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Witness Slips For SB0337  100th General Assembly

Senate Amendment 001   Senate Amendment 002   Senate Amendment 003
Senate Amendment 004   House Amendment 001   House Amendment 002
Bill Status

Legislation: SB0337
Proponents: 5146Opponents: 4845No Position: 8
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Judiciary - Criminal (H) 5/24/2018 10:00 AM
Dianna Faye WilsonSelfSelf
Barb OlsonSelf
Christy ChiapponeNaSelf
Craig LemoineRepresenting selfSelf
Elizabeth MaguireSelf
Katherine StandifordSelf
Kathryn WinklerNASelf
Kathryn WinklerNASelf
Kathryn WinklerNASelf
Nancy ProeselSafe PassageFollowing the fatal shooting of one of our clients by her estranged husband, in spite of an order of protection, we support SB 337 Combatting. Illegal Gun Trafficking Act.
Rachel GusekNA
Rev Stanley DavisCouncil of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago
Sandra Silvaselfself
Stephanie SiuciakSelfSelf
A Nselfself
Aage ChristensenSelfSelf
Aage ChristensenSelfSelf
Aarne Eliasself
Aaron AdamsSelfSelf
Aaron AkreNA
Aaron BorowskiSELFSELF
Aaron LevySelfOriginal bill
Aaron MendenallSelf-EmployedAaron Mendenall
Aarti NagarajunoneSelf
Abbey Roidt-JernbergPersonalSelf
Abbey SchumacherNASelf
Abby CooperNASelf
Abby SayeghSelf
Abigail MazurDePaul Universityself
Ada DolphNot applicableSelf
Ada DolphSelf
Adair Smallselfself
adam bliebergnoneself
Adam lathamSelfSelf
Adam LevySelfSelf
Adam Shawselfself
Adam Slinnoneself
Adam SloanNASelf
Adelheid Mersnoneself
Adrian CampuzanoselfSelf
Adriana BonewitzSelfself
Adriane NelsonSelf
Adriane NelsonSelf
Adrienne HahnSelf
Adrienne KorandaNoneSelf
Adrienne L Smithselfself
Adrienne R EschenbrennerRepresenting SelfSelf
Adrienne UniejewskiNAself
Ahlke HeydemannUIC
Aimee Bassself
Aimee SkinnerSkinner SolutionsSelf
Aimee SpevakNASelf
Aimee Tazicselfself
Alaina PipasSelf
Alaina PipasSelfMyself
Alan GreeneRetired
Alan PrechelSelfSelf
Alan Seeseconstituentself
Alan WagnerMr.Alan Wagner
Alan ZdunekNoneSelf
Alana StephensNASelf
Albert G Elamselfself
Aleksandra PravdicNAself
Alessandro Quargnali-LinsleySelfSelf
Alex KnizhnikSelfSelf
Alex MaturiselfNA
Alexander CavazosSelf
Alexandra DiPasquantonioNASelf
Alexandra EidenbergWeWillWeWill
Alexandra GergisUniversity of Chicago
Alexandra GjajaNew Trier High School
Alexandra GoodwinSelfself
Alexandra Harmon-Threattnoneself
Alexis ElkinsselfSelf
Alexis ElkinsSelfself
Alexis GldstoneNANA
Alexis KalishSelfsELF
Alexis MaloofRepresenting selfSelf
Alexis MaloofRepresenting selfSelf
Alexis SimmonsThe Law Offices of Alexis M.K. Simmons, LLCself
Alice BresnahanSelfSelf
Alice OscarsonSelfSelf
Alice PerlinNANA
Alice SievertSelf
Alice Sievertselfself
Alice TrimmerNoneNone
Alice Wasneynoneself
Alicia Barney KnappFreelanceself
Alicia davisN a
Alicia Gingrichselfself
Alicia SchemelMoms Demand Action for Gun Sense in AmericaMoms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Alicia SchemelNoneSelf
Alina MalecSelf
Alisa yorkSelfSelf
Alisa YorkSelfSelf
Alison ChampionRepresenting SelfSelf
Alison DvorskyRepresenting SelfSelf
Alison GatesSelfSelf
Alison HunterSelfself
Alison LambertSelfSelf
Alison LamotheSelfSelf
Alison LamotheSelfSelf
Alison LarguraSelfself
Alison PotterAttorney
Alison StankusSelfSelf
Alissa DouglasSelf
Alissa DouglasSelf
Alissa DouglasSelf
Alissa DouglasSelf
Aliza BaronSelf
Allan D AckermanNone
Allan RussSelfSelf
Allison Smytheself
Allison AlberySelf
Allison AndersonSelf
Allison Croucherselfself
Allison EarmanSelf
Allison Gossermyselfself
Allison HughesNoneSelf
Allison Jonesnone
Allison nemirowNot applicable
Allison RakickasSelfSelf
Allison rauschSelf
Allison Wehrle--None--Self
Allison ZidekSelfNA
Allyson MetcalfNoneSelf
Alma KubotaNoneSelf
Alvaro Saar Riosselfself
Alyssa HarshaNoneSelf
Alyssa LatalaSelfSelf
Alyssa Ralstonselfself
Amanda BrennerSelfSelf
Amanda BruscinoSelf employed
Amanda CiafonePrivate Home
Amanda DoyleCity of Peoriaself
Amanda EspitiaSelf
Amanda Garciaself
Amanda GreepSelfSelf
Amanda JenkinsSelf
Amanda JohnsonRepresenting SelfSelf
Amanda KowalikCitizen
Amanda KowalikSelf
Amanda KowalikSelf
Amanda L Copelandselfself
Amanda Nugentselfself
Amanda RodiekSelfSelf
Amanda SantarelliNone
Amanda SantarelliNoneSelf
Amanda SoderstromNAself
Amanda SummersnoneNone
Amanda SummersnoneSelf
Amanda WillsonSelfSelf
Amanda Y GarciaSelfSelf
Amanda Yvonne GarciaSelf
Amber DaughertyNA
Ame KaplanSelfSelf
Ameena PayneSelfSelf
Amelia Koplowselfself
Amelia RulichSelf
Amy Armstrong Greennoneself
Amy Aviramselfself
Amy BennettBistro Campagne
Amy ChavezSelfSelf
Amy Dunnselfself
Amy Handselfself
Amy Handselfself
Amy HeggemeyerNoneSelf
Amy HeinrichFirst Presbyterian ChurchSelf
Amy HohulinAmy Hohulin Training & DevelopmentSelf
Amy HuangMyself
Amy InglesNaNa
Amy Josephself
Amy Josephselfself
Amy K TibbsRepresenting selfSelf
Amy Kelly- None -Self
Amy KlemFamily
Amy L Memis-FolerSelf
Amy LallasSelf
Amy LongNone
Amy McDonnellSelf
Amy NorthernSelfSelf
Amy NorthernSelfSelf
Amy NorthrupSelfSelf
Amy ODellNA
Amy OwensHome RetreatSelf
Amy PlockerMoms Demand Action
Amy PoehlingselfSelf
Amy Rigginsselfself
Amy RoulstonNoneself
Amy Schumacherselfself
Amy SeykoraSelfSelf
Amy Sjoblomself
Amy StebenFamily home
Amy TelismanMrs.self
Amy WiegertSelfSelf
Amy WolffSelfSelf
Amy WolffSelfSelf
Amy WozniakSelfSelf
Amy YoderSelf
Amylee SimonovichSelfSelf
Amylee SimonovichSelfSelf
Ana M IrizarryMy HomeMothers all over Illinois - because sensible gun control is a must.
Anand PatelselfNA
Anatole CraneSelfSelf
Andi RiechersSelfSelf
Andrea AndersonNASelf
Andrea BardelasSelfSelf
Andrea Beggsnoneself
Andrea BudasiNoneSelf
Andrea CavedoSelf
Andrea Cordts PastinAndrea Cordts PastinAndrea Cordts Pastin
Andrea FriedmannnoneSelf
Andrea GarlandSelf
Andrea Garritanoselfself
Andrea JohnsonNoneSelf
Andrea Juracekselfself
Andrea KingAssociation Management Center
Andrea LangSelfSelf
Andrea LangSelfSelf
Andrea Larsonselfself
Andrea Leself
Andrea LewenSelfSelf
Andrea Millerself
Andrea OstendorfSelfself
Andrea ShindeldeckerNA
Andrea SmithSelfSelf
Andrea Stone ZuckertxSelfSelf
Andrea Swansonselfself
Andrea Vaughn JohnsonSelfSelf
Andrea WilliamsHenry Schein IncSelf
Andrea Z MartinDreaming Vishnu Enterprisesself
Andrew DaglasSelfSelf
Andrew EnglebrechtTrinity Services
Andrew GaedtkeUIUCSelf
Andrew GoreR.H. Gore Companyself
Andrew GriesemerSelfSelf
Andrew GroverSelfMyself
Andrew HeisermanChicago Public Schoolscitizen
Andrew J Sullivan-KnoffNone
Andrew KurzCox Automotive
Andrew LandauNANA
Andrew LohseSelfSelf
Andrew M WoodSelfSelf
Andrew Pawlaknoneself
Andrew RebackNASelf
Andrew RowlasSelf
Andrew RowlasSelf
Andrew StevensNot ApplicableSelf
Andrew StevensNot ApplicableSelf
Andrew WoodSelfSelf
Andy PeckSelf
Andy StebenFamily home
Andy WangNAMyself
Angela Bakerselfself
Angela L SullivanWagstaff WorldwideSelf
Angela MaycockSelfSelf
Angela MaycockSelfSelf
Angela MaycockSelfSelf
Angela SpencerSelf
Angela TannerSelf
Angela WaaralaSelf
Angelica DavinoSelf
Angie NaylorSelfRepresenting myself
Anisa BaravalleSelfSelf
Anita C Friedmannoneself
Anita Denise FriesSelfSelf
Anita EhlersSelf
Anita GibbSelfSelf
Anjali BidaniNAmyself
Anjali BidaniNAmyself
Ann ArellanoSelfRecord of appearance
Ann ArmstrongSelfSelf
Ann CliffordSelf
Ann Courterself
Ann EckertSelfSelf
Ann GrantNoneSelf
Ann Hahn-BaiyorMs.Unitarians Universalist Alliance of Illinois
Ann HejnaRepresenting SelfSelf
Ann KalaskaSelfSelf
ann kennedyselfself
Ann leeSelfSelf
Ann Leggselfself
Ann Leggselfself
Ann Masurself-employedself
Ann McCabeMoms Demand Action
Ann P LeedsSelfSelf
Ann P PlattNoneself
Ann Poyer.
Ann PrislandSolidarity Sudaysself
Ann PrislandSolidarity Sundaysself
Ann QuackenbushNoneMyself
Ann RobertsTAKE ACTION 60091SELF
Ann RothResident
ANN RYANretired
Ann SauerNoneSelf
Ann Syversen Bullisselfself
Anna Aleccithe university of chicagoself
Anna Boekstegenself
Anna CerasoNot applicableSelf
Anna Giffordnone
Anna Giffordnoneself
Anna Giffordnoneself
Anna Giffordnoneself
Anna Giffordnoneself
Anna Giffordnoneself
Anna Giffordnoneself
Anna HaSelfSelf
Anna NewmanSelf
Anna OsisN ASelf
Anna OsisNASelf
Anna Sedernot applicable
Anna SmithSelfSelf
Anna TarkovSelfNone
Anna TottenHomeownerSelf
Anne Altselfself
Anne Barry702SELF
Anne Engelhardtselfself
Anne flavinSelfMyself
Anne Grizzellself
Anne JamiesonNASelf
Anne KennettSelf
Anne LogueEarth Mugs
Anne Marie BrollySelf employed
Anne McCarteSelfSelf
Anne McDermottnoneself
Anne McIntoshNAself
Anne Petraitisselfself
Anne ReaderSelf
Anne S MichelRepresenting selfSelf
Anne Sommerkampselfself
Anne SwansonNONE
anne turnercitizen
Anne VanOsdolNoneSelf
Anne WickNASelf
Anne WolowiecselfSelf
Anne Zambranoself
Anneliese Kirschnerselfrepresenting self
Annemarie Spitzselfself
Annette KnitterSelfSelf
Annette SmithSelfSelf
Annette SmithSelfSelf
Annettre SchmitRetired teacherSelf
Annie FalkenburgerNoneSelf
Annie GernadySelfSelf
Annie PikeVarious legal e discovery agencies
Annie WilliamsNONENONE
AnnMarie GitchellSelfSelf
Anthony Bianchiselfself
Anthony Buttittanone
Anthony Buttittanone
Anthony EscuadroCity Colleges of ChicagoSelf
Anthony J Zubinski1961self
Anthony R HippSelfSelf
Anthony TortorelloSelfSelf
Antoinette Dautelselfself
Anton S FrelixICHVself
Anton S FrelixICHVself
Anton S FrelixNAself
anu sardaSelfSelf
April OboikowitchNoneSelf
April Zamirowskiindividualself
Arielle allenSelfSelf
Arlen Mollerselfself
Arlene G Andersennoneself
Arlene hickoryNaSelf
Arlene hickoryNaSelf
Arlene Levinselfself
Arlene Levinselfself
Arlene Levinselfself
Arlene RakoncayIndividual
Arne OlsonSelf
Arnold Foxselfself
Art BlodgettNA
Art GrundkeNoneSelf
Arta CavazosSelf
Arthur NoparstakSelfSelf
Arturo Deering SalowSelfSelf
Arun PookoteIts On Us
Ashlee CuzaNASELF
Ashley ClarkUniversity of ChicagoSelf
Ashley ClarkUniversity of ChicagoSelf
Ashley KaumeyerselfSelf
Ashley PlotnickSelf
Ashley Samsaselfself
Ashley SudduthSelf
Audrey GrzywinskinoneSelf
Aurie PennickLeague of Women Voters
Aurora McKenzieSelfSelf
Aurora TrnkaSelfNA
Ava BoronSelf
Avni Bavishiselfself
Avrum GoodieGoodie Professional Practices, Inc.self
Barb Elamselfself
Barbara Bloughselfself
Barbara BolsenSelfSelf
Barbara BrotmanSelfSelf
Barbara BrumfieldSelfSelf
Barbara BrungartSelfSelf
Barbara Butzcitizen
Barbara CimaglioSelfSelf
Barbara Engelnoneself
Barbara Engelselfself
Barbara F Shermanselfself
Barbara Finkself
Barbara FriedRetired
Barbara Hosto-MartiSelf
Barbara Hughesself
Barbara J IntiharnoneSelf
Barbara KnoffRetiredSelf
Barbara LazzaraNAself
Barbara Lonerganselfself
Barbara MambuNonenone
Barbara McPhailSelf
Barbara MeyerSelfSelf
Barbara MillerNone
Barbara NudoSelfIndivisible
Barbara O Mearaselfselff
Barbara SchechtmanSelfSelf
Barbara SchechtmanSelfSelf
Barbara SchoenfieldRetired
Barbara Sennerselfself
Barbara SmithNoneself
Barbara StonewaterNone
Barbara SuttonSelfSelf
Barbara WatersBarbara Waters Interiors
Barrie RappaportSelf
Barry KonigsfordKonigsfordself
Barry TrillaSelfSelf
Beata Osmondsonrepresenting self
Beatrice V VillarSelf
Beatrix Hoffmancitizenself
Becky C Maichelnone
Becky CarrollC-Strategies LLC
Becky Ejupiselfself
Becky EjupiSelf-employed
Becky MarshallSelfSelf
Becky WhiteHome
Ben BorchersSelf
Benita CoffeySelfSelf
Benita Coffeyselfself
Benjamin BeaupreNoneSelf
Benjamin D SchmackNot
Benjamin GlickUniversity of ChicagoSelf
Benjamin HodgeSelf
Benjamin Jacobiself
Benjamin RecchieSelf
Benjamin VanderPlasbuildOnSelf
Bennie CurrieMoms Demand ActionSelf
Bernadette DvorscakRetiredSelf
Bernie MrugalaSelf
Bert MencoSelf
Bertha BaillieSelfSelf
Beth BaileySelfSelf
Beth BergNoneSelf
Beth DeiterNoneNone
Beth FischerMs
Beth FischerMsself
Beth FlintoftSelfSelf
Beth Herseyself
Beth Lewisself
Beth NajbergNCJW Chicago North ShoreVolunteer
Beth OwenNa
Beth ParrottnaSelf
Beth PerezSelfSelf
Beth Polichselfnone
Beth Polichselfnone
Beth Skonynone
Betsy OrtolanoSelfSelf
Betsy StormNAself
Betty CochranSelfSelf
Bevan GibsonIndividual
Beverly AdamsSelf
Beverly AdamsSelf
Beverly Ann Conroyretired educator
Beverly Feldtselfself
Beverly Georgeself
Beverly KehrSelfSelf
Bill Bakerselfself
bill lamorteMrself
Bill Slankardselfself
Bill ThomasIndividual
Bill WendtNone
Billy VermillionNA
Blaine MinemanAmnesty International USAself
Blair BarbourSelfself
Blake Hamiltonself
Blake MartinSelfSelf
Blake MartinSelfSelf
Blake WasherNASelf
Blanca Baldocedaselfself
Bob Floraself
Bob HaismanNoneOak Park Area Indivisible
Bob HewittRetiredSelf
Bob Pintaselfself
Bonnie BuehlerSelf
Bonnie GahrisNoneSelf
Bonnie GahrisNoneSelf
Bonnie HelmMs
Bonnie Louise Petersennone
Bonnie M HernandezEssendant Coself
Brad ChamberlinSelfSelf
Brad DeZurSelfSelf
Brad GusekNA
Brad JoestenSelf
Brad KarshJB Training Solutionsself
Brad KorteSelfSelf
BRADLEY J Goetz1953
Bradley KurzSelfSelf
Brady Shawselfself
Braedyn BailisNASELF
Brandy McKinneyNaSelf
Brandy SissonRepresenting SelfSelf
Brannon AndersonSelf employedSelf
Brecken CutlerLaw Office of Brecken J Cutler
Brecken J Cutlerself
Brecken J Cutlerself
Brecken J Cutlerself
Breckyn LyonsNoneNone
Brehan StetkaMyselfMyself
Brehan StetkaMyselfMyself
Brenda K MitchellSELF
Brenda K MitchellSelf
Brenda K MitchellSelfSelf
Brenda Lynn ShawSELFself
Brendan CarrickSelfSelf
Brendan LeahySelfSelf
Brendan McMullanNAself
Brenna OBrienNAMyself
Brent E WhiteNA
Bret Hicksselfself
Brett Ashley KaplanUniversity of Illinoisself
Brian BoyleSelfNA
Brian ChapmanCook county
brian gingrichselfself
Brian GoldmanSelfNA
Brian JohnsonSelf
Brian KelleySelf
Brian Lawtonselfself
Brian LewenSelfSelf
Brian PaplaskiSelfSelf
Brian Paul KolvaSelfSelf
Brian Quinlanselfself
Brian Thomas MichalsenRepresenting selfSelf
Brian WhiteMyself
Bridget BarhamSelf
Bridget Butterlyselfself
Bridget DoughertyNone
Bridget GavlinSelf
Bridget PuumalaSelfSelf
Bridget RochePrivateIndividual
Bridget Ruth Giraldoself
Bridgette BonkPrivate CitizenPrivate Citizen
Bridgette BonkPrivate CitizenPrivate Citizen
Bridgette Enghself
Brigid LeahyPlanned Parenthood of IllinoisPlanned Parenthood of Illinois
Brigid LeahyPlanned Parenthood of IllinoisPlanned Parenthood of Illinois
Britt S JacobsenSelf
Brittany BerlemanRepresenting SelfSelf
Brittany HandlerSelf EmployedSelf
Brittany RhyneSelfSelf
Bronwyn CainIndividual
Bronwyn Raerae
Brooke Fosburgself
Brooke ScheyerBDT & CompanySelf
Brooke Slater.self
Brooke Slater.Self
Bruce FrazinSelfSelf
Bruce FrazinSelfSelf
Bruce FrazinSelfSelf
Bruce HenschenEverytown for Gun Safety
Bruce SoaresSelfSelf
Bryan McVeynone
Bryan McVeyNone
Bryan NelsonSelfSelf
Bryna Gamsonselfself
C CooganCitizen
Caitlin GrohIllinois Attorney General's OfficeIllinois Attorney General's Office
Caitlin GrahamSelfSelf
Caitlyn Berryselfself
Callandria SmithCitizenSelf
Cameron Leonardself
Camilla Dadeyselfna
Camilla SteflSelfSelf
Camille MolineSelfSelf
Candace HillWilmette Instituteself
Candace Sinclairselfself
Candace Wilmotnoneself
Candice GoldsteinSelfSelf
Cara GutsteinNoneSelf
Cara WebbStay at Home Mom
Caren ExUS
Carey PetersenSelfSelf
Cari JamesSelf
Carin HaegerSelf
Carina BoyceChicago Public Schoolsself
Carinn flemingSelfSelf
Carl MaxwellSelfSelf
Carla SkibaSelfSelf
Carla Stucklen SatherSelf
Carlton NashMr.
