5/2015
SR92William E. BradyMEMORIAL - MERLE MILLERSResolution Adopted2/5/2015
SR113William E. BradyMEMORIAL - ROBERT APERSResolution Adopted2/5/2015
SR117William E. BradyMEMORIAL - JOHN BOWLES, IIISResolution Adopted2/5/2015
SR153William E. BradyMEMORIAL - GENE PETERSENSResolution Adopted2/19/2015
SR154William E. BradyMEMORIAL - JAMES A. MALAYSResolution Adopted2/19/2015
SR536William E. BradyMEMORIAL - REV. H. NICHOLS SR.SResolution Adopted5/14/2015
SR574William E. BradyMEMORIAL - LAWRENCE R. HERBIGSResolution Adopted5/22/2015
SR633William E. BradyMEMORIAL - HOWARD COTTONSResolution Adopted6/9/2015
SR634William E. BradyMEMORIAL - PAUL S. PENNSResolution Adopted6/9/2015
SR658William E. BradyMEMORIAL-GERALD WOLLENSCHLAGERSResolution Adopted6/16/2015
SR769William E. BradyMEMORIAL - BERNICE L. FARKASSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR770William E. BradyMEMORIAL - MICHAEL BIRCKSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR771William E. BradyMEMORIAL - WARREN F. CRAIGSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR772William E. BradyMEMORIAL - DEAN R. GRIMMSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR774William E. BradyMEMORIAL - JAMES F. THORNTONSResolution Adopted8/5/2015
SR985William E. BradyMEMORIAL - JAMES ANDERSONSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR986William E. BradyMEMORIAL - CLARA OTTOSResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR987William E. BradyMEMORIAL - JOHN KILLORAN, JR.SResolution Adopted10/20/2015
SR1315William E. BradyMEMORIAL - E. HUGH HENNINGSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1316William E. BradyMEMORIAL - DONALD GRONEWOLDSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1317William E. BradyMEMORIAL - DARREN COOPERSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1328William E. BradyMEMORIAL - MOZELL BLISSSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1329William E. BradyMEMORIAL - THOMAS ROYSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1330William E. BradyMEMORIAL - JAMES LIAUTAUDSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1389William E. BradyMEMORIAL - JOHN R. GOLDRICKSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1390William E. BradyMEMORIAL - LORRAINE PHILLIPSSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1391William E. BradyMEMORIAL - JOHN F. MILLERSResolution Adopted1/13/2016
SR1640William E. BradyMEMORIAL - DON FERNANDESSResolution Adopted3/10/2016
SR1642William E. BradyMEMORIAL - MYRON L. APERSResolution Adopted3/10/2016
SR2218William E. BradyMEMORIAL - DAVID ROOTSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2219William E. BradyMEMORIAL - JOHN H. HUDSON SR.SResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2257William E. BradyMEMORIAL - KENNETH VAUGHNSResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2401William E. BradyMEMORIAL - WAYNE L. MEECESResolution Adopted11/16/2016
SR2484William E. BradyMEMORIAL - ARTHUR NAFZIGER IISResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2485William E. BradyMEMORIAL - DR. ANJULI S. NAYAKSResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SR2486William E. BradyMEMORIAL - PEGGY JOHNSONSResolution Adopted1/10/2017
SJR57William E. BradyIL - PURPLE HEART STATESAdopted Both Houses1/10/2017
SJRCA8William E. BradyCON AMEND-GA TERM LIMITSSSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB208Keith P. SommerDESIGNATIONS-STATE PIE-PUMPKINHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-03648/14/2015
HB3240Mike FortnerRIVERS LAKES STREAMS-DNR FINEHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-00737/20/2015
HB3241Mike FortnerIDOT LAND CONVEYANCEHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-01157/23/2015
HB3764Sue SchererCMS-SELL STATE VEHICLESHSession Sine Die1/10/2017
HB4558Thomas M. BennettWILDLIFE-DEER HUNTINGHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 99-05287/8/2016
HJR119Michael D. UnesDEP. WHISENAND MEM HGHWYHAdopted Both Houses5/31/2016
HJR147Tim ButlerDAVID TAPSCOTT MEM STREETHAdopted Both Houses1/10/2017
HJR152Tim ButlerMAJ. R. NANNEN MEM HGHWAYHAdopted Both Houses6/30/2016
HJRCA5David McSweeneyCON AMEND-ABOLISH LT GOVERNORHSession Sine Die1/10/2017