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Public Act 097-1038





Public Act 097-1038
SB2949 EnrolledLRB097 14732 NHT 59734 b

    AN ACT concerning education.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The University Religious Observances Act is
amended by adding Section 1.5 as follows:
    (110 ILCS 110/1.5 new)
    Sec. 1.5. Absence of student due to religious beliefs.
    (a) In this Section, "institution of higher learning" has
the meaning ascribed to that term in the Higher Education
Student Assistance Act.
    (b) Any student in an institution of higher learning, other
than a religious or denominational institution of higher
learning, who is unable, because of his or her religious
beliefs, to attend classes or to participate in any
examination, study, or work requirement on a particular day
shall be excused from any such examination, study, or work
requirement and shall be provided with an opportunity to make
up the examination, study, or work requirement that he or she
may have missed because of such absence on a particular day;
provided that the student notifies the faculty member or
instructor well in advance of any anticipated absence or a
pending conflict between a scheduled class and the religious
observance and provided that the make-up examination, study, or
work does not create an unreasonable burden upon the
institution. No fees of any kind shall be charged by the
institution for making available to the student such an
opportunity. No adverse or prejudicial effects shall result to
any student because of his or her availing himself or herself
of the provisions of this Section.
    (c) A copy of this Section shall be published by each
institution of higher learning in the catalog of the
institution containing the list of available courses.

Effective Date: 1/1/2013