Carly AielloSelfSelf
Carly KamholzNASelf
Carly Margolinselfself
Carol A FinneganNoneself
Carol Bedfordselfself
Carol Chesickselfself
Carol ChesickselfSelf
Carol Devossselfself
Carol FisherSelf
Carol FisherSelf
Carol GreeneRetiredMyself
Carol HeerwagenNoneSelf
Carol J DavisMrs.Self
Carol Jungmanself
Carol JuntunenNot Applicable
Carol KoraknaSelf
Carol Kussarthomeownerself
Carol L Gloornoneself
Carol Lorenteselfself
Carol LysneSelfSelf
Carol MyfordUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Carol PedotSelf
Carol Prangerself
Carol SallerSelfSelf
Carol SchwartzRetired
Carol SpielmanNone
Carol ThomasSelfSelf
Carol TiedjeselfNA
Carole Caseyselfself
Carole DelahuntySelfSelf
carole drennannoneMyself
Carole LevineLevine Partnersself
Carole LevineLevine Partnersself
Carole LevineLevine Partnersself
Carole Martzselfself
Carole PolacekSelf
Caroline BaileySelfNone
Caroline BruderAttorneySelf
Caroline D PolalesSelfNA
Caroline Goldthorpeselfself
Caroline SchiffSelf
Carollina SongNAself
Carolyn RobinsonSelfSelf
Carolyn RobinsonSelfSelf
Carolyn BonistalliNAself
Carolyn DonarskiCKDesignSelf
Carolyn HarrisselfSelf
Carolyn HenningSelfSelf
Carolyn Hysonnaself
Carolyn OConnellSelfSelf
Carolyn PintaMrs.self
Carolyn Smithselfself
Carolyn UllegueNoneSelf
Carrie BankesSelfSelf
Carrie BrasserSelfSelf
Carrie Burrowsselfself
Carrie CasperSelfSelf
Carrie Felixselfself
Carrie MarrSelfSelf
Carrie MillerXelerate LLC
Carrie Olivia AdamsNASelf
Carrie Van BruntRepresenting selfself
Caryl hodgdonSelfSelf
caryl steinbergretiredself
Caryn FlieglerMyselfMyself
Caryn FlieglerMyselfMyself
Casey RhodesRockford Area Moms ActionRockford Area Moms Action
Cassandra FirkinsSelf employed
Cassandra KaczochaWeWillWeWill
Cassidy Buzinrepresenting selfSelf
Cassie BlickemSelfSelf
Cassie harrisonNone
Cassie Wagnerselfself
Catharine Crockettrepresenting selfself
Catharine Whitena
Catherine A KingSelfCPS Parent
Catherine A ThomasSelfSelf
Catherine CaporussoResistanceWomen and children
Catherine DeeSelf
Catherine DeeSelfSelf
Catherine DeeSelfSelf
Catherine FranczykSelf
Catherine GilmartinSelfSelf
Catherine Graynoneself
Catherine Hargreavesnoneself
Catherine Kaneindividual
Catherine KaneIndividual
Catherine Kraliknoneself
Catherine Mardikesselfna
Catherine McNeillyAdler University
Catherine MerrittMerritt Group ConsultingEvanston, IL
Catherine Moylan Minion behalf of myself - active voterMoms Demand Action
Catherine NullRetired
Catherine PetersonSelfSelf
Catherine RajcanNone
Catherine Thomsonself
Catherine VandergroefRepresenting SelfSelf
Catherine webberNone
Catherine WellsNoneSelf
Catherine WellsNoneSelf
Catherine WellsNoneself
Catherine WiduchSelf
Catherine WiduchSelf
Cathleen DohrnSelfNA
Cathleen Van PouckeEverytown for Gun SafetySelf
Cathryn MontoyaSelfSelf
Cathy Bogigianselfself
Cathy ChristensenSelfSelf
Cathy ChristensenSelfSelf
Cathy ColtonSelf
Cathy GlassfordSelfMyself and mothers
Cathy GregoryNoneSelf
Cathy GriffinSelf
Cathy NortonMoms Demand ActionSelf
Cathy Tyrrellselfself
Cedric MunozselfNA
Celene Peurye-Hissongself
Celeste HoffmanSelf
Celeste SoaresSelfSelf
Celia Buccinoneself
Celinda RisvoldNone
Chad GernadySelfSelf
Chadd BerkunLuminex
Charity Hainesselfself
Charles ByrneNoneSelf
Charles CrossNAMoms Demand Action for Gun Sense
Charles Gruberslefself
Charles Helfrickself
Charles MuddSelf
Charles ThorpConstituentSelf
Charles Upsalself
Charles Wilburselfself
Charlotte JonesMrsself
Charmaine MiddletonNA
Chaula GuptaSelf
Chaya RubensteinSelfSelf
Chelsey Quicknoneself
Cheri Lasher-Sandhuselfself
Cherie Murphyprivate citizenNA
Cheryl Budzinskiselfself
Cheryl Claytonretiredself
Cheryl ColwellNone
Cheryl DePaulRetired
Cheryl Giddensself
Cheryl Jones DasSelfSelf
Cheryl Jones DasSelfSelf
Cheryl Laurencesefself
Cheryl Newsomenoneself
Cheryl Pawlakselfna
Cheryl Perryself
Cheryl postroznySelfSelf
Cheryl RosenSelf
Cheryl Schuler-Faustselfself
Cheryl WilliamsNoneself
Cheryl Winkelmannselfself
Chester Kulisselfself
Chet MorawskiNoneNone
Chloe CavazosSelf
Chris AndersonNone
Chris Hannaselfself
Chris HartwegAnodyne Ventures, LLCSelf
Chris KearneySelf
Chris McKillipRetired
Chris MurphyLoyola Universityindividual
Chris NaylorSelfSelf
Chris Parsonselfself
Chris PerryCivisself
Chris Zwillingselfself
christa c kingsleyself
Christa KingsleyNoneSelf
Christen SnodgrassSelf
Christiana StoreyHomeself
Christiane ReyNASelf
Christina BlodgettMoms against gun violence
Christina BrodzikNASelf
Christina DunnSelfSelf
Christina DunnSelfSelf
Christina Fioreselfself
Christina HoffmannRepresenting myselfRepresenting myself
Christina KruegerSelfSelf
Christina Loranzselfself
Christina Loranzselfself
Christina PerezNoneSelf
Christine BirkettSelfSelf
Christine Bisslernot applicablenot applicable
Christine BlinnSelfSelf
Christine DoviddioSelfSelf
Christine FennoSelfSelf
Christine Gavlinselfself
Christine M Rechnerselfself
Christine MasonSelfSelf
Christine Organselfself
Christine PadoCitizenCitizen
Christine PeschierNoneSelf
Christine PetersSelf
Christine Petersonnoneself
Christine Petersonnoneself
Christine RaffaeleSelfMoms Demand Gun Sense
Christine RomesburgSinnissippiSelf
Christine SehgalSelf
Christine ThompsonSelf
Christine Trilling-RaicesSelfSelf
christine tyllselfself
christopher c schonsSelf
Christopher D SimsUniverSouLove Ent.
Christopher GriffinSelfSelf
Christopher KnoperNone
Christopher Migalaselfself
Christopher Mowryselfself
Christopher Oroszself
Christopher ParkerSelfSelf
Christopher T DiverselfLincoln Lobby
Christy Carranoretiredmyself
Christy Carranoretiredmyself
Christy Greenblattself
Christy WalshIndependent
Christyne DzwierzynskiNASelf
Chuck MolesAs an individual citizen.NA
Cindy GoroNoneSelf
Cindy HamiltonMs.self
CIndy Levineselfself
Cindy McMullannoneSelf
Cindy Nissennoneself
Cindy PogrundSelfSelf
Claire EskerNoneSelf
Claire Flynn McIntyreSelfSelf
Claire M DuvallSELFSelf
claire Slatteryselfself
Clara BudynskySelfMember
Clare BonistalliNAself
Clare Scheib-Feeleyselfself
Clarice HearneSelfSELF
Claudette RussellSelfSelf
claudia dancingself
Claudia FeeneyNASelf
Claudia HackneySelfSelf
Claudia SteinbrecherRetiredSelf
Clay GieseSelfSelf
Cleo Burtisself
Clint KaiserselfNA
Clyde AlpertselfNA
Clyde McFaulSelfSelf
Colby CraigMatchbox Design GroupSelf
Colette Martin-WildeSelfSelf
Colette Parknaself
Colleen AzizSelfSelf
Colleen AzizSelfSelf
Colleen BraunselfSelf
Colleen CitroCBI Distributing Corp
Colleen DaleyIllinois Council Against Handgun ViolenceIllinois Council Against Handgun Violence
Colleen Hannaselfself
Colleen KowalkowskiSelf
Colleen LuxemRepresenting selfSelf
Colleen M WebbRetired
Colleen VaheySelfSelf
Collette ClarkUnity Temple
Collin S VanBurenSelfSelf
Connie KellySelfSelf
Connie Secorselfself
Connie WeissmanNAself
Connor McAndrewnonenone
Connor McAndrewnonenone
Constance HANNINENgbraself
Cora FedesnaSelfSelf
Cora HaworthSelfNA
Cordelia MaloneySelfSelf
Cori McMillanselfself
Corinne KodamaSolidarity Sundays
Cornelia SpelmanICHVICHV
Corrie ProksaNoneSelf
Cortney KowalczykselfNA
Cory PickettHome
costandina kiosseselfself
Courtney GeigerSelfSelf
Courtney Hallnonemyself
Courtney Hendricksnoneself
Courtney Hugnoneself
Craig Hutsonselfself
Craig M SmithAnn and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of ChicagoSelf
Crystal BellSelfSelf
Crystal DeKalbSelfSelf
Crystal S RuddsSelf
Curtis McKayNone
Curtis MillerSAIC
Cyndy NovakNone
Cynthia KlineNA
Cynthia BorbasSelfSelf
Cynthia Brotenselfself
Cynthia brotenSelfSelf
Cynthia CurrySelf
Cynthia H CorriganNoneSelf
Cynthia LintonSelfSelf
Cynthia MartinSelfSelf
Cynthia MundellSelfSelf
Cynthia MundellSelfSelf
Cynthia Scarlettselfself
Cynthia Schilskynoneself
Cynthia Sultznot employedself
Cynthia TalmadgeSelfSelf
cynthia weinandself
Dagmar S KnorrRepresenting Self
Dale Dudanone
Dale fitschenself
Dale GriffinUUANISelf
Dale HauserNone
Dale KleinHome Veterinary CareSelf
Dale LaPedusDale D. LaPedus, M.S., LCPC
Dale RitzelSouthern Illinois University CarbondaleSelf
Dale SopocySelfSelf
Dallas R Trinklecitizen
Dallas RodiekSelfSelf
Dan DoviddioSelf
Dan GilothSelfSelf
Dan JohnsonProgressive Public AffairsSelf
dan petersRetired
Dan Ruskself
Dan sullivanNa
Dan sullivanNa
Dan SullivanNa
Dana BurdenskiSelfself
Dana Bussingself
Dana Bussingself
Dana Celar60126
Dana CohenNoneSelf
Dana DalugaSelf
Daniel EvansNorthwestern UniversitySelf
Daniel EvansRepresenting Selfself
Daniel HorvathResource Consulting, Inc.
Daniel Hubbardselfself
Daniel JohnsonSelfSelf
Daniel KrashinSelfSelf
Daniel KurzSelfSelf
DANIEL LAZUKAFederal Aviation Administrationself
Daniel M DoyleSelf
Daniel MahoneyNoneSelf
Daniel MatisaSelfSelf
Daniel OliverSelfSelf
Daniel OliverSelfSelf
Daniel ORourkeNA
Daniel Renteriaselfself
Daniel Resnickselfself
Daniel ScifoSelf
Daniel StreyleSelf
Daniel StreyleSelf
Daniel WilliamsSelfSelf
Daniela BurnhamSelfSelf
Danielle BassNANA
Danielle Battistanaself
Danielle ChynowethCunningham TownshipSelf
Danielle KlimaSelfSelf
Danielle SalabanNone
Danielle Steen FatkinselfSelf
Danny OllierSelfSelf
Darcey reganselfself
Darcey reganselfself
Darla IaquintaSelfSelf
Darla IaquintaSelfSelf
Darla IaquintaSelfSelf
Darla J Hoffmannself
Darla J Hoffmannself
Darlene DrewPrivate citizenPrivate citizen
darlene grossmanself
darlene grossmanself
Dava ZschauNoneMcLean County Mom's Demand Action
Dave and Fran DUDZINSKIPrivate citizen
Dave BailisNASELF
Dave RoseSelfSpouse
dave staszakselfself
Dave StimpsonDBS Group
David Aslesenselfself
David BaileyIllionis Council Agaisnt Handgun Violence
David BarnettRavenswood RoostSelf
David BonnerConcerned resident of Illinois
David BoulangerNoneSelf
David BythewoodConstituentSelf
David CookSelf
David FeeleyMr.self
David G ClarkSelfSelf
David GipsonResident of IllinoisSelf
David HumphreysSelfself
David KaczmarekMr.
David L MyfordSelfSelf
David ManionBlueGrace LogisticsDavid Manion
David NovakSelfSELF
David Oermanselfself
David R HolmquistSelfSelf
David Rechsselfself
David Rechsselfself
David Rechsselfself
David RogersSelfSelf
David Russowselfself
David SchwartzSelfSelf
David StonebackNA
David TelismanNAself
david thomasselfself
Davida Kayeself
Dawn AlbaneseIndividualSelf
Dawn DillonSelfSelf
Dawn FresaSelfSelf
dawn h frenzelMs.self
Dawn M AlbaneseIndividualSelf
Dawn M AlbaneseIndividualSelf
Dawn M AlbaneseIndividualSelf
Dawn Navejasnoneself
Dawn RoscoeSelfSelf
Dean B Englundnone, individual
Dean HowdSelf
Dean Mentjesselfself
Deana Herrmanself
Deanna BehrensACH
Deanna Weineselfself
Deanne Brownself
Deb Hendriksma Andersonselfself
Deb KrukSelf
Debbie Abrahamsonselfself
Debbie BretagNA
Debbie BroadrickSelf
Debbie BroadrickSelf
Debbie LarsonSelfSelf
debbie longselfself
Debby Brauerselfself
Debby Brauerselfself
Debby GrahamSelfSelf
Deborah StraussSelf
Deborah A LevineSelf
Deborah Anderson PhillipsMs.self
Deborah Anderson PhillipsSelfSelf
Deborah CheekSelfSelf
Deborah GriffinNA
Deborah GriffinNA
Deborah Groatrepresenting self
Deborah Groatself
Deborah JenrickNA
Deborah KappFirst United Church of Oak Parkself
Deborah LewisJebraweb, Inc.
Deborah M Owen1953
Deborah Mooreself
Deborah OMalleyNone
Deborah Orrcitizenself
Deborah PeltzThe Home StretchSelf
Deborah PierceRetiredSelf
Deborah PreiserOak Park Public Library
Deborah SandstromSelfSelf
Deborah Schertz ZelmanAct. Connect. Engage.Self
Deborah VaughanSelfSelf
Debra Calicchioselfself
Debra FalettiSelfSelf
Debra Falettiselfself
Debra gordonSelf
Debra gordonSelfSelf
Debra JoslinSelf
Debra KleemanWeWill
Debra L BroadfieldNon applicableSelf
Debra NielsenSelfself
Debra SavageSelf
Debra ThomasSelfSelf
Dee L BattagliaIndividualIndividual
DeeAnn JohnsonArt ny DeeAnnSelf
Deena L FischerSelf
Deena MiersnoneSelf
Deidre Pappnana
Denise BeaudoinSelf
Denise FridayAMA insurance agency
Denise McDermottSelfSelf
Denise McDermottSelfSelf
Denise SebancChicago Public Library
Denise SmitSelf
Denise Woodselfself
Dennis B SimmonsSelfSelf
Dennis FullertonSelfSelf
Dennis Johnsonnonenone
Dennis KreinerMrMr.
Dennis KreinerMr.self
Dennis M HallerSelf
Dennis MoisioSelfSelf
Dennis PtakSelfSelf
Dennis WatkinsSelf-employed
Denyse StonebackPeople for a Safer SocietyPeople for a Safer Society
Derek Huyserselfself
Derick Jonathan PhillipsNASelf
Devin FredricksonRepresenting SelfMyself
Devin VeselenakNASelf
Devon E Ritter1978
DewAnn Langdonselfself
Dia MorganNoneNone
Dia MorganNoneNone
Diana C WhiteRetired attorneySelf
Diana C WhiteRetired attorneySelf
Diana Cannaselfself
Diana Laubernonenone
Diana LeiferSelfSelf
Diana MarcusSelf
Diana Moshernoneself
Diana OnkenSelf
Diana SheaNoneself
Diana SlavieroDiana L. Slaviero, PhD, PC
Diana SmithSelfSelf
Diane OstrowskiNoneSelf
Diane OstrowskiNoneSelf
Diane BlodgettSelfSelf
Diane CarrollSelfSELF
Diane ClaussenWirtz Center for the Performing Arts at Northwestern University
Diane EdmundsonNone
Diane F BrownRetired
Diane F DugardMoms Demand Action
Diane Fascioneself
Diane GrapsasNANA
Diane Herrmannselfself
Diane Hodges1948
Diane KlockSelfSelf
Diane KlockSelfSelf
Diane L KasnickSelfself
Diane Lans-KautzNone
Diane Lawrence MoriartyAscension Catholic ParishSelf
Diane LeamySelfSelf
Diane Liigsooself
Diane LloydNoneSelf
Diane Oltman AyersIllinois residentResponsible registered voters of the State of Illinois
Diane PattersonMrs.self
Diane RanglSelfSelf
Diane RenerD67
Diane RodgersSelfSelf
Diane SandersonSelfSelf
Diane SandersonSelfSelf
Diane SloanNone
Diane SpiethNoneSelf
Diane SurufkaSelfNone
Diane ThodosselfClean Count Cook County
Diane WhiteMoms Demand Action
Diane WhiteSelf
Diane WhiteSelf
Dianna DuddyNa
DIANNE MARSELLADianne MarsellaConcerned citizen
Dianne McGuireretired
Dianne ShorterCitizenSelf
Dick Schreiberselfself
Dick WagnerSelfSelf
Dienna DrewMrs.
Dimitri LiambotisSelf
Dion McGillICHVSelf
Dolores Pinoselfself
Dominique L Kinnett-HopkinsSelf
Don Dudeknoneself
Don GerardFormer Mayor of Champaign
Don Goldselfself
Don Shareselfself
Donald Dunbarcitizen
Donald Dunbarcitizen
Donald E HysonMoms Demand ActionSelf
Donald GoodrichSelfSelf
Donald L StanfieldIndividualSelf
Donald LavelleSelfSelf
Donald Newsomselfself as an individual
Donald Wykoffself
Donna AndrzejewskiIndivisibleSelf
Donna BlockSelf
Donna Carrollself
Donna Carrollselfself
Donna Carrollselfself
Donna GutmanNational Council Jewish WomenSelf
Donna HebreardSelfSelf
Donna J Chamberscitizenself
Donna L BeaumontMs.self
Donna M LongLegalself
Donna NasserSelfSelf
Donna PrimackSelf
Donna PrimackSelfSelf
Donna Sutownoneself
Donna WagahoffSelfSelf
Donna WagahoffSelfSelf
Doreen BoothNa
Dori Goldmanself
Dori HirschNoneSelf
Dorothy C MaleskiSelfSelf
Dorothy CurryNANA
Dorothy Nelsonretired
Dorothy Nolenselfself
Dorothy RocheSelfSelf
Dorothy ThompsonSelf
Douglas ShabelmanBurnsself
Dovie ShelbyConstituent of illinoisNational organization of women will county chapter
Dr Darlene OsowiecMaximum Potential
Dr Jesse Hallnoneself
Dru ORourkeIllinois Chapter, American Academy of PediatricsIllinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics
Duncan MathiesonSelf
Dustin EpsteinSelfParent
Dyan PageSelf
Dynette RogierSelf employedSelf
E Renee HillSelfSelf
E Renee HillSelfSelf
Ed Agustinselfself
Ed AhrensSelf
Edith A ElliottSelfSelf
Edward ErwinSelf
Edward Erwinself
Edward H Soderstrom IISelfSelf
Edward MiguelSelfself
Edward OsowskiNoneSelf
Edward SpireSelfSelf
Edward W Pawlaknoneself
Edwin TaftNone
Edye KamenskySelf
Eileen A Fasano-Gueselfself
Eileen D DandanSelfSelf
Eileen DordekSelf EmployedSelf
Eileen DurkinSelfSelf
Eileen DwyerKelley Drye & WarrenSelf
Eileen Dwyerself employedSelf
Eileen G SoderstromSelfSelf
Eileen M ConwayNone
Eileen Pembrokeself
Eileen RomitoSelf
Eileen Samsonselfself
Eileen Samsonselfself
Eileen Troutt-ErvinLeague of Women VotersLeague of Women Voters
Elaina G BoytorSELFself
Elaine CanevaroNoneSelf
Elaine Feldmanselfself
Elaine Feldmanselfself
Elaine FisherNoneSelf
Elaine HenryMs.
