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Public Act 101-0250


Public Act 0250 101ST GENERAL ASSEMBLY


Public Act 101-0250
HB2146 EnrolledLRB101 07841 WGH 52895 b

    AN ACT concerning health.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Health
in All Policies Act.
    Section 5. Definition. In this Act, "health in all policies
framework" means a public health framework through which
policymakers and stakeholders in the public and private sectors
use a collaborative approach to improve health outcomes and
reduce health inequities in the State by incorporating health
considerations into decision-making across sectors and policy
    Section 10. Workgroup.
    (a) The University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public
Health, in consultation with the Department of Public Health,
shall convene a workgroup to review legislation and make new
policy recommendations relating to the health of residents of
the State.
    (b) The workgroup shall examine the following:
        (1) The health of residents of the State, to the extent
    necessary to carry out the requirements of this Act.
        (2) Ways for units of local government and State
    agencies to collaborate in implementing policies that will
    positively impact the health of residents of the State.
        (3) The impact of the following on the health of
    residents of the State:
            (A) Access to safe and affordable housing.
            (B) Educational attainment.
            (C) Opportunities for employment.
            (D) Economic stability.
            (E) Inclusion, diversity, and equity in the
            (F) Barriers to career success and promotion in the
            (G) Access to transportation and mobility.
            (H) Social justice.
            (I) Environmental factors.
            (J) Public safety, including the impact of crime,
        citizen unrest, the criminal justice system, and
        governmental policies that affect individuals who are
        in prison or released from prison.
    (c) The workgroup, using a health in all policies
framework, shall perform the following:
        (1) Review and make recommendations regarding how
    health considerations may be incorporated into the
    decision-making processes of government agencies and
    private stakeholders who interact with government
        (2) Foster collaboration among units of local
    government and State agencies.
        (3) Develop laws and policies to improve health and
    reduce health inequities.
        (4) Make recommendations regarding how to implement
    laws and policies to improve health and reduce health
    (d) The workgroup shall consist of the following members:
        (1) The Secretary of Human Services, or the Secretary's
        (2) The Secretary of Transportation, or the
    Secretary's designee.
        (3) The Director of the Illinois Environmental
    Protection Agency, or the Director's designee.
        (4) The Director of Agriculture, or the Director's
        (5) The Director of Labor, or the Director's designee.
        (6) The Director of Public Health, or the Director's
        (7) One representative of a statewide public health
        (8) One administrator of a Federally Qualified Health
        (9) One administrator of a public health department
    local to the University of Illinois at Chicago.
        (10) One representative of an association representing
    hospitals and health systems.
        (11) The Director of Healthcare and Family Services, or
    the Director's designee.
        (12) The State Superintendent of Education, or the
    Superintendent's designee.
        (13) The Director of Corrections, or the Director's
        (14) The Chair of the Criminal Justice Information
    Authority, or the Chair's designee.
        (15) The Director of Commerce and Economic
    Opportunity, or the Director's designee.
        (16) The Director of Aging, or the Director's designee.
        (17) One representative of the Office of the Governor
    appointed by the Governor.
        (18) One representative of a local health department
    located in a county with a population of less than
        (19) One representative of a statewide public health
    institute representing multisector public health system
        (20) Two representatives of organizations that
    represent minority populations in public health.
        (21) One representative of a statewide organization
    representing physicians licensed to practice medicine in
    all its branches.
    (e) To the extent practicable, the members of the workgroup
shall reflect the geographic, racial, ethnic, cultural, and
gender diversity of the State.
    (f) Workgroup members shall serve without compensation.
    (g) A State agency or entity shall, in a timely manner,
provide information in response to requests for information
submitted by the workgroup, except where that information is
otherwise prohibited from disclosure or dissemination by
federal or State law, rules or regulations implementing federal
or State law, or a court order.
    (h) The Department of Public Health shall provide
administrative and other support to the workgroup.
    (i) The workgroup shall meet at least twice a year and at
other times as it deems appropriate. The workgroup shall
prepare a report that summarizes its work and makes
recommendations resulting from its study. On an annual basis,
the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health,
in consultation with the Department of Public Health and
members of the workgroup, shall determine a focus area for the
report. Focus areas may include, but are not limited to, the
areas designated in subsection (b) of Section 10. The workgroup
shall submit the report of its findings and recommendations to
the General Assembly by December 31, 2020 and by December 31 of
each year thereafter. The annual report and recommendations
shall be shared with the Department of Public Health and the
State Board of Health and shall be considered in the
development of the State Health Improvement Plan every 5 years.
    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect January
1, 2020.

Effective Date: 1/1/2020