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Public Act 100-0567


Public Act 0567 100TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY



Public Act 100-0567
SB1103 EnrolledLRB100 08332 WGH 18441 b

    AN ACT concerning State government.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Director of the Department of Natural
Resources, on behalf of the State of Illinois, is authorized to
exchange the interest in a certain scenic easement in Scott
County, Illinois, hereinafter referred to as Parcel 1, in
exchange for consideration of replacement property rights of
equal or greater value in Scott County, Illinois, hereinafter
referred to as Parcel 2, such Parcels being described as
    PARCEL 1:
    All that part of the South Half of Section 34, Township 15
    North, Range 14 West of the Third Principal Meridian in
    Scott County, Illinois, bounded as follows: on the North by
    the Southerly right of way line of the Norfolk and Western
    Railway Company; on the West by the Easterly bank of the
    Illinois River, including any riparian rights or
    accretions thereto; on the East by the centerline of the
    top of the levee along the Easterly bank of the Illinois
    PARCEL 2:
    Part of the East Half (E1/2) of Section 27 and part of the
    West Half (W1/2) of Section 26, all in Township Fifteen
    (15) North, Range Fourteen (14) West of the Third Principal
    Meridian, Scott County, Illinois, being more particularly
    described as follows:
    Commencing at the Southeast corner of Section 27, Township
    Fifteen (15) North, Range Fourteen (14) West of the Third
    Principal Meridian; thence North 00°55'09" East along the
    East line of said Section 27, 414.10 feet; thence North
    89°04'51" West, 1719.47 feet to the True Point of
    Beginning; thence North 74°49'53" West, 302.38 feet;
    thence North 14°07'06" East, 566.30 feet; thence North
    18°00'56" East, 388.98 feet; thence North 21°12'30" East,
    399.34 feet; thence North 25°34'56" East, 408.98 feet;
    thence North 32°00'10" East, 643.94 feet; thence North
    40°01'18" East, 1200.95 feet; thence North 45°16'55" East,
    1190.73 feet; thence South 51°14'33" East, 142.80 feet;
    thence South 45°07'14" West, 374.70 feet; thence South
    39°53'44" West, 725.65 feet; thence South 44°49'52" West,
    355.36 feet; thence South 46°22'43" West, 613.70 feet;
    thence South 39°06'05" West, 776.22 feet; thence South
    18°53'42" West, 697.62 feet; thence South 14°40'04" West,
    685.16 feet; thence South 03°51'12" East, 290.35 feet;
    thence South 14°41'34" West, 250.31 feet to the True Point
    of Beginning.
    Section 10. This transaction is deemed to be to the mutual
advantage of both parties, and each party shall be responsible
for any and all title costs associated with that party's
respective properties.
    Section 15. The conveyance of Parcel 1 and the acceptance
of Parcel 2 as authorized by Section 5 shall be made subject
to: existing public utilities, existing public roads, and any
and all reservations, easements, encumbrances, covenants, and
restrictions of record.
    Section 20. The Director of Natural Resources shall obtain
a certified copy of the portions of this Act containing the
title, the enacting clause, the effective date, the appropriate
Section or Sections containing the land descriptions of the
property to be conveyed, and this Section within 60 days after
its effective date and, upon receipt of the payment required by
the Section or Sections, if any payment is required, shall
record the certified document in the Recorder's Office in the
county in which the land is located.
    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
becoming law.

Effective Date: 12/15/2017