Elaine M Vong SaltonSelf
Elaine M Vong SaltonSelfSelf
Elaine ParizotNorthwestern Universityself
Elaine Shemoney EvansSelfNA
Elaine TorrenceSelfSelf
Elaine VincentselfNA
Elaine VozarNoneSelf
Eleanor LipinskiSELFSelf
Eleanor LipinskiSELFSelf
Eleanor Longselfself
Eleanor RiveraSelf
Elena Jimenezselfself
Elena JonesNoneNone
Elena JonesNoneNone
Elena PenickSelf
Elena SaundersSelfSelf
Eleni PanosSelfSelf
Elisa BailisNASELF
Elisa Campselfself
Elisa Campselfself
Elisa Campselfself
Elisa Campselfself
Elisa HelfordselfSelf
Elisabeth HubbardSelfSelf
Elisabeth PeloquinSelf
Elise FoxStay at home momSelf
elise HauptmanMoms Demand Actionmyself
Elise HoffsuemmerSelf
Elise Kauzlaricnoneself
Elissa KurzSelfSelf
Elizabeth AbrahamSelf
Elizabeth AbrahamSelfSelf
Elizabeth AlbertSelfSelf
Elizabeth Andrewsselfself
Elizabeth B TurnerSelfSelf
Elizabeth BadrovSelfSelf
Elizabeth BoronSelf
Elizabeth BowesNAself
Elizabeth Boylenonenone
Elizabeth BrittsanSelfSelf
Elizabeth BrownSelfSelf
Elizabeth C HannaMothers Demand Actionself
Elizabeth CapeMathMinds
Elizabeth ChiSelfSelf
Elizabeth ConliskOpinions Plus
Elizabeth CoughlinNoneSelf
Elizabeth CzechanskiSelfSelf
Elizabeth DavisUnity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Elizabeth Dombroskiselfself
Elizabeth Dowellcitizenself
Elizabeth DudzikUniversity
Elizabeth DuffrinSelf-employed
Elizabeth Engelsnoneself
Elizabeth Eve Gallagherconcerned citizen
Elizabeth FarabaughIndividual citizenSelf
Elizabeth GentheSelf
Elizabeth GrantnerNA
Elizabeth Hanauer-Friedmanselfself (mother of 3 children in Illinois)
Elizabeth HartSelfSelf
Elizabeth HigginsnoneSelf
Elizabeth JohnstonNASelf
Elizabeth JuedesSelf
Elizabeth KelseyNone
Elizabeth KonczalSelfSself
Elizabeth KostielneySelfSelf
Elizabeth L BowesNASelf
Elizabeth LanenoneSelf
Elizabeth LarmonSelfSelf
Elizabeth LarmonSelfSelf
Elizabeth LeahyMoms Demand ActionMoms Demand Action
Elizabeth LewisEdelmanSelf
Elizabeth M GauenSelfSelf
Elizabeth M SchaackSelfSelf
Elizabeth MarcinRetired
Elizabeth Martinnoneself
Elizabeth MoxonSelfSelf
Elizabeth NicolaiMissself
Elizabeth PriceresidenceSelf
Elizabeth Quiggselfself
Elizabeth Reiser-LoeberSelf
Elizabeth RexfordHome
Elizabeth Rice-ConboyNASelf
Elizabeth RochfordMs.
Elizabeth Rooneynonenone
Elizabeth Rose WietSelfSelf
Elizabeth SchroederSelfSelf
Elizabeth SerillaselfSelf
Elizabeth SingerStudentSelf
Elizabeth SotiropoulosSelf
Elizabeth TaylorMrs
Elizabeth VockSelfSelf
Elizabeth WalshNone
Elizabeth Wilfongnonenone
Elizabeth Wilsonnoneself
elizabeth woodwardretired
Elizabeth Wrightselfself
Elizabeth Zemkeselfself
Ella BudynskyMoms Demand ActionMember
Ella BudynskySelf
EllenExpress Personnel
Ellen BairdNASelf
Ellen BairdNASelf
Ellen C Garzaselfself
Ellen GarzaSelfSelf
Ellen GeorgeSelfSelf
Ellen GeorgeSelfSelf
Ellen GeorgeSelfSelf
Ellen GibsonNASelf
Ellen GibsonNASelf
Ellen LevySelfSelf
Ellen LevySelfSelf
Ellen LipoSelf
Ellen MandelselfSELF
Ellen MayNorth ELM Editorial, IncSelf
Ellen metzgerSelfSelf
Ellen ModerhackSelfMyself
Ellen ModerhackSelfSelf
Ellen TrautenMom's Demand Action Buffalo GroveSELF
Ellen WelterMrs.self
Ellen WienkeSELFSELF
Ellen WolcottSelfself
Ellie PutnamSELFself
Elliot RudmannNAself
Elliot S AdamsAdams Third Wave Logistics, LLCSelf
Ellyn Drathring JungNASelf
Ellyn M JacobsonSelfSelf
Eloise KrantzSelfSelf
Emilia Oldakerselfself
Emilia Rachel Oldakerselfself
Emilie Hoganselfself
Emily KostielneyNoneIndividual
Emily KostielneyNoneIndividual
Emily Barneyselfself
Emily BasquenaWeWill
emily beaufortselfself
Emily BiegelSelfSelf
Emily BlackburnNaMyself
Emily Bushongnoneself
Emily CatacchioSelfSelf
Emily CurrySelfSelf
Emily Dickeyselfself
Emily DiMareSelfSelf
Emily EasterlySelf
Emily Fister1965self
Emily GraysonSelf Employed
Emily KalalSelf
Emily KalalSelf
Emily Kalalself
Emily KunashSelf
Emily LivingstonSelf
Emily LivingstonSelf
Emily LuxNone
Emily MarshallRepresenting selfSelf
Emily MorrisonNoneMyself
Emily PanciSelfSelf
Emily Piffself
Emily SapersteinSelfSelf
Emily SchmidtIllinois Bone & Joint Institute
Emily StonerNonePersonal
Emily SuttonMoms Demand Action
Emily SuttonSelfSelf
Emily VigneriNoneSelf
Emily WachowiakSelfself
Emily Wattsretired facultyself
Emily Wattsretired facultyself
Emma DravesIndividualIndividual
Emma MalloySelfNA
Emmett Flemingself
Emy Kimselfself
Emylee HopkinsBlue Star Family Platoon
Enid Shapirononeself
Erdely JulaiTaxpayer
Erdely JuliaTaxpayer
Erdely JuliaVoter
Eric H SchmackNot Applicable
Eric Macenoneself
Eric Phersonnone
Eric Robertsself
Eric SullivanSelf
Eric Yablunosky1991self
Erica BattinNoneSelf
Erica AshlockPerson
Erica EngelSelf
Erica KrutschCitizen
Erica Neidlingerselfself
Erica SmithSelfSelf
Erica Van SchaikNoneSelf
Erica ZazoselfPROPONENT
Erika BachnerSelfSelf
Erika MennerickSelfSelf
Erin EllenIndividualSelf
Erin EwoldtNoneSelf
Erin FairheadNASelf
Erin Farlowself
Erin FisherMoms Demand Action
Erin Flanaganselfself
Erin GattonMrs.Self
Erin GattonSelfMyself and my family
Erin Herbezselfself
Erin Hillselfself
Erin Jamesselfself
Erin KaminskySelfSelf
Erin LeslieRepresenting selfSelf
Erin M StanfillSelf
Erin MoncekSelf
Erin NugentSelfSelf
Erin PavlichSelfSelf
Erin PuckettPuckett household
Erin RanesSelf
Erin RanesSelf
Erin saboNone
Erin SchutteSelfSelf
Erin ShamusSelfNA
Erin Stafford HillSelf
Erin TarrSelfself
Erin UpdegraffSelfSelf
Erin Wilding-MartinSelf
Erin ZimmerSelfSelf
Esther AllmanMyselfMyself
Esther AllmanMyselfMyself
Esther B BlochNoneSelf
Esther BlochNoneSelf
Esther Midge AllmanMyselfMyself
Ethan KnizhnikSelfSelf
Eugene AtkinRetired
Eugene Morelliselfself
Eva RestNoneSelf
Eva StevensSelf
Eva Sullivan-KnoffSelfSelf
Eva Wincklerselfself
Eva WincklerSelfSelf
Evan TelismanNAself
EVELYN C SHAPIROON behalf of selfOn behalf of self
Evelyn Taylorselfself
Eydie kuglerSelfSelf
Fallon McDowellNANA
fanny moyhomeSane person
Fay TrifflerNANA
Faye MarcusSelfSelf
Faye MarcusselfSelf
Fernanda BrasileiroSelfSelf
Fernanda BrasileiroSelfSelf
Fiona Hartley-KroegerRepresenting selfSelf
Florence Appelselfself
Fran Landtselfself
Fran Petersselfself
Fran RivettSelfSelf
Frances Donovanselfself
Frances KuoSelfself
Frances MeehanNoneNone
Francine LombardoSelf
Francine TurkSelfSelf
Francine Wendorffnonenone
Frank BurbeySelf
Frank KoppelmanNoneSelf
Franklin StevensonSelf
Fred HahnSelf
Fred LucasMr.self
Fred WellischDePaul University, JMLS alumnus
Frida K FurmanSelfSelf
Gabriel PerdueNoneself
Gabriela NicolauSelfSelf
Gabriella vagnoliSelfSelf
Gabrielle GuntherPrivateSelf
Gail BlockNA
Gail Diedrichsenself
Gail Donnelly BaderNoneNone
Gail GalivanSelfSelf
Gail Harris-Schmidtnone
Gail NottenburgEmployee Selection & Developmentself
Gail TriegerIndividual
Garret Wehkingselfself
Garri BudynskySelfMember
Gary FernandoPediatricianSelf
Gary Oltmans1946self
Gary RoseNoneSelf
Gary S ShapiroRetiredself
gary wenstrupretiredself
Gayle BoothIndividualVoter
Gayle L BernackiSelfSelf
Gayle L BernackiSelfSelf
Gayle L PesaventoselfNA
Gemma AdamsVeterans Restorative Projectself
Gena LentiUniversity of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicineself
Gene jorgensenSelfSelf
George Fergusnoneself
George HardebeckSelfSelf
George HufnaglselfSwlf
Georgette FossNoneNone
Georgette PhillosSelf
Georgina PooleSelfSelf
Gerald MurrayRetired
Geraldine DelaneySelfSelf
Geraldine DelaneySelfSelf
Geraldine GartsidePrivate resident
Geraldine LallyselfSelf
Geraldine LallyselfSELF
Geraldine LevineSelf
Geraldine LevineSelfSelf
Geraldine Martinez-BenzSelf
Gerri RodeSelfSelf
Gerri SongerNoneself
Gerry Messlerindividual
Gerta SorensenSelfSelf
Gibson GlassSelfGibson Glass
Gina Jacksonselfself
Gina LoftusSelfSelf
Gina Quatrochiselfself
Ginny Becker Comingsnoneself
Ginny KeelingSelf
Ginny T Lyonsnoneindividual
Ginny T Lyonsnoneindividual
Ginny Wehrlii-HemmeterSelf
Glenn Heymanselfself
Glenn MillsSelf
Glenn Wehkingself
Gloria AvalosSelfSelf
Gloria LevinnoneSelf
Gloria PerezNoneSelf
Gloria SchneiderNA
Glynne GervaisNA
Grace AmandesGrace Amandes Design
Grace Clearnoneself
Grace MartinselfNA
Gracie Meierselfself
Gracie ScambiatterraSelfSelf
Graham SchloesserSelfself
Grant AbernethyNone
greg beglenself
Greg Buschself-employed
Greg ClarkSelfSelf
Greg JamesonAmerican International School VietnamSelf
Greg LunaFrench Company
Greg ReasorSelfSelf
Greg SchwartzSelf
Greg SchwartzSelfSelf
Gregory Alpertselfself
Gregory Bellselfself
Gregory SaltonSelfSelf
Gregory Tyrone MitchellLaw Office of Gregory T. Mitchell, P.C.
Greta OlsonSelf
Gretchen Hogeselfself
Gretchen KenagyNASelf
Gretchen KlockeSelfSelf
Gretchen Siffringself
Griffin LeahyNASelf
Gunnar AndersonNASelf
Gwen RhoadesSelfSelf
Gwenna Weshinskeynoneself
H William Sievertnoneself
Haley Downs SamuelsonSelf
Haley Hauptmannonemyself
Haley Jenkinsnot applicableself
Halleh Akbarniaselfself
Hallie KirkleyErikson InstituteSelf
Hanna SelekmanSelfSelf
Hannah BrunemanMeredith Corporationself
Hannah ChristensenSelfSelf
Hannah EpsteinSelfStudent
Hannah KarnsSelfself
Hannah Oakleyselfself
Hannah RestNoneSelf
Harriet E Fram1944
Heather BaxterSelfSelf
Heather Booth-- please make a selection --self
Heather Carlasareself
Heather CarlasareSelfSelf
Heather ColburnnoneSelf
Heather Dykesprefer not to disclosemyself, as a taxpayer and voter
Heather EglandIllinois residentSelf
Heather EglandIllinois residentSelf
Heather HayesSelfSelf
Heather JohnstoneSelfSelf
Heather LantrySelf
Heather MangianSelf
Heather MchaleNoneSelf
Heather Nornes6SelfSelf
Heather NornesNoneSelf
Heather PorterSelfSelf
Heather RabbittSelfSelf
Heather RabbittSelfSelf
Heather VanderbergRepresenting SelfRepresenting Self
hector mandelselfself
Hedy Cohenselfself
Heidi ThorpConstituentSelf
Heidi HugheySelfSelf
Heidi LeuszlerSelf
Heidi Maesselfself
Heidi Mayerselfself
Heidi MorlockSelfSelf
Heidi Petersself
Helen Fandreinana
Helen KasicNone
Helen Mlynarskiselfself
Helen Pawasaratselfself
Helen Pawasaratselfself
Helen SatterthwaiteNone
Helen TaaffeSelf
Henry Kirschnerselfrepresenting self
Hilary PrimackBeth Hillel Bnai Emunah
Hilary WaldronNoneSelf
Hillary Ebachselfself
Hillary J ColbyNone
Holden AlpertselfSelf
Hollen ReischerSelfself
Holly Gilsonselfself
Holly BlasticNAMyself
Holly FingerleNoneSelf
Holly Greenhagenselfself
Holly IsraelSelfSelf
Holly Kerrself
Holly OrcuttNone
Howard DeutschNASelf
Hugh Bradyselfthe people of Illinois
Ila Lewisself
Ilene Heymanselfself
Ilene KlegonSelfSelf
Ilene Siemerself
Imogene ReisigSelf
Ina Pinkneyself employedself
Irene Bliebergnoneself
Irene NoparstakSelf
J Arthur Gingrichselfself
J Beverlyselfself
J Beverlyselfself
J D Schneidernonenone
J EichorstSelfSelf
J Hordaknoneself
J Hordaknoneself
J Peter Pohlself
Jac CharlierSelf
Jacalyn Karebselfself
Jacelyn IntresNANA
Jack CravenSelf
Jack KnizhnikSelfSelf
Jack Kritzmanself
Jack MachollNA
Jack Pintaselfself
Jack QuigleyElevated Public Affairs
Jack StarzecNASelf
Jack SurisookSelf
Jack WhitneyNoneSelf
Jack WhitneyNoneSelf
Jacki KrestelNASelf
Jackie Buckmaster-LibertSelfSelf
Jackie DeGaetanoMyself
Jackie DeGaetanoMyself
Jackie FreemanSelfSelf
Jackie FreemanSelfSelf
Jackie McGrathNoneSelf
Jackie McGrathSelfSelf
Jackie Stengleselfself
Jackson SweeneyInsight GlobalSelf
Jaclyn KrashinSelfSelf
Jaclyn SchretterSelf
Jacob AndinoSelfSelf
Jacob GrantFGMKSelf
Jacqueline cooleySelfSelf
Jacqueline CrnkvovichMrs.
Jacqueline E McNeillySelf
Jacqueline EberleNoneSelf
Jacqueline HolickaRetiredSelf
Jacqueline KimelLWVG2self
Jacqueline MyersCitizenSelf
Jacqueline PingelSelfSelf
Jacqueline RaimoSelf
Jacqueline Raimoself
Jacqueline Rodriguez726825
Jacqueline W SchmackNot Applicable
Jacquelyn Popenaself
Jacquelyn Popenaself
Jacquelyn SalekEnerpace
Jacquelyn SeamanSelf
Jadwiga CzajkowskiselfNA
Jahna Schadtselfself
Jaime FreedmanSelf
Jaime wittenbergNone
Jake PorterfieldNoneSelf
Jake RickettsSelfSelf
Jake TelismanNAself
James Bachmannone
James Biesengrandparent
James Boothselfself
James Carlretired
james caseyRetired
James CroegaertSelfSelf
James DalyFitzergy Technology ConsultingNA
James DalyFitzergy Technology ConsultingNA
James DriscollOvertake Digitalself
James GalbreathUnited Methodist ChurchSelf
James IbergJames R. Iberg, PhD
James JohnsonVerde Energy Efficiency ExpertsSelf
James KeeleySelfNA
James KopchokNoneSelf
James LydenSelfSelf
James Mancusoself
James MizgalskiMr.
James NevottiSelfSelf
James ParrNoneSelf
James PearsonJTR Logistics & Consulting Inc
James QuinnSelfSelf
James RauffMillikin UniversitySelf
James SchwartzSelfSelf
James Slatteryselfself
James SutterSelfSelf
James TierneyCAH301437822self
James ZierdtNoneSelf
Jamie EpsteinSelfParent, Mom's Demand Action
Jamie LipsonMoms Demand ActionSelf
Jamie Randallselfself
Jamie SwartzerSelfSelf
Jamie Thomas-WardSelf
Jamie TopolskiSelfSelf
Jan and Tom Kaynone
Jan Dornernoneself
Jan English-FredricksonSelfSelf
Jan Flapannoneself
Jan Leahyselfself
Jan Leahyselfself
Jan Pietrzakselfself
Jan StarzecNASelf
Jana BendikSelfself
Jana WinchselfNA
Janalee Croegaertselfself
Jane A MatthewsNone
Jane A MatthewsNone
Jane A MichenerMs.self
Jane A MichenerMs.self
Jane BodineJane Bodine LCPC, LLC
Jane Charneyselfself
Jane Charneyselfself
Jane Coxself
Jane E Kimballnonemyself
Jane E SchaeferSelfSelf
Jane KimballSelfSelf
Jane MalmbergNASelf
Jane Marie VaneckoChicago Public Schools
Jane McCarthyNone
Jane MillerNA
Jane niermannJane Niermann lCSWSelf
Jane Pielnoneself
Jane RamseyJust VenturesJust Ventures
Jane SchlichtingSelf
Jane Wiedelselfself
Jane YangIFFSelf
Jane YountSelf
Janelle DonjonNA
Janelle S WendlingSelfSelf
Janet C KappesSelfSelf
Janet Ergo ZimmermanSelf
Janet GuaderramaSelfSelf
Janet HaismannoneFirst United Church Oak Park
Janet HillSelf
Janet ILTIS1944self
Janet KittlausRetiredMyself
Janet McDonnellselfSelf
Janet McMullanNAMyself
Janet PottsNAMyself
Janet Rohdeself
Janet S Craftselfself
Janet SimmonsSelf
Janet Spector Bishopnoneself
Janet SteinerSelfSelf
Janet Tichyself
Janet Tichyself
Janice and Walter Podolskiselfself
Janice F McSheanaself
Janice FeinbergJoseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation
Janice G SackettMrs.
Janice GoldbergNAself
Janice GrimmSelfSelf
Janice MillerSelf
Janice MulqueenyNoneSelf
Janice PodolskiSelfSelf
Janice PodolskiSelfSelf
Janice SamuelsIllinois Gun Violence Prevention CoalitionIllinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition
Janice ScidmoreCountry FinancialSelf
Janice VanderMeerSelf
Janice Walkerna
Janine ChesrownSelfSelf
Janis Bassett DashnerSelfSelf
janis curtinnoneSELF
Jared WunschNAMyself
Jarremy MorganRepresenting selfSelf
Jarremy MorganRepresenting selfSelf
Jasett KtsanesNone
Jasmin VorabutrSelfNa
Jasmine Johnsonselfself
Jason BetkeSelfSelf
Jason D BrownCitizenSelf
Jason GroverSelfMyself
Jason Heltzernone
Jason Kaumeyerselfself
Jason Lenzselfself
Jason NosbaumSelfSelf
Jason NosbaumSelfSelf
Jason SainiSelfSelf
Jax WestSelfSelf
Jay AustinIndividualSelf
Jay FuttermanNone
Jayme McKellopSelfSelf
Jayna CurranSelfSelf
Jean Bolandself
Jean CannonNA
Jean de St AubinGene Siskel Film Center, Art Institute of Chicagoself
Jean HedstromSelfSelf
Jean L Sachs-NygardNoneHumanity
Jean Mary KorteSelf
Jean Mary KorteSelfSelf
Jean OBrienNone
Jean OBrienpersonal comment
Jean Pageselfself
jean Petermanselfself
Jean Petersselfself
Jean R JarvisMs.Self
Jean Richardsonself
Jean SloanNASelf
Jean sutterRepresenting SelfSelf
Jean SutterRepresenting selfSelf
Jean TerrienNoneNone
Jean-Marie TaylorSelfSelf
Jean-Marie TaylorSelfSelf
Jeanette Di PasquantonioMount Sinai Hospitalself
Jeanette F Kleinselfself
Jeanette F Kleinselfself
Jeanice AndersonSelf
Jeanine SweeneySelfSelf
Jeanine SweeneySelfSelf
Jeanne BrickerIndividual
Jeanne BrockSelfSelf
Jeanne BrockSelfSelf
Jeanne ClementsSelfSelf
Jeanne KowalkowskiMyselfMyself
Jeanne McKiernanself
Jeanne mckiernanselfself
Jeannie covertSelfSelf
jeannie lugtunana
Jed MundellSelfSelf
Jeff BachnerSelfSelf
Jeff BonistalliNAself
Jeff GoodmanSelfSelf
Jeff Harrisself
Jeff NicholsNoneSelf
Jeff PhilipsSelfSelf
Jeff PhilipsSelfSelf
Jeff PuglielliSelf
Jeff RuheNone
Jeff SlepakRepresenting SelfRepresenting Self
Jeff VardaCitizenMyself
Jeff Williamsna
Jeffery J Bissself
Jeffrey Friedmanselfself, father of 3
Jeffrey Radoshnone
Jeffrey StarzecNASelf
Jen Bernhardtrepresenting selfself
Jen PierceMoms Demand ActionMoms Demand Action
Jen RhodesNASELF
Jen VaseynaMoms Demand Action
Jenean LarsenSelf
Jenifer Resnickselfself
Jenifer Resnickselfself
Jenn KovacsSelfJenn Kovacs
Jenna BraunsteinSelfSelf
Jenna DempseyMrs
Jenna Hagueselfself
Jenna Leving JacobsonSelfSelf
Jennie Henzelnonenone
Jennie Henzelnonenone
Jennifer Fraser-CheskiSelfSelf
Jennifer HovanecSelf
Jennifer AbplanalpNone
Jennifer AndrewSelfSelf
Jennifer Bauer TempleSelfSelf
Jennifer BreuerIndividualSelf
Jennifer BrunsSelfSelf
Jennifer Camille LeeAction Illinois
Jennifer CarizeySelfSelf
Jennifer CheungSelf
Jennifer CiokMyselfNone
Jennifer Deanselfself
Jennifer EulbergSelf
Jennifer FloydIndividualIndividual
Jennifer FreemanIndividual
Jennifer FriedmanNone
Jennifer FuttermanNone
Jennifer GaidjunasSelfSelf
Jennifer GoldNone
Jennifer HaefligerSelfSelf
Jennifer HarriganRepresenting SelfSelf
Jennifer HopkinsSELFSELF
Jennifer HumbertSelf
Jennifer JeffrisSelf
Jennifer Johnstonself
Jennifer KingNa
Jennifer Kingnoneself
Jennifer KmitchSelf
Jennifer knutsonSelf
Jennifer LarkinSelfSelf
Jennifer LasekSelfSelf
Jennifer LeeEverytownSelf
Jennifer Leininger KnipsteinLurie Children's HospitalJennifer Leininger Knipstein
Jennifer LivingstonNoneSelf
Jennifer LivingstonNoneSelf
Jennifer LokshinSelfSelf
Jennifer LoSavioSelfSelf
Jennifer LoSavioSelfSelf
Jennifer LovellSelfSelf
Jennifer Lynnself
Jennifer MaloneCentral Speech & Language Clinic
Jennifer MattsonMsself
Jennifer MaySelf
Jennifer MesenbrinkSelf
Jennifer Mierischna
Jennifer murphyWeil foot & ankle
Jennifer OMalleyselfself
Jennifer OrdmanSelf
Jennifer PurrenhageJLL
Jennifer PutmanSelf
Jennifer QuinlanNot applicableself
Jennifer Romansselfself
Jennifer Ruhlselfself
Jennifer SoaresSelfSelf
Jennifer SpagnoloSelfSelf
Jennifer Straubselfself
Jennifer Straubselfself
Jennifer StreyleNoneSelf
Jennifer StreyleNoneSelf
Jennifer Strimlingself
Jennifer SwainSwain Music Corp
Jennifer thiermannSelf
Jennifer Traut-TodaroNoneSelf
Jennifer WittsSelf
Jennifer Zulaskiselfself
Jenny CarneySelfSelf
Jenny HansenSelfSELF
Jenny KollSelfSelf
Jenny LarsennoneSelf
Jenny Meyer-RoodSelf
Jeremy Bohlinselfself
Jeremy Curtisnaself
Jeremy Lenzselfself
Jeremy PaschkeSelfSelf
Jeremy StarzecNASelf
jeri shawselfself
Jerry AllersOn Behalf of SelfSelf
Jerry AllersOn Behalf of SelfSelf
Jerry AllersOn Behalf of SelfSelf
Jerry Ann Allersselfself
Jerry Caldwellnoneself
Jerry coxSelfSelf
Jerry LeahyMousewerksSelf
Jesica NepomiachiSelfSelf
Jess RappeSynergy Creative, Inc.Synergy Creative, Inc.
Jess RappeSynergy Creative, Inc.Synergy Creative, Inc.
Jessica BadgleySelf EmployeecSelf
Jessica BarkulisNASelf
Jessica Besser-Rosenbergselfself
Jessica Biondononeself
Jessica ChildsSelfSelf
Jessica Evansrepresenting selfself
Jessica GockleyNAMyself
Jessica HenzlerSelfSelf
Jessica jacksonNa
Jessica JacksonSelf
Jessica Jacksonself
Jessica KumarNASelf
Jessica Lynchn-aself
Jessica MaagNature Walk Montesori SchoolSelf
Jessica Maffianoneself
Jessica McmillanSelfSelf
Jessica MontalvoAspire Health
Jessica MotsingerSelf
Jessica NovakSelfSelf
Jessica OlsonSelfLogan Square Solidarity Sundays
Jessica Royer Ockenselfself
Jessica RushSelfSelf
Jessica SwopeHomeSelf
Jessica TaylorSelf
Jessica Testaninoneself
Jessica ThomasSelfSelf
Jessie ChenSelfSelf
Jill AdamsNoneSelf
Jill BassSelf
Jill BishopMultilingual Connections
Jill BrkovichNoneNone
Jill BrkovichNoneNone
Jill Brown Smithself
Jill GoodmanSelfSelf
Jill Hallettselfsel
Jill HawkesPCC Wellness Clinic
Jill PortnerSelf
Jill PortnerSelf
Jill Richardsonselfself
Jill shuterSelf
Jill TridgellNA
Jill ZordanSelf
Jillian InserraSelf
Jillian Klean ZwillingSelfSelf
Jillian MurphyAwardSpringSelf
Jillian NydeggerSelfSelf
Jim BraySelfIllinois Justice Project
Jim LonginoSelfSelf
Jim LonginoSelfSelf
Jim McGrathselfMoms Demand Action
Jim McGrathselfMoms Demand Action
Jim McGrathselfMoms Demand Action
Jim McGrathselfMoms Demand Action
Jim McGrathselfMoms Demand Action
Jim OboikowitchNoneSelf
Jim OsborneSelfSelf
Jim ParksSelfSelf
Jim ParksSelfSelf
Jim Slezakselfnone
Jim Slezakselfself
Jim StetkaMyselfMyself
Jim StetkaMyselfMyself
Jim VeselenakNASelf
Jo Ann Kennedyselfself
Jo Ann PotashnickSelfSelf
Jo Ann SmithSelf
Jo Ann SmithSelfSelf
Jo Daynone
Jo Ellyn OwensMrs.SELF
Joan Anundson AhrMrs.
Joan BernsteinSelfNA
Joan Davisself-individualSelf
Joan E KnutsonMs.
Joan E KnutsonMs.
Joan LakebrinkCitizen
Joan Parrott-ShefferSelfSelf
Joan PassananteSelf
Joan Scheeterselfself
joann conradselfself
Joanna FeldmanCards Against Humanity
Joanna KotDeKalb Stands
Joanna Williamsselfself
Joanne ArbogastHCSC
Joanne BrottmanSelf
Joanne BrottmanSelf
Joanne DavisSelfIndivisible Chicago
Joanne GarrickSelfSelf
Joanne Garrickselfself
JoAnne KennellyselfSelf
Joanne Koubanoneself
Joanne NesmithSelfSelf
Joanne PakieserSelf
Joanne RipperNASrlf
Joanne RipperNoneNone
Jodi KearneySelf
Jodi KellerSelfSelf
Jodi LacyNoneSelf
Jody A MartinReclaim Chicago
Jody AdlerselfSelf
Jody Cahillselfself
Jody Cossselfself
Jody GomezNASelf
Joe CarlasareSelf
Joe DudzikSelfself
joe fogelselfself
Joe Holtselfself
Joelle Goldman1972
JoEllen NarsutisSelf
Johanna RussSelfSelf
John BeutelSelf
John BrubakerSelf
John BrubakerSelfSelf
John BurtSelfSelf
John C Gallagher Jrcitizen
John C Gallagher Srcitizen and father
John C MehalekHomeowner
John CarrIGAMIL Electronic Security Association
John DaySelfSelf
John DiMareSelfSelf
John Dirk VosSelf
John EaganRepresenting myselfSelf
John FilanFTP Management Corp.
John HenzelNot Applicable
John Heumannonenone
John HoffmanSelfself
John HolthausJohn Holthausself
John Jacksonselfself
John KohoutekSelfSelf
John LoeschSelf
John LoeschSelf
John MaeglinNa
John McFarlandRoselle Against GunsSelf
John MickleSelfSelf
John Myersselfself
John P HollowTrustmark Companies
John P San JuanSelfSelf
John R Peter MDSt. Louis University School of Medicine, Cardinal Glennon Children's HospitalSelf
John RagirLive Bait Theatrical Companyself
John RenaldiSelfSelf
John RosingSelf.
John RosingSelf.
John RussellNAMyself
John SchmidtMayer Brown LlpSelf
John SpawNASelf
John SpawNASelf
John T CollisSpectre
John W AinsworthNot Applicable
John W Cox JrCox Law Offices
John Wasikselfself
John YehSelfSelf
Johnathan Chapman-Rienstraselfself
Johnna Knabeselfself
Jolene Kuehnself
JoLynn Doerrselfself
JoLynn Doerrselfself
Jon Hauptmannoneself
Jon McEnteeNA
Jon SalabanNone
Jon SavoieNASelf
Jonathan CiprianiNASelf
Jonathan Livengoodself
Jonathan MarshallSelfSelf
Jonathan PadgettHeartland AllianceSelf
Jonathan Symmondsselfself
Joni Lindgrencitizenself
Jordan Myersselfself
Joseph AltshulerSchool Art Institute of ChicagoSelf
Joseph AppellSelfSelf
Joseph BarteauSelfSelf
Joseph Boyleselfself
Joseph CharnewsSelfSelf
Joseph E PizzoJoseph StudiosSelf
Joseph FrerichSelfSelf
Joseph James KowalskiRockford Public Schools District 205
Joseph LapsleyLoyola University Chicagoself
Joseph LegaultSelfSelf
Joseph LegaultSelfSelf
Joseph Oldakerna
Joseph P MarrenSelfSelf
Joseph PredmoreRetiredSelf
Josephine A CaseySelfSelf
Josephine A CaseyselfSelf
Josephine HamiltonselfSelf
Josephine PolanekMrs.Self
Josephine volgiNASelf
Josette Morelpersonalpersonal
Josh KuglerSelfSelf
Josh O DonnellSelfSelf
Joshua FosburgSelf
Joshua TichoSelfSelf
Joshua WaitzmanselfNA
Joslyn AlbrightSelf
Joy BuntonSelf
Joy ChaplinSelfSelf
Joy UttsNoneSelf
Joyce A BeckNone
Joyce Downeyselfself
Joyce Downeyselfself
Joyce Haeckelnone
Joyce Harantcitizenself
Joyce SemmlerRet.
Joycelyn Landrum-BrownLandrum-Brown & AssociatesSelf
Juan HernandezSelfSelf
Juan L HinojosaHinojosista1 LLC
Judd LofchieSelf
JudithRedwood Yoga Shala
Judith AulikSelfSelf
Judith AulikSelfSelf
Judith Bodieself
Judith BradeenSelfNA
Judith FoxSelfself
JudIth Gaietto-GraceSelfSelf
Judith KossyPolicy Planning Partners
Judith L Smithself
Judith MandelSelfSelf
Judith McAteeRetiredSelf
Judith OLearySelfSelf
Judith PociusNASelf
Judith RulichSelf
Judith SadlerPrivate citizenSelf
Judith Saundersselfself
Judith TannerDr. Judith TannerSelf
Judy GrantSelfSelf
Judy LewisNoneSelf
judy marcusnoneself
Judy May LeungSelfSelf
Judy Solwayselfself
Judy StevensSelfSelf
Judy Van Cleeffselfself
Julee MortensenSelf
Julee Mortensenselfself
Julee MortensenSelfSelf
Juleigh SnellSelfSelf
Jules Eckersley MDSelfSelf
Julia Campbellself
Julia ChaseSelfSelf
Julia Diane WhitingNA
julia harris gargselfself
Julia KindlerSelfSelf
Julia KohnNoneSelf
Julia LacayoNAself
Julia Langdon AntonatosRetiredSelf
Julia McKee-NastaseSelfSelf
Julia Prasseselfself
Julia SmithEverytownSelf
Julia TestinNASelf
Julia TestinNASelf
Julian DiasGraingerSELF
Juliana MorawskiNoneNone
Juliana MorawskiNoneNone
Juliana MorawskiNoneNone
Juliana MorawskiSelfNone
Julianne Harmonselfself
Julie A VeileNot ApplicableUUANI
Julie Beitzselfself
Julie Beitzselfself
Julie BentzNASelf
Julie BrattonSelf
Julie BrueggemannBryan Cave Leighton Paisnerself
Julie ByarsNoneSelf
Julie ChenSynergy CreativeSelf
Julie FarleySelfSelf
Julie FoxSelf
Julie GodnikNANA
Julie GoodmanNoneSelf
Julie Hallerindividual
Julie HarmonNone
Julie HarrisSelfSelf
Julie HoughtonHoughton
Julie Kaufmanselfself
Julie KrehbielSelf
Julie KrehbielSelf
Julie L HallerIndividual
Julie LambertNAself
Julie LandauNANA
Julie LerchUCP Seguin
Julie LopezSelfSelf
Julie McShaneselfself
Julie Moorecitizenself
Julie NiesetSelfSelf
Julie NilesNASelf
Julie NilesNASELF
Julie NilesNASELF
Julie OKeefeselfself
Julie Prandiself
Julie RobertsSelf
Julie Sassna
Julie Scheib-Feeleyselfself
Julie ScherSelfSelf
Julie SiegelSelfSelf
Julie SimpsonNoneSelf
Julie SterrickerSelfSelf
Julie TimmonsNoneSelf
Juliet Bradleyprivate citizen
Julio AbreuSelf
Juna GriffithSJG Holdings, llc
June Jacobselfself
Juned SiddiqueNASelf
Justin HammondTower Research
Justin Leonardself
Justin MARGOLINselfself
Justin RandSelfSelf
Justin RandSelfSelf
K Wyatt MerrittRetired
Kaidrea StockmanSelfSelf
Kaija NivalaSelfSelf
Kaitlin ByrdNoneSelf
Kaitlyn mcguireSchoolSelf
Kana Henningselfself
Kara McDermottSelfSelf
Kara SmithNASelf
Karen Schmidt-HeinselfSelf
Karen Alpertselfself
Karen and Bob Lewis1966self
Karen Barronselfself
Karen Bernerselfself
Karen BloomfiedRepresenting SelfSelf
Karen ChristiansenSelfNA
Karen Christopherself
Karen Coplanself employedself
Karen Davidselfself
Karen E LandesCitizen
Karen GianniMoms Demand Action
Karen Glennemeierselfself
Karen Groomself
Karen Groomselfself
Karen HicksSelf
Karen HicksSelf
Karen IrvinSelf
Karen JohnstonSelfSelf
Karen kaiserMother
Karen L MinarikSelfSelf
Karen L MinarikSelfSelf
Karen L RigottiSelf
Karen L SandefurCitizenSelf
Karen Louise FrescoSelfSelf
Karen MaherReal Estate BrokerSelf
Karen MahoneySelf
Karen MastPrivate citizenSelf
Karen McDowellproponent630
Karen MooreNA
Karen muranskySelf
Karen muranskySelf
Karen NasonSelf
Karen NevottiNoneSelf
Karen Quinnnoneself
Karen RolsingSELFSelf
Karen Ruffnernoneself
Karen SalmonI represent myselfSELF
Karen Sandrickkm sandrick editorial servicesself
Karen SchrageAll Saints Episcopal Church
Karen SheehanSelf
Karen Slimmonselfself
Karen SmithSELFSelf
Karen W GeorgenoneSelf
Karen Wassselfself
Karen Yee ReidSelf
Kari bechertNA
Kari DillonIndividualIndividual
Karin BallardSelf
Karin BallardSelfSelf
Karin Evansselfself
Karin Evansselfself
Karin JanowskiSelfSelf
Karin RohnSelfSelf
Karin SchuelerSelfSelf
Karina OliveiranoneSelf
Karina Roman Villalobosselfself
Karl boothSelf
Karl Faulstichselfself
Karla HuffmanSelfSelf
Karla PetersonSelfSelf
Karlyn MeyerSelfSelf
karoline boehm-goodnickselfself
Karyn CarltonSelfSelf
Karyn glassSelf
Karyn LinnSelf employed
Kat BellMs.Self
Kate F Marzoself
Kate GarrettNASelf
Kate NicolaiWe WillWe Will Women
Kate ValentineNoneSelf
Kate Whartonselfself
Katelynn WalshNaSelf
Katharine HildrethSelf
Katharine MershonSELFself
Katharine ThurmanSelf
Katherine A Pearsonselfself
Katherine AdelsbergerKnox Collegeself
Katherine Alstadtselfslef
Katherine Atkins-TrimnellSelf
Katherine Atkins-TrimnellSelf
Katherine BurtonSelfSelf
Katherine BurtonSelfSelf
Katherine BurtonSelfSelf
Katherine BurtonSelfSelf
Katherine Byrnesselfself
Katherine ChapaNa
Katherine ChapaNa
Katherine ChapaNa
Katherine F DeVriesSelf
Katherine F McSpaddenSelfSelf
Katherine GalbinceaNASelf
Katherine GjajaSelfSelf
Katherine HeintzSelfSelf
Katherine KerinSelfSelf
Katherine LesniakSelfSelf
Katherine MaddenLeague of Women VotersLeague of Women Voters
Katherine Manganretiredself
Katherine MartinSelf
Katherine MaurerSelfSelf
Katherine Moseleynoneself
Katherine MuddSelfSelf
Katherine Oetkerself
katherine sandstromself
Katherine SandstromSelfSelf
Katherine SoderstromNo firm or businessself
Katherine Soderstromrepresenting selfself
Katherine tyoSelfSelf
Katherine Wymanself
Katherine ZartmanNone
Kathleen A RolsingNASelf
Kathleen Anderson-Connerselfself
Kathleen BaileyStengel, Bailey & RobertsonSelf
Kathleen Barrettnone
Kathleen BarrySelfSelf
Kathleen BlackburnSelfSelf
Kathleen BlackburnSelfSelf
Kathleen BoothMyselfindividual
Kathleen BoylanSelfSelf
Kathleen BradySelfSelf
Kathleen Brown Kriegteachermyself
Kathleen CarterSelfSelf
Kathleen CoenselfSelf
Kathleen Conlon Wasikresidentself
Kathleen CrawfordNASelf
Kathleen DohertySelfSelf
Kathleen FiedlerSelfSelf
Kathleen FitzsimmonsSelf
Kathleen Furorefreelanceself
Kathleen Garnessselfself
Kathleen Gettelfingernot applicableself
Kathleen Gibsonselfself
Kathleen HeitzlerSelfSelf
Kathleen HoganNa
Kathleen KhatibSelfSelf
Kathleen KincerSelfSelf
Kathleen KobakIndivisible 123GO
Kathleen KremholzNone
Kathleen L McGrathNone
Kathleen LarimerSelf
Kathleen LarimerSelf
Kathleen LarimerSelf
Kathleen LarimerSelf
Kathleen LarimerSelf
Kathleen LarimerSelf
Kathleen LarimerSelf
Kathleen McMahon Gazdaselfself
Kathleen MeierselfSelf
Kathleen Morkertretired
Kathleen Morrisself
Kathleen MurphySelf
Kathleen Nicholson-ToshSelf
Kathleen OLearySelfSelf
Kathleen SancesGun Violence Prevention PAC
Kathleen SaurSelfSelf
Kathleen Sheridan1947
Kathleen Van KampenNone
Kathryn A GroverselfSelf
Kathryn Balkselfself
Kathryn Beligratisselfself
kathryn ClayLeague of Women VotersLeague of Women Voters
Kathryn CurtinNoneSelf
Kathryn FrankeSelf
Kathryn GrimmSelfSelf
Kathryn Heavey1951self
Kathryn JulianSelfSelf
Kathryn Mastersonselfself
Kathryn MayerChicago Temple-Gun Violence PreventionSelf
Kathryn MurrayNASelf
Kathryn potterSelfSelf
Kathryn RobinsonselfSelf
Kathryn Valdesself
Kathryn WagnerSelfSelf
Kathryn WildaNone
Kathryn WiseNone
Kathy DavenportSelfSelf
Kathy FeingoldSelfSelf
Kathy FeingoldSelfSelf
Kathy FeingoldSelfSelf
Kathy JacquesBody Evolve PilatesSelf
Kathy Johnsonnoneself
Kathy Johnsonnoneself
Kathy LawrenceSelfSelf
Kathy MarkNoneSelf
Kathy MizgalskiSelf
Kathy MonkSelfSelf
Kathy Neelyselfself
Kathy Richardsnoneself
Kathy RitgerNot applicableSelf
Kathy SchmidtSelfSelf
Kathy Shannonselfself
Kathy ZeregaCitizenSelf
Kathy Zippererselfself
Katie Ayoubrepresenting selfself
Katie DankoStrengthening Chicago's YouthStrengthening Chicago's Youth
Katie DuxburyNoneNone
Katie FluggeNoneSelf
Katie GiraTeacherself
Katie GrosskopfSelf
Katie HarveySelfSelf
Katie LockwoodSELFSELF
Katie OczkowskiSelfSelf
Katie ODohertyRepresenting selfSelf
Katie SierackiSelfSelf
Katie SinkUnemployedSelf
Katie SmiljanichChicago Public Schools
Katie WassonSelfSelf
Katrina BockusNone
Katy HurvitzSelf
Katy ZimmermanNoneSelf
Kay DaySelf
Kay HammerSelf
Kay HempenNoneSelf
Kay M ReschSelf
Kay M Reschself
Kay MulhallSolidarity Sundaysself
Kay Schloesserselfself
Kaylan PeckNASelf
keelie witzelSelfSelf
Keely HegnerHegner family
Keiler RobertsSelfSelf
Keith BellNoneSelf
Keith BellNoneSelf
Keith BellNoneSelf
KEITH FOURNIERAbbVie Incorporated
Keith JohnsonYesself
Kelley BenderNoneSelf
Kelley BrownSelfSelf
Kelley ColeSelfself
Kelley WilliamsNoneSelf
Kelli A Wegenerselfself
Kelli A Wegenerselfself
Kelli DayNA
Kelli HartwegSelfSelf
Kelli Wegenerselfself
Kelly A CornelisNoneSelf
Kelly A Tobecksenselfself
Kelly AlbrightNoneMyself
Kelly AlbrightNoneNone
Kelly Croninselfself
Kelly DeLorieaMrsSelf
Kelly FlemmingSelfSelf
Kelly GallagherHome
Kelly GallagherHomeSelf
Kelly GallagherHomeSelf
Kelly Goodself
Kelly HalcomSelfIndividual
Kelly HenryNaSelf
Kelly Henry MDPhysicianSelf
kelly klein-lessentienRepresenting SelfSelf
Kelly KochNoneSelf
Kelly LancasterSelfSelf
Kelly LyellNASelf
Kelly M Skonyselfself
Kelly MazurekNoneSelf
Kelly MichelsonAnn & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of ChicagoSelf
Kelly N LongCarrie Secrist Galleryself
Kelly PollockSelfSelf
Kelly Ruskselfself
kendall busseselfself
Kenneth BalmesselfSelf
Kenneth JonesVerge
Kennon ReinardSelfself
Keri CascioSelfSelf
Keri L CavanaughMs.self
Kerri CalvertnoneIndividual
Kerrie MartinSelfSelf
Kerrie McKeoughMckeough HouseholdSelf
Kerrith Livengoodself
Kerrith Livengoodself
Kerry DixonIndividualIndividual
Kerry FerrisNIU
Kerry KraemerSelfSelf
Kerry RallsSelf
Kerry TurkSelf
Kerry ZickertNaMyself
Kerry ZickertSelf
Kevin AlpersteinSelf
Kevin Cahillselfself
Kevin Horan-Busseyselfself
Kevin James Mulqueenynoneself
Kevin Malonerepresenting selfrepresenting self
Kevin MillerMrSelf
Kevin P Conlonselfself
Kevin QuinlanSelf
Kevin RyanNAself
Kevin RyanSelfSelf
Kevin Zickterman2018Self
Kim B HolmesSelfSelf
Kim B HolmesSelfSelf
Kim BondoraSelfSelf
Kim CochranNoneSelf
Kim CurtisArtist
Kim DunningNoneSelf
Kim GatzNoneNone
Kim GranaWe the PeppleWe the People
Kim HinesSelfSelf
Kim InmanLWV
Kim JudgeSelfSelf
Kim Knopernoneself
Kim KruegerSelfSelf
Kim McCarthySelf
Kim Morannoneself
Kim PageSelf
Kim TingleyNone
Kim Wilsonselfself
Kimberly Fraherselfself
Kimberly Fraherselfself
Kimberly Fraherselfself
Kimberly GrzymalaWe Will
Kimberly HarrodSelfSelf
Kimberly IsraelSelfSelf
Kimberly LorangNone
Kimberly MorelandnoneSelf
Kimberly NagySelfSelf
Kimberly StephenNoneSelf
Kimberly Sterlingselfself
Kimberly VandenbrouckeNASelf
Kira JannuschSelfSelf
Kira KearneySelf
Kirsten DavisSelf
Kirsten PowersNoneNone
Kittie A McMillanRetired
Kitty LoewySelfMoms demand action
Kortney MooreSelf
Kreena PatelSelf
Krista Bowers Sharpenoneself
Krista GaedtkeSelfSelf
Krista Grimmself
Kristen BertovicSelfSelf
Kristen CommNo
Kristen GaleMyself
Kristen GassensmithNASelf
Kristen GassensmithNASelf
Kristen GassensmithNASelf
Kristen GreiweSelfSelf
Kristen Linnenburgerselfself, my children, and my students
Kristen MasseSelfSelf
Kristen NavaidNot ApplicableSD 337
Kristen PitzenSelfSelf
Kristen PrahlSelfSelf
Kristen RobinsonSelfSelf
Kristen TangNoneSelf
Kristen TruskSelfSelf
kristi thimelurie children's hospital of chicago
Kristi VoseSelf
Kristi VoseSelfself
Kristie CoyleSelfSelf
Kristin BergNone
Kristin Berlin SmithSelf
Kristin BrownSelfSelf
Kristin Curtisnaself
Kristin DiCensoSelf
Kristin HuntNASelf
Kristin KomperdaNAself
Kristin OrlandoNASELF
Kristin TaylorMuseumSelf
Kristin U ShulmanSelfSelf
Kristina AndersonSelfSelf
Kristina Entnerselfself
Kristina Sandrockself
Kristine GradySelfSelf
Kristy ChorosteckiSelfSelf
Kroll GingerNone
Kurt HeerwagenNoneSelf
Kyla WaiteSelfSelf
Kyle EarmanSelfSelf
Kyle Ogrodnikselfself
Kyle PetersenSelfNone
Kyra MikalaSelfSelf
Kyra MikalaSelfSelf
LaDonna Boeckmannoneself
Lailani Workmanselfself
Lan EngSelfSelf
Lana MayMs.Self
Lana WrotenSelfSelf
Lara J HandsfieldNone
Lara OrrSame Street StudioSelf
Lara PrestipinoSELFSELF
Lara PrestipinoSELFSELF
Lara Taylornone
Lara VazquezSelfSelf
Larinda Di GioiaSelf
Larry E Davisself-individualSelf
Larry S Levinson Ph DRetired- Professsor Emeritusof Political and Justice StudiesAlthough I am on thr board of several organizations (including stqte-wide orgs), I offer this testomony on my own behalf as a concerned citize of teh State of Illinois.
Laura AkinsSelf
Laura Akinsselfself
Laura AskeySelfSelf
Laura BasantaNASelf
Laura BleillnoneSelf
Laura CarrollSelf
Laura Clevelandselfself
Laura DahlselfSelf
Laura Davisselfself
Laura Davisselfselff
Laura DiasNewburgh RentalsSELF
Laura Dunne7 votersSeven voters
Laura E LovelessSelf
Laura Ellsworthnone
Laura EtheridgeSelf
Laura Finnegannone
Laura FrankiewiczSelfSelf
Laura FriesselfSelf
Laura HauleSelfSelf
Laura Henningsonhome
Laura Jacobselfself
Laura Jamesselfself
Laura KamedulskiNone
Laura KarstonSelfSelf
Laura Lallosselfself
Laura LambertSelf-EmployedSelf-Employed
Laura Lappself
Laura OwnbyCitizenSelf
Laura Routhstudentself
Laura S Friedlandselfself
Laura Sara BozarthNone
Laura SovaBradlands dba
Laura StrongSelf
Laura TempleSelfSelf
Laura TempleSelfSelf
Laura Vazquezself
Laura WoodsSelfSelf
Laura ZacharskiSASEDSelf
Laura ZupkoSelfSelf
Laural Briggsself
Laurel GallagherCitizen
Laurel Hayscitizenself
Lauren BaroneWe The People
Lauren BrancatoSelf represented
Lauren ByckowskiSelfSelf
Lauren CastroNone
Lauren CastroNone
Lauren CastroNone
Lauren ChiecselfNA
Lauren FallonSelf
Lauren FixPersonal
Lauren HarperSelfSelf
Lauren HenzelNot Applicable
Lauren JohnsonLauren Johnso PT
Lauren kirchgassnerSelfSelf
Lauren Kritzmanself
Lauren MaloneySelf
Lauren Margolinself
lauren margolinself
Lauren Marie Erbach BarnfieldSelfSelf
Lauren McNamaraSelf
Lauren PettNASelf
Lauren Quinlanselfself
Lauren Quinnselfself
Lauren ReevesSelfSelf
Lauren SalasLauren SalasSelf
Lauren Schreroself
Lauren SchultzSElfSelf
Lauren ShermanPrivate citizen
Lauren Topaziannoneself
Lauren WilliamsonSelfSelf
Lauren WilliamsonSelfSelf
Laurenel DriscollNoneNone
Lauri Phillipsselfself
Laurian EdannoneSelf
Laurie BergnerSelf
Laurie CubitMcHenry County College
Laurie Gingrichselfself
Laurie GoldsteinSelfSelf
Laurie GoldsteinSelfSelf
Laurie HansonSelfSelf
Laurie LantzUUANIself
Laurie NelsonSelf
Laurie Robin HammelMs
Laurie Ruth JohnsonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSelf
Laurie WakschlagSelfSelf
Laurie Winkler DarrowSelf
Lawrence MasonGoldberg SegallaSelf
Layne JacksonSelfSelf
Lazaro N Sanchez-PintoSelfSel
Lea A Houdekself.self
Leah Beckindividual
Leah Beckindividual
Leah CooperSelfSelf
Leah HandelSelfSelf
Leah Kirschnerselfrepresenting self
Leah Shawselfself
Leah Welty-RiegerMYSELFnone
Leah WhiteselselfIndivisible
Leana Lopez-CeperoMedical Home Network
Leann BurchSelfSelf
LeAnn HarwitzIndividualIndividual
Leanne Primrose-BrownSelfSelf
Lee BowesSelfSelf
Lee DeLongnoneself
Lee DeLongselfnone
Lee HaasNASelf
Lee SchenkSelfSelf
Leigh EicherNASelf
Leila CleofeSelfSelf
Leisa MarthalerSelf
Lena Walentself employed
Leni Manaa-HoppenworthIndivisible IllinoisIndivisible Illinois
Lenice AbbottSelfSelf
Lenice AbbottSelfSelf
Lenny ClappParentSelf
Leon BernsteinSelfSelf
Leona PerrynoneSelf
Leonard EdginNa
Lesley Stephan-Feinsotself
Leslie Anne WeyhrichSelf
Leslie Bostonselfself
Leslie Bostonselfself
Leslie Bostonselfself
Leslie CruiseNASelf
Leslie Cummingsselfself
Leslie Cummingsselfself
Leslie FinkelSelfself
Leslie Graysonselfself
Leslie KahnSelfSelf
Leslie Ruffingselfself
Leslie RyeNoneSelf
Leslie S ThomasIndependent Citizen
Leslie StulbergSelfSelf
Leslie ThorntonSelfSelf
Leslye LappingSelfSelf
Leslye LappingSelfSelf
Lexia FarrisCBSSelf
Lila HofmannEverytown For Gun SafetyMoms Demand Action IL
Liliana HanlonStay at home momSelf
Linda Bartmesnoneself
Linda BlockEducational Consultant SpecialistSelf
Linda CoberlyWinston & Strawn LLP
Linda DeanyNot ApplicableNot applicable
Linda Gienkoself
Linda Groetzingerself
Linda HindeResident
Linda J LinsinCarbondale Unitarian Fellowship
Linda JohnsonCitizenPresent
Linda JohnsonSelfSelf
Linda KarnNone
Linda KarnNone
Linda KelleyNASelf
Linda KellyMsSelf
Linda KochNoneSelf
Linda KochNoneSelf
Linda KozlowskiSelf
Linda KurzSelfSelf
Linda LaBudaSelfSelf
Linda LahtiNoneSelf
Linda LaPorteNot applicable
Linda Lauterbachselfself
Linda LehmanNAself
Linda LovingTop Box Foods
Linda LuntSelfSelf
Linda Martorana1956self
Linda MaschekMs.self
Linda MirandaMs.
Linda Montalbanoselfself
Linda Montalbanoselfself
Linda Murphyself
Linda PhillipsSelf
Linda PolenzaniSelfself
Linda R SafyanselfSelf
Linda RittsSelfSelf
Linda Robertsonselfself
Linda S Buckleyselfself
Linda S EnglundMoms Demand Action
Linda Slavikself
Linda stanleynoneself
Linda stanleynoneself
Linda stanleynoneself
Linda stanleynoneself
Linda Tateself emoployednone
Linda ValentineSelfSelf
Linda Waycieselfself
Linda WebbMrsmyself
Linda WhittakerLinda Whittaker LCSW
Linda WhittakerLinda Whittaker LCSW
Linda WolgamottSelfSelf
Lindee BurnsselfSelf
Lindsay AikmanSelfSelf
Lindsay Consdorfself
Lindsay Cummingsnoneself
Lindsay LefteroffSelfSelf
Lindsay Sistiself
Lindsay WagnerSelfSelf
Lindsay WelbersWriting Welbers LLCSelf
Lindsey ClarkSOS Children's VillagesSelf
Lindsey HammondCommunity Renewal SocietyCommunity Renewal Society
Lindsey WeglarzSelf
Lindsey WoodsNoneSelf
Lindy SavoieNASelf
Ling LowselfSELF
Linnea RimkusSelfSelf
Linsey JohnsonSelf
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AdamsNoneNone
Lisa AllenselfSelf
Lisa ArmstrongSelfSelf
Lisa BensonSelfSelf
Lisa CarulloSelf
Lisa DanielFamilySelf
Lisa DodsonSelf
Lisa GeorgeSelfSelf
Lisa Haderleinselfself
Lisa HarmonTaxpayerconcerned citizen
Lisa Haufschild60630Self
Lisa HaufschildSelf
Lisa HillSelf
Lisa JanunasSelfSelf
Lisa Kaiharaselfself
Lisa Kaiharaselfself
Lisa Kaiharaselfself
Lisa Kaiharaselfself
Lisa KeimSelfSelf
Lisa KeipertSelf
Lisa KeipertSelf
Lisa KohoutekSelfSelf
Lisa KoubaSelfSelf
Lisa KubelkaSelfSelf
Lisa KubelkaSelfSelf
Lisa leipusNoneSelf
Lisa leipusNoneSelf
Lisa M Stukel1971self
Lisa MirandaNa
Lisa MuichNA
Lisa OlesonNoneSelf
Lisa OliverSelfSelf
Lisa OliverSelfSelf
Lisa Rademacherselfself
Lisa ReedMs.
Lisa RoseNoneIndividual
Lisa Sachsself
Lisa SeidenbergGreentarget
Lisa SlankardSelfSelf
Lisa SolomonselfUUANI
Lisa VraniakSelfSelf
Lisa WelshChicago Public Schools
Lisa WolfNoneSelf
Lisa YeeSelfSelf
Lisbeth LynnRepresenting self
Liz BeckerSelf
Liz BeutelSelf
Liz Buhai-JacobusLiz Buhai-Jacobus, Psy.D.
Liz BuscheNAself
Liz KeysSelfSelf
Liz Lemoineselfself
Liz MuhrSelfSelf
Llona SteeleSelfSelf
Lloyd Owususelfself
Lohra Vogelselfself
Lois NicolNa
Lois SwatschenoSelfSelf
Lois Thiessen Loveself
Lonnie DunlapRetiredSelf
Lonnie DunlapRetiredSelf
Lora GeorgievaDestination College
Loralyn CozySelfSelf
Lorenzo L PesceSelfself
LoriActive Health Acupuncture
Lori Berkes-NelsonRepresenting SelfSelf
Lori BradfordTherapy Services LTD
Lori EvenhouseSelfSelf
Lori FrischerIndividual
Lori Kashnaself
Lori Leonnonenone
lori Mossnonenone
lori Mossnonenone
Lori MyersConstituentSelf
Lori MyersConstituentSelf
Lori TschetterNone
Lorica Adlernone
Lorie LanganMs.Self
Lorie zeigerNaN.a
Lorraine PatelNAMYSELF
Lorraine PatelNAMYSELF
Louella Leveyselfself
Louise Friedensonnonenone
Louise NoltaHoly Spirit Missionary Sisters - USA-JPIC
Luan ZoellnerSelf
Luay AlmassalhaSelfSelf
Lucas KleinUniversity of Hong Kongself
Lucia T Millerselfself
Lucy AscoliretiredSelf
Lucy RingleModern Quilt Studioself
Luke AdamsLuke Adams DesignSelf
Lydia LarrabeeSelfSelf
Lydia PudzianowskiNoneSelf
Lydia SchmidtSelf
Lynda LochnerNoneself
Lynda PratscherSelfSelf
Lynda Thromnoneself
Lynette LombardLynette LombardSelf
Lynn BarnettRepresenting selfself
Lynn Beagleselfself
Lynn Casey-Maherrepresenting selfSelf
Lynn CluttsSelf
Lynn Donaldsonnone
Lynn FrangerNoneNone
Lynn L SowinskiNone
Lynn LeoCitizenPeople of Illinois
Lynn LeoCitizenPeople of Illinois
Lynn OlsonSelf
Lynn SakataMyselfMyself
Lynn Siebenselfself
Lynn StanczukSelfSelf
Lynn StanczukSelfSelf
Lynn StanczukSelfSelf
Lynn StanczukSelfSelf
Lynn WhalenSelf
Lynn wrightResidentSelf
Lynne BurnettNANA
Lynne GrenierNa
Lynne HenselRetiredSelf
Lynne Lenzselfself
Lynne Lenzselfself
Lynne M WestphalSelfSelf
Lynnette Newsomselfself
M Fouantselfself
M R KingSelfSelf
Machelle ArnoldMyselfMyself
Madalyn BrookerSAIC
Madalyn C KenneyMs.SELF
Madeleine Van HeckeSelf
Madeleine Van HeckeSelf
Madeline CzervionkeSelfSelf
Madeline HowdNA
Madeline KorteNAmyself
Madeline KorteNaSelf
Madeline RosenbaumSelfNA
Madison AielloSelfSelf
Mae DiBenedettoSelf
Mae KrantzSelfSelf
Maggie Canlioneself
Maggie McGuireNA
Maggie ReynoldsReynolds ArchitectureSelf
Malcolm ShotwellNoneCitizen
Malcolm ShotwellNoneCitizen
Malia ZoghlinSelfself
MaLinda LeeSelfSelf
Mallory HaasSelf
Mandie JueJue FoundationTingate Jue, Mandie Jue
Mandy PuchalskiSelfSelf
Mandy PuchalskiSelfSelf
Manuel UtsetSelfSelf
Mara GladSelf
Mara Jauntiransselfself
Mara Silver-SchackSelfSelf
Marc KtsanesNone
Marc V MariniMoms Demand Action
Marcella AndersonSelf
Marcelo MalakootiselfSelf
Marci Adelston-Schaferna
Marci SimmonsSelfSelf
Marci simmonsSelfSelf
Marci simmonsSelfSelf
Marcia Bojkoaction ridgeaction ridge
Marcia CrookSelf
Marcia DellenbachSelfSelf
MARCIA GreeningSelfSelf
marcia nagyselfself
Marcia OsherSelf Employedself
Marcia Urbanselfself
Marcie RomanSelf
Marco A Galvan- None -Marco Galvan
Marcy Morenonot applicableself
Marcy SchueringSelf
Margalo A FosterSelfSelf
Margaret A CainSelf
Margaret A McCarthyMs.
Margaret Burkanaself
Margaret Burkaselfself
Margaret CartierSelfSelf
Margaret CoxselfSelf
Margaret DoyleUniversity of Chicago Laboratory Schools
Margaret Elizabeth - Betsy - RubinRetiredSelf
Margaret Elizabeth - Betsy - RubinRetiredSelf
Margaret Evanshomeowner
Margaret Feit ClarkeNASelf
Margaret HowdRepresenting self
Margaret JongleuxSelf
Margaret KinnamonSelf
Margaret Lindsayselfself
Margaret M KivistocitizenSELF
margaret masierNAself
Margaret McDonnellNoneself
Margaret PajakowskiSelfSelf
Margaret PalmasaniSelfSelf
Margaret PissarreckNANA
Margaret SchmidtSelf
Margaret ScullionSelf
Margaret SentsRetired
Margaret SentsRetiredLWV
Margaret ShakleeUUANIUUANI
Margaret SmithNonSelf
Margaret Stinemanselfself
Margaret T Mercernoneself
Margaret Thayernoneself
Margaret TyneSelfSelf
Margery veselingSelfSelf
Margot AndersenCenter for Resilience
Marguerite Colenoneself
Marguerite DelacomaMsself
Marguerite SimonIllinois assistive technology programSelf
Mari Nakajimaselfindivisible
Maria A GonzalezselfSelf
Maria EnglishNoneSelf
Maria J Yanguasselfself
Maria Lopez-IftikharSelfSelf
Maria PalumboSelf
Maria PalumboSelf
Maria PetersonFitCore, IncSelf
Maria PetersonFitCore, Inc.Self
Maria Pikeself
Maria Pikeselfself
Maria SalazarRepresenting selfSelf
Maria TolpinSelfSelf
Maria Zeller BrauerNASelf
Marian GambleNoneself
Marian M LynchNoneSelf
Marian WeissRetired
Mariana GlusmanAnn and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago-Uptown
mariann m stephensself
marianna Reedselfself
Marianne BithosNAMI South Suburbs of Chicago.
Marianne Neslerselfself
Marianne RingRepresenting selfSelf
Marianne ZitoXxx
Maribeth BrewerSelf
Marie GouletSelf
Marie GrygiencNoneSelf
Marie GrygiencNoneSelf
Marie GrygiencNoneSelf
Marie GrygiencNoneSelf
Marie GrygiencNoneSelf
Marie Hatfield-LoganNoneSelf
Marie Jonesnonenone
Marie Jonesnonenone
Marie M PowellSelfself
marie Newmanself employedself
Marie WasNoneSelf
Marie WasNoneSelf
Mariela EvansSelfSelf
Marijana leuckIllinois Moms Demand ActionSELF
Marijana leuckSELFself
Marilyn A HeinrichsSelf
Marilyn AlmcrantzNONESELF
Marilyn ClancyNASelf
Marilyn ClancyNASelf
Marilyn D BykowskiMs.
Marilyn E WorleyCaterpillar, Inc.Self
Marilyn FerdinandNAself
Marilyn FreeseSelfSelf
Marilyn FriedmanNAself
Marilyn Greenselfself
Marilyn GreenfieldApex Support alternativesSelf
Marilyn Harris-BrownSelfSelf
Marilyn LivesSelf
Marilyn MathiesonSelf
Marilyn McCarty-FultonSelf
Marilyn MurphySelf
Marilyn ORourkeSelf
Marilyn Pintaselfself
Marilyn SmithSelf
Marilyn ThompsonRetiredSelf
Marilyn WelshSELFSELF
Marilynn HurleySelfSelf
Marilynn MoisioSelfSelf
Marin DugalSelfSelf
Marin N GjajaNoneSelf
Mario CarlasareSelfSelf
Marion Cartwrightproponent of bill
Marion Nowakselfself
Marion Nowakselfself
marisa naujokasMdb incSelf
Marisa StratelakRush University Medical CenterSelf
Marissa HolmstromNoneSelf
Marius Smithselfself
Marjorie BottariMoms Demand Action
Marjorie BottariMoms Demand ActionsMarjorie Bottari
Marjorie HalperinMarj Halperin Consulting Inc.Self
Marjorie Johnsonselfself
Marjorie RogasnerNoneSelf
Marjorie S HoulihanJorie Houlihan
Mark ANAmyself
Mark A MillerMark A. Miller ArchitectsSelf
Mark AdduciSelfSelf
Mark BongesSelf
Mark CoyleA Stork Told MeSelf
Mark D JonesNone
Mark DelinSelfSelf
Mark HeintzSelfSelf
Mark Leonardself
mark lindsayself
Mark Lindzyselfself
Mark MacPhailrepresenting selfself
Mark NielsenNoneSelf
mark Novotnynonemyself
Mark OrzechowskiSelfSelf
Mark OrzechowskiSelfSelf
Mark S GregoryYorkville Congregational United Church of Christ
Mark T Lundholmnaself
Mark W Klugeselfself
Mark W Klugeselfself
Mark W Klugeselfself
Mark WalshIllinois Council Against Handgun ViolenceIllinois Council Against Handgun violence
Mark WintersFirst Congregational United Church of Christ Naperville
Mark ZivinSelfSelf
Marla barchNa
Marlene PetersenNA
Marlene PetersenNA
Marlies Bartonselfself
Marlis J Salehnoneself
Marnie Kritzmanself
Marrey PicciottiSelfSelf
Marsha Bordersselfself
Marsha Chomkoselfself
Marsha Cowen Hosfeldnone
Marsha LeeSelfSelf
Marta Steelenoneself
Martha DanielsSelfSelf
Martha DeuterNoneSelf
Martha HannaNone
Martha PaschkeSelfSelf
Martha PlogSelfSelf
Martha Turewicznaself
Martha WhiteNoneSelf
Marti Wicknoneself
Martin Cuellarselfself
Martin Cuellarselfself
Martin McManamanSelfSelf
Martin SussmanSelfSelf
Martina BishoppSelfSelf
Martina BishoppSelfSelf
Martina BishoppSelfSelf
Marty Mitchellself
Marvin L Doolinnoneself
Mary JohnsonSelfself
Mary Aherne Young1965self
Mary Aherne Young1965self
Mary Ann DeBruinNASelf
Mary Ann NaasNone
Mary Ann Pohlselfself
Mary Anne OTOOLESelf
Mary Anne SchiermanMyself
Mary AnthonySelfSelf
Mary AugustineSelfSelf
Mary BarbezatSelfSelf
Mary BarbezatSelfSelf
Mary BarteauMr. and Mrs.Self
Mary BatsfordSelf
Mary BenjaminSelfSelf
Mary Beth CantyNoneSelf
Mary Beth OShaughnessySelf
Mary Beth RoseUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Mary Beth Van WijkMrs.Self
Mary BibyNone
Mary BraggSelfSelf
Mary C RobersonSelf
Mary carolanSelfSelf
Mary Clarknone
Mary ConnerDuPage County School District 45Self
Mary ConwaySelfself
Mary Crowleyselfself
Mary DycusSelfSelf
Mary Edly-Allenselfself
Mary Eileen MullinsSelfSelf
Mary Ellen DeClueretired
Mary Ellen DeClueSelf
Mary Ellen GassSelfSelf
Mary Ellen McGoeyDna
Mary Ellen Shineselfself
Mary F PeranteauSelf
Mary FortuneIndividual
Mary Gerard McGinnisMcGinnis Consultingself
Mary GharritySelfSelf
Mary GibsonSelfSelf
Mary GraminsSelf
Mary Graminsself employedself
Mary H Sotirselfself
Mary HeinsNASelf
Mary HoneggerMrs.Self
mary hummelselfself
Mary Jane MateckiSelf
Mary Jane ReddySelf
Mary Jane TalaSelfSelf
Mary Jane TalaSelfSelf
Mary Jane Wangself
Mary JayaramanNoneSelf
Mary JewettSenior Services of Central ILSelf
Mary Jo LongselfNA
Mary Joan Ceplaselfself
Mary KaminskiSelfSelf
Mary KaminskiSelfSelf
Mary Kay Macenoneself
Mary Kay MarrelloNASelf
Mary Kay MarrelloselfSelf
Mary KeltySelfSelf
Mary LewisNAself
mary lou bleegnone
Mary Lou WarfieldSelf
Mary Lou ZwickIndividualIndividual
Mary Lubertozziself
Mary Lyman-ParrishSelfSelf
Mary Mansfieldselfself
Mary Marshallnoneself
Mary Marshallnoneself
Mary Marshallnoneself
Mary Marshallnoneself
Mary Mathewsnonenone
Mary McGovernSelfSelf
Mary Millerselfself
Mary MulaeSelfSelf
Mary MuszynskiSelf
Mary OchsenschlagerNANA
Mary OchsenschlagerNANA
Mary Patrcia ErnstErnst Financialself
Mary Patrcia ErnstErnst Financialself
Mary PetersenNoneSelf
Mary QuinlanSelfSelf
Mary QuinlanSelfSelf
Mary QuinlanSelfSelf
Mary RadabaughSelf
Mary RadoshNone
Mary reynoldsSelfSelf
Mary RigdonSelfSelf only
Mary Ritternoneself
Mary RohrSelfSelf
Mary RossSelfSelf
Mary S DoughertyNA
Mary SamsonSelfSelf
Mary SchmidtNoneself
Mary ShapiroSelfSelf
Mary ShapiroSelfSelf
Mary ShapiroSelfself
Mary ShesgreenNorthern Illinois Jobs with JusticeNorthern Illinois Jobs with Justice
Mary Slatteryselfself
Mary SteinbergNAself
Mary SteinbergNAself
Mary Stich-Marcusnot applicable
Mary stoutselfself
Mary SutterMrs.Self
Mary SwiecSwiec Home
Mary Swiontoniowskiself
Mary Tara JoyceSelfSelf
Mary TavegiaSelfSelf
Mary TavegiaSelfSelf
Mary Therese DalyNoneSelf
Mary Therese McDonnellSelf
Mary Tworek-Tupperselfself
Mary Wehkingselfself
Mary Wehkingselfself
Mary WestinNone
Mary WilliamsNAMyself
Mary WinchellSelf
Mary Wonderlickselfself
Mary Zwick-NevisMoms Demand ActionSelf
Maryam BrotineSelfSelf
Maryann ShaunnesseySelfSelf
Maryanne ODowdUnitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of IllinoisUnitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois
Maryanne ODowdUnitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of IllinoisUnitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois
MaryBeth NapierSelfIndivisible Evanston
Marybeth UrbinAction for A Better TomorrowSelf
Marybeth UrbinAction for A Better TomorrowSelf
Marybeth UrbinAction for A Better TomorrowSelf
Maryellen Rieckselfself
Maryellen SchwartzTaxpayerTaxpayer
Marygael CullenNASelf
Maryll MoonSelf
Maryll MoonSelfSelf
Marylynn Collentineself
Mason SchloesserSelfSelf
Matt BlackallNAself
Matt Lenzselfself
Matt RodmanSelf
Matthew A GoldrickSelf
Matthew CrawfordStudentSelf
Matthew GieschenSelfSelf
Matthew Giffordselfself
Matthew HickeyNot ApplicableSelf
Matthew KuzmaFixer.comSelf
Matthew Lenzselfself
Matthew PetersonSelfSelf
Matthew PetrocelliNoAgencymyself and my children
Matthew PriestDraper and Kramer
Matthew S McCallumDr
Matthew SladeVillage of DurandSelf
Maura HirschauerStay at home momSelf
Maura McCauleyNa
Maureen BarrettNone
Maureen BridgesSelfSelf
Maureen Clancy SSNDSelf
Maureen Collierselfself
Maureen EllisSelfSelf
Maureen HeadingtonVincent Headington, Ltd.
Maureen K Meshenberg1958
Maureen Milordself
Maureen Stiebrisnone
Maureen Vanaselfself
Maureen Verwielselfself
Maureen Verwielselfslef
Maureen Warrenselfself
Maury WolffNoneSelf
Max Ayoubrepresenting selfself
Max BoronSelf
Max Overtonnoneself
Maxie KnightenAnother Chance Chicago
Maxine GereNASelf
Maya ReadingSelfSelf
Meg Ann BraidaSelf
Meg ReynoldsSelfSelf
Meg ThompsonSelfSelf
megan BassononeMegan Basso
Megan BessselfSelf
Megan BorchersSelf
Megan ChamberlinSelfself
Megan Czerwinskiselfself
Megan E BaldassarreNorthwest NeurologySelf
Megan ErnstSelf
Megan FleischelSelf
Megan HannemannSelf
Megan HardimanSelf
Megan HillegassNoneSelf
Megan Humphreyself
Megan KirklandNoneNone
Megan LarsonSelfSelf
Megan MartinRepresenting Self
Megan MartinSelf
Megan McDonaldselfself
Megan MorganSelfSelf
Megan MurphySelfSelf
Megan OConnellnoneself
Megan PowellHomeSelf
Megan PrescottNone
Megan R HerroldSelfSelf
Megan Schroederself
Megan WolfHawthorn District 73Self
Megan ZidekNA
Meghan A OzaroskiNorthwestern UniversitySELF
Meghan Barrett-EnglertselfNA
Meghan HawkinsNoneSelf
Meghan McLaughlinNoneSelf
meghan millerself
Meghann McEnteeNA
Melanie CarterNoneSelf
Melanie ClarkNAself
Melanie Norstromselfself
Melanie RakNone
Melanie Shamsuddinnoneself
melanie tillmannsnoneSelf
Melanie UtegNone
Melanie WelchnoneSelf
Melinda J Lans-KautzNANA
Melissa GrantNASelf
Melissa a Riceprivate citizenprivate citizen
Melissa AriasSelfSelf
Melissa BuckleySelfself
Melissa Cairnsselfself
Melissa championSelf
Melissa CrawfordCitizen and Registered VoterSelf
Melissa DaneSelfSelf
Melissa DieboldHomeSelf
Melissa diglioSelfSrlf
Melissa DinslageSelfSelf
Melissa FedermanPrivate citizen
Melissa FeldmanNA
Melissa Hauptmannoneself
Melissa Hostetterselfself
Melissa HustonSelf
Melissa HustonSelfSelf
Melissa KaneSelfSelf
Melissa L HultingSelfself
Melissa LaytonSelfSelf
Melissa LiebSelfSelf
Melissa McgrawSafe Passage
Melissa McGrawSafe PassageSelf
Melissa NelsonSelfSelf
Melissa OquendoNot applicable
Melissa OquendoNot applicable
Melissa OquendoSelf
Melissa Parafrepresenting selfrepresenting self
Melissa PhillipsNA
Melissa Probernonenone
Melissa Riceselfself
Melissa RoseSelfSelf
Melissa SchwartzSelfSelf
Melissa SwaglerPenta Group, Inc.
Melvin R DuvallSELF
Meredith HalperinChicago NOW
Meredith PayneSelfSelf
Meredith UlmerSelf
Meredith WestSelfSelf
Meredith WestSelfSelf
Meribeth K TookeSELFSELF
Meryl Greer Domina350Kishwaukee501(3)c
Meryl SosaIllinois Psychiatric SocietySelf
Meta LevinMeta L. Levin & Associates LLCSelf
Meta MuellerMrs.Self
Meta MuellerSelfSelf
Meta MuellerSelfSelf
Michael AndrewPrimera Engineers, LtdMyself
Michael AngaroneSelfself
Michael AubryselfSelf
Michael Barnesselfself
Michael BattinSelfSelf
Michael BiganeMyselfSelf
Michael BoekeSelf
Michael BundaloSelfSelf
Michael ButzICO
Michael CabreraSelfSelf
Michael Chenselfself
Michael ChildersIndividual
Michael Ciacciarelliselfself
Michael Conoverself
Michael Conoverself
Michael DoyleSelfSelf
Michael DuhlSelfSelf
Michael E DessimozNone
Michael Fisherselfself
Michael FletcherBrainSurf InformaticsSelf
Michael FlockhartFlockhart Design, Inc.self
Michael GlotzerSelfSelf
Michael Henningselfself
Michael KoettingretiredSelf
Michael KrantzSelfSelf
Michael KremerUniversity of ChicagoSelf
Michael Kritzmanself
Michael Kupkowskiselfself
Michael LoftusSelfSelf
Michael LokshinMr.self
Michael Loveless-Mancusoself
Michael MalySelf
MIchael MannarinoBlueBolt Solutions
Michael McClellanLaw Office of M.B. McClellanSelf
Michael Milesnoneself
Michael MuellerCitizenSelf
Michael NamecheSelfSelf
Michael NegronNoneMoms Demand Action - Lincoln Square
Michael P McCauleySelfSelf
Michael PabianSelf
Michael Paoliselfself
Michael Peshkinnonenone
Michael Reichselfself
michael renteriaselfself
Michael RuffingDarwillSelf
Michael SandstromSelfSelf
michael sandstromselfself
Michael SchoenbacherNone
michael shultzSelfSelf
Michael SkwaraNoneSelf
michael sordillindividual
Michael SpreadNASelf
Michael TerrienNoneNone
Michael Turnerselfself
Michael Woodselfself
Michaela KruseHeartlandself
Michal PalatnikSelfSelf
Michel FrendianNoneSelf
michele anderhousSelf
Michele ChromanNone
Michele FreiburgSelfSelf
Michele HaysNANA
Michele Jaye SolomonNa
Michele Monroe-ClarkSelf
Michele Monroe-ClarkSelfSelf
Michele NiccolaiSelfSelf
michele pulverconstituent
Michele Rosenbaumselfself
Michele SandstromSelf
Michele Weber HurwitzNoneSelf
Michelle SayasSelf
Michelle AndrewAndrew Law GroupMichelle Andrew
Michelle BerrySelfSelf
Michelle BerrySelfSelf
Michelle BerrySelfSelf
Michelle CancillaSelfSelf
Michelle Chapman-RienstraSpirit Cultural Exchange
Michelle EhretNot applicableSELF
Michelle G TaufmannTaufmann Group
Michelle GervaisSelf EmployedMyself
Michelle Haugenselfself
Michelle Henrichsnoneself
Michelle HigaSelfSelf
Michelle JohnsonNoneSelf
Michelle kaufmanNoneSelf
Michelle KellerSelfself
Michelle KomperdaVoter
Michelle Lopez-RiosCitizenself
Michelle Mayesnoneself
Michelle MillerMrs.Self
Michelle Nielsen OttSelfSelf
Michelle Orton LoftusOrton Loftus Law GroupSelf
Michelle Orton LoftusOrton Loftus Law GroupSelf
Michelle RodriguesSelfSelf
Michelle RoskensSelfSelf
Michelle RoskensSelfSelf
Michelle Shawselfself
Michelle VredbergNAself
Michelle ZahuranecSelfSelf
Miguel BautistaCitizenCitizen
Miguel Escobarselfself
Mike BrottmanSelf
Mike BrottmanSelf
Mike CroxellSelfSelf
Mike CurrySelfSelf
Mike FingerleNoneSelf
Mike FingerleNoneSelf
Milagros Burgosselfself
Milan RulichSelf
Mildred Leonardselfself
Miles Hamiltonself
Miles Lambert-GilliamLatin School of Chicagoself
Milo FuttermanNone
Mindy Leonardself
Mindy LucasMrs.self
Minna Friedmanselfself, concerned citizen
Miranda Wilgusself
Miriam AroninNASelf
Miriam B ScottSelfSelf
Miriam TovarMom's Demand Action
Mischa Ayoubrepresenting selfself
Missy ReynoldsIPSD
Mollie A Whiteheadself
Molly Anne Walshna
Molly BailisNASELF
Molly ClarkSelf
Molly EmmonsNA
Molly MunsonVernon Hills
Molly PintaMs.self
Molly VandeveldSelf
Molly WalshSelf
Mona Thornton--None--Self
Monica Dillonnoneself
Monica Draneselfself
Monica HalloranDominican University
Monica HauserLenovo
Monica KurzSchool
Monica McGillMs.Self
Monica ZanettiMONICA Zanetti DesignsSelf
Morgan A OsgoodAmerican Medical AssociationSelf
Morgan LerdalNone
Morgan LordSelfSelf
Morgan Paulusselfself
Morton BliebergLiberty Management Corp.
Morton BliebergLiberty Management Corp.
Morton Bliebergnoneself
Ms Vikki Ward Martincommunity member
Musette MichaelMusette MichaelMusette Michael
Nadine Mungairetiredselff
Nadine Robertson DiMareSelfSelf
Nadine Thompsonnoneself only
Naila TowneSelfSelf
Nakita PruittNone
Namratha KandulaNorthwestern University
Nan Freundself
Nan Parsonself
Nanci JohnsonSelf
Nancy JonesSelfSelf
Nancy Ardenselfself
Nancy ArdenSelfSelf
Nancy Bellna
Nancy BodenNoneSelf
Nancy Bonnselfself
Nancy Brandt222 E. Chestnut St. Unit 16-Bself
Nancy Brandtselfself
Nancy CatramboneNASelf
Nancy Chausow ShaferSelf
Nancy ClowSelfSelf
Nancy ClowSelfSelf
Nancy ClowSelfSelf
Nancy CullinaneSelfSelf
Nancy CunovSelfSelf
Nancy CurrierSelfSelf
Nancy Dursoself
Nancy Eisenbergselfself
Nancy Flemingself
Nancy FreemanNASelf
Nancy Gormanself
Nancy GrandoneNASelf
Nancy GrandoneNASelf
Nancy GrossmanSelfSelf
Nancy GrudzienNoneSelf
Nancy Heintznone
Nancy HopkinsSelf
Nancy Hunt1944SELF
Nancy HuntleySelfSelf
Nancy J Heil MD1952
Nancy K McQueenyACT Tutor
Nancy Keck-WingeardPediatrician
Nancy KisickiSelf
Nancy KneipSelfSelf
Nancy KneipSelfSelf
Nancy KuhlmanSelf
Nancy KujawinskiMotherMoms Demand Action
Nancy M Graham MillerSELFSelf
Nancy NedlandNone
Nancy NelsonSelfSelf
Nancy NelsonSelfSelf
Nancy Patushnoneself
Nancy Patushnoneself
Nancy Phillippselfself
Nancy Schietzeltmyself
Nancy ShierRetired
nancy simon cooperna
Nancy Syburgselfself
Nancy syversenNaSrlf
Nancy SyversenNoneSelf
Nancy Turnerself
Nancy Van Grinsvenselfself
Nancy VintillanaSelf
Nancy ZettlerNoneSelf
Nanette Wargo DonohueSelfSelf
Nashelli O Galvez LinaresSelfSelf
natalie beglenself
Natalie Glick2000
Natalie MacPhailrepresenting selfself
Natalie Warrennonenone
Natalie Warrennonenone
Natania RosenfeldKnox College
Nathan A WykesNoneSelf
Nathan La PorteSelfSelf
Nayoung HaHana CenterHana Center
Neal Lambertselfself
Neal PetersonProponentN. IL Indivisible 16
Neil GambowSelf
Neva Eganselfself
Newland F SmithMr.Self
Nicholas CroucherselfSelf
Nicholas J DiMasi Jrnot applicableSelf
Nicholas Van Zoerenselfself
Nick AielloSelfSelf
Nick DwyerSelfSelf
Nick EliopulosNone
Nick EliopulosNone
Nick EliopulosNone
Nick HankesSelfSelf
Nick UniejewskiNAself
Nicki KoutsoukosAlpha Media
Nicola MargolisHome
Nicola MargolisHome
Nicole AlvarezNone
Nicole AnaniaPediatrician
Nicole AzarkMrs.Self
Nicole BangeRepresenting SelfSelf
Nicole Ellis SempleNAself
Nicole Gifford BaughNoneSelf
Nicole HewittNoneSELF
Nicole JackOn behalf of self
Nicole L MianoSelfSelf
Nicole LaDueSelfSelf
Nicole PaciniSelfSelf
Nicole Rundall RoyalSelf
Nicole ScifoSelf
Nicole SidiSelf
Nicole SullivanMy family, neighbors, and community
Nicole SullivanNa
Nicole SullivanNa
Nicole WhelanNA
Nicolle GrasseNoneSelf
Nicolle OllierSelfSelf
Nikki KuehlBottle & Bottega EvanstonSelf
Nikki LeeSelf
Nikki M BriggsSelf
Nikki StevensonSELFSelf, family
Niko SulekSelfSelf
Nikoletta Antonakosself
Nilasha GhoshselfNA
Nilsa SweetserSelfSelf
Nina Brewer-DavisSelfSelf
Nina CorwinNina Corwin, MA, LCSW Private PracticeNina Corwin
Nina Marie1963All concerned citizens
Nina NewhouserSelfSelf
Nisan ChavkinCouncil of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicagoself
Nithya AnandIndividual
Noa DanielFamilySelf
Noel Zakselfself
Noelle McDonoughselfself
Noelle MooreSelfSelf
Nora BondiNASelf
Nora BorchersSelf
Nora KroppSelfSelf
Nora L HruskaSelfSelf
nora mabieMK Communications
Nora Wachterrepresenting selfself
Nora WassermanSelf
Norah JarczaknoneSelf
Noreen r gayfordSelf
Noreen EllisSelf
Noreen Meyersnone
Norie Knezeticselfself
Norie Knezeticselfself
Norine E Meisternoneself
Norma J StumboEducation Associates
Norma J StumboEducation Associates
norma StumboEducation Associates
Norman W Lathropselfself
Norval I BrownChrist United Methodist ChurchSelf
Novia PagoneSelfSelf
Olga BascoIndividual
Orianna Hamiltonself
Orlando ArroyoArroyoSelf
Otis FuttermanNone
Paige WorthyPaige Worthy LLCPaige Worthy LLC
Paige WorthyPaige Worthy LLCPaige Worthy LLC
Paloma DelgadilloNational Organization for Women Chicago ChapterNational Organization for Women Chicago Chapter
Pam D ProschMs.self
Pam PintozziNASelf
Pam solomonWCNS
Pam Stegemanself
Pamela FehlingNone
Pamela GrayNoneSelf
Pamela HallettSelf
Pamela Hazeself
Pamela HillDekalb stands
Pamela Horan-Busseyselfself
Pamela IdleburgRetired
Pamela J BetzBaronselfself
Pamela K NiesluchowskiSelfSelf
Pamela K NiesluchowskiSelfSelf
Pamela Koerkelnoneself
Pamela NovakSelf
Pamela OrfanosSelf
Pamela RumancikSelf
Pamela Sandbulte-Meitzler--None--
Pamela SourelisNONESelf
Pamela SourelisSelfSelf
Pamela SourelisSelfSelf
Pamela ZadakNoneSelf
Pamella GronemeyerSEMC Pathology
Pamella GronemeyerSEMC PathologySelf
Paola LaMannaSelfSelf
Paola MorgaviSelfNA
Parul GoyalselfNA
Pat FitzgeraldRetired teacher
Pat FitzgeraldState of Illinois teacher
Pat ReddySelf
Pat RoseArt Odyssey
Patria HammerSelfSelf
Patrice Careyselfself
Patricia AylwardSelfSelf
Patricia MaloneNA
Patricia MarlowNone
Patricia A KulaMs.Self
Patricia A Varnerselfself
Patricia AndrewSelf
Patricia ArmstrongOn behalf of selfIllinois voter
Patricia AveryChampaign-Urbana Area Project
Patricia BeyerChicago Public SchoolsSelf
Patricia BiallasSelfSelf
Patricia BoblickSelfUUANI
Patricia Cahillselfself
Patricia DonahueSelf
Patricia FredericksonSelfSelf
Patricia GleesT.G. Consultants IncMyself
Patricia Harkinretired
Patricia HayesSelf
Patricia HeiseSelfSelf
Patricia HeiseSelfSelf
Patricia HuettemanSelfSelf
Patricia J MadisonNAself
Patricia KonczykSelfSelf
Patricia MarlowSelf
Patricia McAdamsSelfSelf
Patricia McAdamsSelfSelf
Patricia MolloyRepresenting selfSelf
Patricia Pace-HalpinRetiredSelf
Patricia SchaeferVoter
Patricia SpenceNoneSelf
Patricia Sullivan-HowdSelfSelf
Patricia SumrakConstituents
Patrick McMullanNaself
Patrick ShermanSelfSelf
Patti PattisonSelf
Patti PattisonSelf
Patti WernerSelfSelf
Paul AdelsonSelfSelf
Paul AndersenNoneself
Paul Anthony GantKnox CollegeSelf
Paul CzerwinskiSelfSelf
Paul DickersonSelf
Paul I Hettichselfself
Paul Joseph Schleitwiler FCMselfself
Paul Laustercitizenself
Paul VirgilioNASelf
Paul Zarembaselfself
Paula BensonSelfSelf
Paula CiardulloSelfSelf
Paula EkstromSelf
Paula GarciaNone
Paula GivanNoneSelf
Paula Hamiltonselfself
Paula HosteNot applicable
Paula HosteNot applicable
Paula LawsonNoneSelf
Paula ShotwellNonemyself
Paula Stevens-Contey- None -
Paula WilcoxNone
Pauline Lazzerettiselfself
paulyna markleyself
Peg SutorSelfSelf
Peggy Cainnoneself
Peggy CurryNANA
Peggy LehmanSelfself
Peggy LeiferIndividual
Peggy McFarlandRoselle Against Gunsself
Peggy Roederselfself
Peggy Simonsenself
Pei-Yuan TsouPediatrician, PhysicianSelf
Penelope J YunkerNASelf
Penny Carltonselfself
Penny DonehooSelf
Penny FisherMs.
Peter AscoliretiredSelf
Peter AtterbergMcHenry County College DemocratsSelf
Peter CernekaNASelf
Peter FalesSelfSelf
Peter GrayAileron CommunicationsSelf
Peter KujawinskiFatherMoms Demand Action
Peter PuchalskiNone
Peter Rosenbaumselfself
Peter ToddSelfSelf
Phil AndrewPAX GroupPhil Andrew
Phil StrangPhil Strang Artist
Philip GarbeSelfself
Philip K Newman MDSelfNA
Philip von Zwecknaself
Phillip AllenSelfself
Phillip L MaaishSelfself
Phyllis DobbsIndividualMyself
Phyllis MarkusSelf
Phyllis OrzechowskiSelfSelf
Phyllis OrzechowskiSelfSelf
Phyllis PattenSelfSelf
Phyllis PattenSelfSelf
Pinar AralSelf
Polly AndrewsRetired
Pratheek NagarajSelfSelf
Preston FirestoneNoneNone
Priscilla AndersonNoneSelf
Quincy CrumpNone
Rachael FabbiFox valley natural medicine
Rachael RothrauffSelfSelf
Rachel AmdurselfNA
Rachel BecknellConstituentSelf
Rachel ContosSelfSelf
Rachel Cuadrosself
Rachel Engelhardtselfself
Rachel ErdmanSelfSelf
Rachel FisherNone
Rachel Goldsteinnoneself
Rachel GrahamSelfSelf
Rachel HaneNA
Rachel Heumannonenone
Rachel MacEnteeSelfSelf
Rachel Maggioselfself
Rachel Malonerepresenting selfself
Rachel PomeroySelf
Rachel Smith-Boltonrepresenting selfself
Rachel TopolskiSelfSelf
Rachel Wanroyselfself
Rachel WeissJewish Reconstructionist Congregation - JRCSelf
Rae Brownselfnone
Rae Brownselfnone
Raechel HendersonIdiorhythmic DesignsSelf
Rainer SchochatSelfSelf
Ralph G HeinrichsSelf
Ramona StoutSelfSelf
Randall AuxierSouthern Illinois University Carbondale
Randall DautelSelf
Randall KawNoneNone
Randolph RollerNAMoms Demand Action for Gun Sense
Randy EwoldtNoneSelf
Rashida PflipsenNoneSelf
Ravishankar HasanadkaSelf
Ray NixonSelf
Ray ValekValek and Company Inc
Raymon A GrossmanMr
Raymond Gueself
Raymond RoginaCity of St. Charles
Raymond SandersEveryTown For Gun SafetySelf
Rebeca C San MartinJB for GovSelf
Rebecca Anderson WilkinsAnderson's Bookshops
Rebecca Andree OBrienGorgeous Glass, Inc
Rebecca BalyeatNone
Rebecca BennettSelf
Rebecca CarlNoneself
Rebecca DevlinSelfself
Rebecca EisenbergSelf
Rebecca FergusonSelfSelf
Rebecca FullerRepresenting SelfSelf
Rebecca GianottiNASelf
Rebecca GoecknerRetired - Illinois State University
Rebecca HarringtonSelfSelf
Rebecca HeneghanNorthwestern Universityself
Rebecca KozielSelfSelf
Rebecca KozielSelfSelf
Rebecca LindellNorthwestern UniversitySelf
Rebecca LittleSelf
Rebecca LoNASelf
Rebecca MalleynoneSelf
Rebecca MillerSelfSelf
Rebecca MillsNASelf
Rebecca MillsNASelf
Rebecca MrugaczSelfSelf
Rebecca NoyesSelfSelf
Rebecca PalmerSelf
Rebecca PeppNone
Rebecca RadfordNone
Rebecca Rauffselfself
Rebecca Rayselfself
Rebecca Robinsonselfself
Rebecca Rubinself
Rebecca Russowselfself
Rebecca Russowselfself
Rebecca SeversonselfSelf
Rebecca SeversonselfSelf
Rebeccah WillardSelfSelf
Rebekah SchulenbergMother
Rebekah SnyderSelfSelf
Rebekah SnyderSelfSelf
Rebekah SnyderSelfSelf
Reese Richardsonselfself
Regina Conway-PhillipsLoyola University Chicago, Niehoff School fo Nursingself
Renae Greeneself
Renate Stolzernone
Renee AndinoSelfSelf
Renee AndinoSelfSelf
Renee KosiarekNone
Renee MillerAction for a Better Tomorrow
Renee ReillySelf
Renee Sherfyself
Renee Trillingselfself
Renee Trillingselfself
Renee Zoltowskiselfself
Reshoma BanerjeeSelfSelf
Rey GarciaSelfSelf
Rhiannon JimenezSelf
Rhiannon JimenezSelf
Rhona DiCamilloindividualna
Rhonda RKCitizenSelf
Rich LomasneyLOCOventures
Rich MartinNoneSelf
Richard BibySelfSelf
richard a fendrychNoneSelf
Richard AllenSelf
Richard Bermannone
Richard ChromanSelf
Richard DruckerGemworld International
Richard F NielsenSELFSelf
Richard H SchmackRichard Schmack Attorney At L aw
Richard HutnerSelf
Richard JaworowskiSelf
Richard KatzSelfSelf
Richard L ThorneNoneSelf
Richard QuigleySelfSelf
Richard SchilloNoneSelf
Richard SchwalbNoneSelf
Richard StraubSelfSelf
Richard SullivanSelf EmployedSelf
Richard Taylorselfself
Richard ThorneSelfSelf
Richard ThorneSelfSelf
Richard V PokornySelfUU Advocacy Network of Illinois
Richell MintzlaffNa
Rick CurryNANA
Rick SandstromSelfSelf
Rick Sandstromselfself
Rina CampbellCampbell Consultingsef
Rita BalgemanSelfSelf
Rita Crowleynoneself
Rita LarkinCitizenCitizen
Rob AndinoSelf
Rob OgdenSelf-employedSelf
Robbin KeenanNoneSelf
Robert Andorkaselfself
Robert Bahreyself
Robert BergSelfSelf
robert bitteselfself
Robert C BongesSelf
Robert C ReschGLC OPUS Newsletter
Robert C Reschself
Robert CampbellSelf
Robert ChasteenSelf
Robert CliniteTaxpayerself
Robert Cowellnoneself
Robert DieboldHomeSelf
Robert Dukeshireselfself
Robert EckmannSelfSelf
Robert G SullivanNoneSelf
Robert Handelsmannonenone
Robert J NashIllinois Council Against Handgun ViolenceMember, Board of Directors Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
Robert JonesNoneNone
Robert KastigarNone
Robert KennyState Farm Ins
Robert L Woodleymeme
Robert L Woodleyselfself
Robert M FaetzSelf
Robert Mackselfself
Robert muranskySelf
Robert MuranskySelf
Robert ODonnellMr.Self
Robert OgdenSelf employedSelf
Robert PowellNone
Robert RayfordNone
Robert RussSelfSelf
Robert S ChimisGCFD VolunteerSelf
Robert S MasseyMr
Robert SchwartzRetired
Robert SullivanNone
Robert SullivanSelf
Robert T SelfretiredSelf
Robert W GrahamRetired TeacherMyself
Roberta BiesenSelf
Roberta Borrinoselfself
Roberta CapsutoSelf
Roberta JaworowskiSelf
Roberta NovakNoneSelf
Roberta Nyeselfself
Roberta Rhyne-Fishernoneself
Roberta RubenSelfSelf
Roberta RubenSelfSelf
Roberta Siegelselfself
Robin Bergerselfself
Robin CharlestonSelf
Robin DusekMeself
Robin DusekMeself
Robin E KalishRobin Kalish, MD
Robin FellersSelf
Robin LesterSynergy Organization Solutions
Robin LloydGiffordsGiffords
Robin MaherSelfSelf
Robin Radanone
Robin RogersSelfSelf
Robin WeaverMrs.
Robyn Vickersnoneself
Robyne OMaraNone
Robyne OMaraNONE
Robyne OMaraNoneMyself
Rochelle EppersonRetiredSelf
Rochelle Rifferselfself
Ron and Debbie KovichNone
Ron and Debbie KovichNone
Ron Liigsooself
Ron Schneidernoneself
Ronald GraisSelf
Ronald GraisSelfSelf
Ronald LewisNAself
Ronald RutzkyselfSelf
Ronda ParmacekSelfSelf
Ronnie J SokolRetired
Ronnie J SokolRetired
Ronza BasueSelfSelf
Rory KeaneSelf-employedSelf
Rosalba X DuarteNone
Rosalie G RiegleRosalie Riegle Books
Rosalie RiegleRosali
Rosalie Schraut1975Self
Rosalind KayeShirley Ryan AbilityLabSelf
Rosamond A Henningsonretired
Roseann DruckerSelf
Rosemarie ColacinoSelfSelf
Rosemarie G Beedyselfself
Rosemary RobbsSelfSelf
Rosemary RyanSelfSelf
Roslyn TopolskiMsSelf
Roth GeorgeTaxpayer
Roth GeorgeTaxpayer
Roth GeorgeVoter
Roth MagdaTaxpayer
Roth MagdaTaxpayer
Roth MagdaVoter
Roxana VergaraNASelf
Russ Flieglerselfself
Russell Griffinpipefitterself
Russell HopkinsBlue Star Family PlatoonCoalition of Veterans Organizations
Russell HopkinsBlue Star Family PlatoonCoalition of Veterans Organizations
Russell HopkinsCoalition of Veterans OrganizationsCoalition of Veterans Organizations
Ruth Fink-WinterSElf
Ruth m DegnanSelfSelf
Ruth MillerComcastSelf
Ruth RichSelfself
Ruth ScifoNot ApplicableSelf
Ruth SikesStu Artself
Ruth Sublettself
Ryan AndersonRyan Anderson Productions
Ryan BurgessSelfSelf
Ryan DohoneySelfself
Ryan EnglemanSelfSelf
ryan Hauptmannoneself
Ryan KearneySelf
Ryan simmonsSelf
Ryan Wolffselfself
Ryanne Laredoselfself
S -selfself
S M Adams-LanhamselfSelf
Sabina WongSelfSelf
Sabine Selvaisselfself
Sadiya ZackriaSelfSelf
Sage kuglerSelfSelf
Sally A JohnsonNoneSelf
Sally Adlerselfself
sally eglerretiredself
Sally SchlekerNANA
sally schwarzloseselfself
Sallyann GarnerSelf
Samantha E DeKovenselfself
Samantha LooThe University of ChicagoSelf
Sandra BuhlSelfSelf
Sandra Bushretired librarianSelf
Sandra Desironselfself
Sandra Desironselfself
Sandra HarmonSelf
Sandra HartLake County GovernmentDistrict 13
Sandra HewsonNA
Sandra Hubbardselfna
Sandra LoftusSelf
Sandra PerrySelf
Sandra Perryself
Sandra Simonisnoneself
Sandra SteinbrecherSandra Steinbrecher Photographyself
Sandra StemlerSelfSelf
Sandra Sullivan-DunbarSelfSelf
Sandra Sullivan-DunbarSelfSelf
Sandra SwantekSelfWritten
Sandralyn Bourseauselfself
Sandy AlpersteinSelf
Sandy KolataSelfself
Sanika Nandaself
Saraon behalf of self
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BernerNoneSelf
Sara BrrnerNoneSelf
Sara BuehlerNoneNone
Sara ByerlyMoms Demand Action
Sara Carlsonself
Sara CohnSelf
Sara CorySelfSelf
Sara CorySelfSelf
Sara DadyDady & Hoffmann LLCNA
Sara Ellen VinzaniPrivate Individual
Sara Evans-BakerMoms Demand Action
Sara GordonSelf
Sara HerrityRepresenting SelfSelf
Sara Hoffmannself
Sara HolingSelfself
Sara Horanselfself
Sara HutchisonSelfSelf
Sara Jo Romagnolicotyself
Sara KnizhnikSelfSelf
Sara Kurenskyselfself
Sara Kurenskyselfself
Sara Kurenskyselfself
Sara LeeSelfSelf
Sara MartinNoneself
Sara Overtonnone
Sara Overtonnoneself
Sara PeikenSelfNA
Sara PhalenSelfSelf
Sara RashidWildflowerSELF
Sara Rezviselfself
Sara S WykesSelfSelf
Sara StrahanSkillcrushSelf
Sarada Amaniselfself
Sarah Baumanselfself
sarah beglenself
Sarah BreedenNoneSelf
Sarah BreedenNoneSelf
Sarah BreedenNoneSelf
Sarah CaltvedtSelfSelf
Sarah CaltvedtSelfSelf
Sarah ChuziselfNA
Sarah CohenLurie ChildrensSelf
Sarah CollyerSelf
Sarah CrawfordNoneSelf
Sarah CuringtonIndividual
Sarah EcclesNASelf
Sarah FreriksIndp
Sarah FruddennoneSelf
Sarah GeigerNAself
Sarah Ghesquieresynergy creative group, inc
Sarah Greenspanself
Sarah GroverSelfMyself
Sarah Hamltonnoneself
Sarah HerzelSELFself
Sarah HuntSelfNA
Sarah HuntSelfSelf
Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldmanselfself
Sarah J Hewittcitizenself
Sarah KirkpatrickSelfSelf
Sarah L HarmonMs.self
Sarah LohseSelfSelf
Sarah LohseSelfSelf
Sarah LongselfNA
Sarah Makinneyselfself
Sarah Makinneyselfself
Sarah MorisNASelf
Sarah MurphySelf
Sarah Myles1969
Sarah Nilssonselfself
Sarah Petersenselfself
Sarah Petersenselfself
Sarah PetroNoneSelf
Sarah pinkusSchool district 58Self
Sarah Polichcitizencitizen
Sarah PorterfieldNoneSelf
Sarah RasseyDefining Home
Sarah RichardsCarbondale Unitarian Fellowshipself
Sarah RyanselfNA
Sarah SandersonSelf
Sarah ScharNASelf
Sarah SheltonNaSelf
Sarah ShkutovNone
Sarah SparksMrs.Self
Sarah Surisooknonenone
Sarah WalkingtonSarah Walkington
Sarah WaxmanYCIR
sarah yousufselfself
Sari ShumanSelfSelf
Scott AasengUnitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of ILUnitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of IL
Scott DunningSelf
Scott GarfinkelSelf
Scott HarrisSelfSelf
Scott HelmkeNASelf
Scott Hurleyselfself
Scott LuxNoneself
Scott McNeillSelfSelf
Scott MetzgerChicago Urban LeagueChicago Urban League
SCOTT MINNIGAmeriprise Financialself
Scott OzaroskiDePaul UniversitySELF
Scott PageSelf
Scott R McAdamsSelfSelf
Scott TreiberNoneSelf
Sean Graham-Whiteselfself
Sean Graham-Whiteselfself
Sean HanrettaSelfSelf
Sean McGowan--None--Self
Sean McMullanNASelf
Sean MurphyCitizen
Sean Stava-MurraySelfSelf
Seth SchreiberSelfSelf
Shana SextonSelfSelf
Shandra TremainNoneSelf
Shannan YoungerselfSelf
Shannon AndersenSelf
Shannon DeGiulioSelf
Shannon MaloneSelf
Shannon MartinDistrict 47Self
Shannon MillikinNorthwestern Universityself
Shannon Sniderself
Shannon TobinHome
Shannon WalkerSelfSelf
Shara LaPointeSelfSelf
Shari FiloniSelfSelf
Shari Ralishself
Shari Ralishselfself
Sharmistha BoseNASelf
Sharon BorgSelfSelf
Sharon BorgSelfSelf
Sharon Connorself
sharon crenshawMs.
Sharon estermanPersonal
Sharon EvansSelf
Sharon HabigerSelfSelf
Sharon HabigerSelfSelf
Sharon HermanSelfSelf
Sharon JonesNone
Sharon JonesNone
Sharon JosefsonNoneSelf
Sharon KhuranaSelfself
Sharon SeligaSelfSelf
Sharon Steinnonemyself
Sharon Steinnonemyself
Sharon TexleyNA
Sharon W SpoonerSelfSelf
Sharone Marckself
Sharron AndresenSelfSelf
Shauna HuckLincoln Elementary School
Shauna Niequistselfself
Shauna WietSelf
Shaw JeriSelfSelf
Shawn Michaelselfself
Shawn Michaelselfself
SHawn peekSelf
Shazia R Millerselfself
Sheila blair60004Moms demand action Nw suburbs
Sheila FlahertySelf
Sheila HebeinSelfSelf
Sheila MeyerSelf
Sheila NissimSelf
Sheila SchultzSelfSelf
Sheila SmithBarat Education FoundationBarat Education Foundation
Sheila Wertzretiredself
Sheri LeviSelfSelf
Sheri ZierdtNone
Sherri Gail BarberselfMyself
Sherri RussellNAMyself
Sherri RussellNoneNA
Sherry Auldself
Sherry CannonSelfSelf
Sherry HollandSelfSelf
Sherry JainSelfSelf
Sheryl GoldmanSelfSelf
Sheryl L HoganMrs.self
Sheryl SmetanaSelfSelf
Sheryl Szot Gallahernoneself
Sheryl Szot Gallaherselfself
Shirley Adamsselfself
Shirley Adamsselfself
Shirley DrelichKeshetSelf
Shirley LundinSelfSelfish
Shivani KamdarNaSelf
Shree GurusamyNA
Shyla DallasWe Will Women
Sidney Jerome LevyS. Jerome Levy & Associates, P.C.Self
Sierra M CaronSelfSelf
Sierra M CaronSelfSelf
Simone Dennynot applicable
Siobhan GreeneSelfSelf
Siobhan WeeselfNA
Sister Marianne SupanChurch of the Holy Spiritself
Skylar JohnsonNot applicableself
sloan salahself
Smitha VasanSelf
Smitha Vasanself
Sneha Thatipelliselfself
Sol MisenerNAMyself
Sona Rejebianselfself
Sondra HemeryckNot applicableSelf
sonja channone
Sonja FaulknerSelfSelf
Sonja HallSelf
Sonja Hansennoneself
Sonny CohenselfSelf
Sonya CurrySelfSelf
Sophie GlicksteinNoneSelf
Sophie MeynnoneMyself and my family
Spencer SimonSelfSelf
Srinivas MahankaliSelfNA
Stacey BoekeSelf
Stacey KilburgSelfSelf
Stacey MurrayMarketing WerksNA
Stacey StufflebeamNoneSelf
Stacey TobinSelfSelf
Stacey WenslauskisSelfSelf
stacy dudeknoneself
Stacy Saefselfself
Stacy SeidenSelf
Stanislawa Jamellselfself
Stanley CampbellRockford Urban Ministries
Stanley SchloesserSelfSelf
Stanton SandersonSelfSelf
Stanton SandersonSelfSelf
Stefan GjajaNoneSelf
Stefanie BauerSelf
Stefanie BundaloSarcastic Cooking BlogSelf
Stefanie BundaloSarcastic Cooking BlogSelf
Stefanie BundaloSarcastic Cooking WebsiteSelf
Steffanie CarterSelfSelf
Stella BlackStella Black real Property
Stephanie AnthonySelf
Stephanie BaileyRush University Medical Center
Stephanie BehneNoneSelf
Stephanie BermanNoneSelf
Stephanie BiegelMyselfMyself
Stephanie bilenkononeself
Stephanie C SuttonIndividual
Stephanie GrayNASelf
Stephanie HollandNoneSelf
Stephanie Holtnoneself
Stephanie Kaurinselfself
Stephanie KaurinSelfSelf
Stephanie LampiSelf
Stephanie Laydenselfself
Stephanie PellatiSelfSelf
Stephanie R TurnerSelfSelf
Stephen DavisSelfSelf
Stephen Glivano firm, private citizenself
Stephen Glivano firm, private citizenself
Stephen Hillself
Stephen J HaserAPP
Stephen Orenselfself
Stephen WhitfieldnoneOnly self
stephen youngPeople For A Safer Society
Steve AldrichSelf
Steve BuchtelNASelf
Steve ChamberlinSelfSelf
Steve FrederickThunderbolt Communications, Inc.
Steve GattonSelfSelf
Steve klepperSelfSelf
Steve MooreSelfSelf
Steve SeaneyHead of household
Steven Anthony UrizarNA
Steven BryantSelfSelf
Steven BryantSelfSelf
Steven Deasynone
Steven Dickeyselfself
Steven drdaNA
Steven J Pate1976self
Steven LessMidwest Print and ImagingSelf
Steven LoftusSelfSelf
Steven SidellSelfself
Steven VoseSelfself
Steven VoseSelfself
Stuart Greenspanselfself
Stuart HamiltonNone
Sue ClarkCapitol Edge Consulting, LLCANA-Illinois,
Sue CosseySelfSelf
Sue Frailey BroxhamSelf
Sue HertzbergSelf
Sue Rasherself
Sue Rasmussenself
Suja Shunmugaveluselfself
Surangi PunyasenaSelfSelf
Susan AfeltraSusan Afeltraself
Susan Agateself
Susan Agrawalnoneself
Susan Balabanselfself
Susan Balabanselfself
Susan BuddeSelfself
Susan C HeiserNone
Susan ChangnonSelfSelf
susan christiannoneself
Susan Colemanselfself
Susan CurrySelfSelf
Susan DaunterSelfSelf
Susan Dixonself
Susan DixonSelf
Susan Doxtatorselfself
Susan E NavarroAnn & Robert H Lurie Childrens HospitalSelf
Susan FriedmanNAself
Susan FriedmanNAself
Susan GallagherSelfSelf
Susan Geilselfself
Susan Greenwoodself
Susan GuironnetSelfSelf
Susan Hauswirthselfself
Susan Himmelfarbnoneself
Susan Jacksonpersonal
Susan JaffeeKnit Nirvana llcBusiness owner
Susan K RiveraNoneSelf
Susan KrauseSelf
Susan LernerSelfSelf
Susan Linkselfself
Susan M HebbleNaself
Susan MasonSusan Mason Fine ArtSelf
Susan McconnellSelfSelf
Susan McFaulSelfSelf
Susan McGowanselfself
Susan MuirheadSelfSelf
Susan ODonnellSelf
Susan PearsallNASelf representaion
Susan Penningtonselfself
Susan PetrsonNavarro Canoe Co.self
Susan QuaintanceBenedictine Sisters of Chicagoself
Susan R LindstromNoneself
Susan RagaishisMyself
Susan RazbadouskiSelfSelf
Susan RhodesCitizenCitizen
Susan RobertsonSelfSelf
Susan ruskSelfSelf
Susan RussellSelfSelf
Susan RyanSusan Ryan
susan salidorselfself
Susan SancesNASusan Sances
Susan Sarranselfself
Susan Schillmoellerselfself
Susan SevcikUS citizenself
Susan Sidellself
Susan SirotaPediatric Partnersself
Susan SittonNASelf
Susan SittonSelfSelf
Susan SpaldingSelf
Susan Spenglerself
Susan Spenglerself
Susan Spenglerselfself
susan Spenglerselfself
Susan StallNortheastern IL UniversityIL League of Women Voters
Susan Stanleyselfself
Susan Stogaself
susan stoneself
Susan Trybull TalmageSelfSelf
Susan WalkerSelfSelf
Susan WalkerSelfSelf
Susan WalkerSelfSelf
Susan WelchSelf employedSelf
Susan WiechmanNoneSelf
Susan WiechmanNoneSelf
Susan Wykoffself
Susan Wykoffselfself
Susan Y SwartSYS Consulting Solutions, Inc
Susan Zingleself
Susan Zingleself
Susan Zingleself
Susanna PerrettSelf
Susannah Aimee MoellerSalesforce
Susanne Berndtself
Susanne JohnsonSusanne Johnson PhDself
Susmitha Bellamself
Susmitha Bellamself
Suzanne BesawSelf
Suzanne BesawSelf
Suzanne Farr1969self
Suzanne Farr1969self
Suzanne FeeneySelfSelf
Suzanne Jostnoneself
Suzanne KonradSelfSelf
Suzanne LoechlSelf
Suzanne MossRepresenting selfSelf
Suzanne PitzRepresenting selfSelf
Suzanne PritikinDePaul Universitypersonal
Suzanne R SimmmonsSelfSelf
Suzanne RossSelf
Suzanne Schockretiredself
Suzanne StegemanSelf
Suzanne WillisSelfSelf
Suzette HeimanSuzette Heiman Designself
Sydney HartmanNoneSelf
Sylvia KeteNoneSelf
Sylvia Renteriaselfself
T E KingSelfSelf
T J KingSelfSelf
Talia DanielFamilySelf
TamaraAccademia Italiana
Tammie BrownNASelf
Tammy BurkenaSelf
Tammy GardnerMs.Self
Tammy GeorgiouSelf
Tammy GeorgiouSelfSelf
Tammy GeorgiouSelfSelf
Tammy KatzSelfSelf
Tammy L Johnstonself
Tammy MorganRepresenting selfSelf
Tammy MorganRepresenting selfSelf
Tammy MorganSelfSelf
Tammy MorganSelfSelf
Tammy RosenthalNoneSelf
Tana DurnbaughSelfSelf
Tania StoriNoneNone
Tanja MurrayIL ResidentSelf
Tanya Evanoffselfself
Tara DullMs.self
Tara Lengaself
Tara McClellan McAndrewnonenone
Tara McClellan McAndrewnonenone
Tara SayrePoint BSelf
Tara Tidwell-CullenSelfSelf
Tara TurnerSelf
Tasha ChassonN.A
Tasha ChassonNone
Taunya RebackSelfSelf
Taylor HaydenSelfSelf
Ted C NewmanNoneSelf
Ted C NewmanNoneSELF
Ted GanchiffSelfSelf
Tehemina RichardsonSelfSelf
teresa groschnoneself
Teresa HillNA
Teresa MarshallNone
Teresa MatthewsWifeSelf
Teresa MoroSelfSelf
Teresa MoroSelfSelf
Teresa PowellSelfSelf
Teresa StinaldiSelf
Teresa StreetSelfSelf
Teresa TaylorSelf
Terese GoldennoneSelf
Teri LowingerNASelf
Terrance James TravisSelfSelf
Terrance TravisSelfSelf
Terrell BarnesSelfSELF
Terri Gensselfself
Terri KlowdenSelfSelf
Terry CoynerSelf
Terry CunninghamselfSELF
Terry GraceSelf
Terry JonesPlainfield Township Democrats
Terry Maherselfself
Thais FletcherSelfSElf
The Reverend Mary Lou KatorAnglican Church of North America Diocese of Pittsburgh
Thelma WhiteheadMyselfNA
Theodore Gietlnonenone
Theresa BeebeSelfSelf
Theresa Cervantesselfself
Theresa CervantesSelfSelf
Theresa HartNoneMyself
Theresa HendersonSelfSelf
Theresa MichelsonselfSelf
Theresa PetmezasSelfSelf
Theresa SullivanPersonalSelf
Theresa TortorelloSelfSelf
Theresa TortorelloSelfSelf
Therese EhrenreichSelfSelf
Therese EhrenreichSelfSelf
Thomas A DenioN.A.
Thomas Conrad GilliamUniversity of Chicagoself
Thomas D AllisonSelfSelf
Thomas DugardMoms Demand Action
Thomas Erwinnoneself
Thomas GoodselfSelf
Thomas H Simpsonselfself
Thomas Harmonself
Thomas HerrityRepresenting Selfself
Thomas JulcherSelfSelf
Thomas Morelpersonalpersonal
Thomas ODohertyRepresenting selfSelf
Thomas RussellSelfSelf
Thomas Vanden BerkGPACGPAC
Tiasha StevensonSelfSelf
Tiffany Collinsself
Tiffany Collinsself
Tiffany KramerSelf
Tiffany Kupkowselfself
Tiffany RuddleSelfSelf
Tiffany WalshGlimco LawSelf
tim conradselfself
Tim Mathewsselfself
Timothea Papasselfself
Timothy CrowleyNorthern Illinois UniversitySelf
Timothy E KaneSelfSelf
Timothy HauserSelfSelf
Timothy MartinRepresenting Self
Timothy TurkSelfSelf
Tina Hansenproponent
Tobb Brownself
Toby ZallmanMs.self
Todd Adamszen parenting
Todd B CisnaNoneSelf
Todd BannorSelf
Todd Brownselfself
Todd MeadowSelfSelf
Todd SweetChoose a company...Self
Tom BrownSelfSelf, (Mother of 6 children)
Tom CatesCates Consulting
Tom ElliottSelf
Tom Hedstromselfself
Tom McGeeMeMe
Tom ProstSelfSelf
Tom Teuneselfself
Tom Van Grinsvenselfself
Tom WardSelf
Toni BurtSelf
Toni CampbellSelfSelf
Toni Opltselfself
Tony Loret de MolaMr.self
Tori Jepsenself
Torres JacquelineSelf
Tracey GzamouranisSelfSelf
Tracey AielloSelfSelf
Tracey CarragherBreck
Tracey Horwichselfself
Tracey JaroszNoneMyself
Tracey Lipsig Kiteself
Tracey Sherman FalconSelf
Traci J FaillaMs.Self
Traci KurtzerSelfSelf
Traci Quigg ThomasselfSelf
Traci Spierselfself
Traci Van Laarhoven Myersselfself
Tracy Ahrself
Tracy Aleksyretiredself
Tracy Baldwinprivate citizen
Tracy BongiornoNone
Tracy FreemanNormal west hs
tracy goldbergnoneself
Tracy Hurleyselfself
Tracy Husch-LissakKept In StitchesTracy Husch-Lissak
Tracy KaempfSelfSelf
Tracy LoewenthalNoneSelf
Tracy NoudNone
Tracy ScadutoSelfSelf
Tracy ScanlonSelf EmployedTracy Scanlon, Gaston Garcia, Gabrielle Garcia, Genevieve Garcia
Tracy SilvermanSelfSelf
Tracy YedlinSelf
Trevor MorrisonNA
Tricia Starkselfself
Tricia Williamsself
Trish Oberweisnonemyself
Trish OberweisnoneMyself and my children
Troy W EddySelfSelf
Trudi DavisCitizen
Trudy EricksonSelf.
Trudy Gibbsindividual
Tyler GroverSelfMyself
Tyler KatzelSelf
Tyler PorterfieldNoneSelf
Tyler TurkSelfSelf
Ulla-Britt Sivertsennoneself
Upasana NandaSelf
Upasana NandaSelfSelf
Ursula klickerSelf
Ursula WheelernaSelf
Val HeintzSelfSelf
Val RidenourSelfSelf
Valentia Sundellselfself
Valeria ZarnowieckiSelfSelf
Valerie BurgestSelfNA
Valerie KostogiannesSelfSelf
Valerie OBrienSelfSelf
Valerie Powersselfself
Valerie ShermanNoneNone
Valerie ShermanNot applicableNot applicable
Valerie Shullselfself
Valerie SimutisNoneSelf
Vanessa TrepsSelfSelf
Vera MountSelf
Vernon LeySelf
Veronica Graham-Whiteselfself
Veronica WilliamsNAOrganization
Vicki DellaceccaSelf Employedself
Vicki SharerSelfSelf
Vicki stuckeySelfSelf
Victor SotoNot ApplicableSelf
Victoria CarleeSelfSelf
Victoria CurtissFourth Presbyterian ChurchSelf
Victoria E Thompsonselfself
Victoria EllisMs.
Victoria HomanSelfSelf
Victoria HomanSelfSelf
Victoria L MartinSelf
Victoria LandauSelfSelf
VICTORIA LASKYRepresenting Selfself
Victoria WolpoffSelf
Vidal CruzSelfSelf
Vikki Ward MartinselfNA
Vincent DaleyWacker Management
Violet CarrickSelfSelf
Viren SoniNAself
Virginia Adam-JesseSelf
Virginia Brownselfself
Virginia L BalmesselfSelf
Virginia MasseySelfSelf
Virginia Petersselfself
Virginia QuinonezSelf
Virginia QuinonezSelf
Virginia StanleySelfSelf
vivian chouselfself
W Dself
wallace channone
Wallace WinterRetiredSelf
Walter PodolskiSelfSelf
Walter PodolskiSelfSelf
Walter SeligaSelfSelf
Waltraud KrivenUniversity of Illinois at Urbama-Champaign
Wanda HooverNA
Wendy E EnglishRepresenting selfSelf
Wendy EpsteinSelfSelf
Wendy GreenhouseNAself
Wendy PollockSelfSelf
Wendy posnerSelfSelf
Wendy Ravenselfself
Wendy SchaperMoms Demand Action
Wendy SchaperMoms Demsnd Action
Wendy Zdrodowskiselfself
Whitney FoseSelf
William B WhitePeoplefocusSelf
William CashSelfSelf
William EarmanSelfSelf
William H SternerUniversity of Chicago
William H SternerUniversity of ChicagoSelf
William IronsNoneSelf
William J Tkachukindividual
william kerrselfSelf
William KoehlUnitarian Universalist Society of Geneva
William LittleSelfSelf
William McNaryCitizen Action IllinoisCitizen Action Illinois
William Rivkinself
William Roy Smythe MDPhilips
William SassoUnitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of IllinoisUnitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois
William SellersIndivisible Lincoln SquareIndivisible Lincoln Square
Williiam JohnsonSelfSelf
Winston LeeIllinois Wesleyan University
Won TchoiSelfSelf
Yale SchiffNone
Yohance TriceSelfSelf
Yolanda ChruscielSelfSelf
Yoojin Choi2009self
yuh schabackernone
Yulia BjekicSelfSelf
Yung Cong-HuyenSelfSelf
Yung Cong-HuyenSelfSelf
Yung Cong-HuyenSelfSelf
Yvette JohnsonNoneSelf
Zach KoutskySelfSelf
Zach PorterfieldNoneSelf
Zachary CainCitizen
Zachary Leonardself
Zoe ElerbyGreat ClipsSelf
Zoey Alpertselfself