1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Kathy Parker has represented the people  of  the
 3    29th District in the Illinois Senate since 1995; and

 4        WHEREAS,  She has been commended for efforts on behalf of
 5    women, children, and families to make  day  care  accessible,
 6    streamline  the  adoption  process,  fight  crime,  and  make
 7    divorce laws more equitable; and

 8        WHEREAS,  Kathy was chairman of the Senate Transportation
 9    Committee  for  nearly   three   years   after   serving   as
10    vice-chairman   for   five   years,   but   her   work   with
11    transportation issues started many years ago; and

12        WHEREAS, From 1983 to 1995, she served as a member of the
13    Regional Transportation Authority Board of Directors; and

14        WHEREAS,  In  1991, she was appointed by President George
15    H. Bush to the United States Architectural and Transportation
16    Barriers Compliance Board and served as chairman from 1992 to
17    1994; and

18        WHEREAS, She also served on the  Governors  Committee  on
19    Transportation  for  the  Disabled, the Womens Transportation
20    Study, the American Legislative Exchange Council,  Trade  and
21    Transportation  Task Force, and the Interstate Rail Passenger
22    Advisory Council; and

23        WHEREAS, She sponsored several bills to hold the Illinois
24    Toll Highway Authority more accountable to  the  millions  of
25    motorists who pay to drive on its roads each year; and

26        WHEREAS,  She  sponsored  "Scott's Law" to protect public
27    safety personnel  by  requiring  motorists  to  take  certain
28    precautions when approaching a barricade or emergency vehicle
29    displaying flashing warning lights; and

30        WHEREAS,  She  sponsored  a vehicle seizure law, allowing
                           -2-                 LRB9218497HShs
 1    police to seize the vehicle  of  a  motorist  who  is  caught
 2    driving on a suspended or revoked driver's license or permit;
 3    and

 4        WHEREAS,  She  sponsored  a  new law that imposes tougher
 5    penalties on drunk motorists convicted of causing bodily harm
 6    in school speed zones during school hours; and

 7        WHEREAS, Illinois citizens who use mental health services
 8    have a strong friend in Senator Parker; and

 9        WHEREAS, The 29th  District  Senator  was  chair  of  the
10    Senate  Mental  Health  Treatment  and  Evaluation Task Force
11    consisting of mental health experts and advocates, which  was
12    established in 1999 to gather information about mental health
13    laws and what changes might be needed; and

14        WHEREAS,   Those   hearings   resulted   in   legislation
15    addressing  issues  such  as  rights  of recipients of mental
16    health   services;   admission,   transfer,   and   discharge
17    procedures for persons with mental illness; and the treatment
18    of  persons  with  mental  illness  who  are  being  held  by
19    authorities pending trial; and

20        WHEREAS, Senator Parker has been honored by the  Illinois
21    Association  of  Rehabilitation Facilities for her efforts to
22    support mental health parity legislation that  would  require
23    individual  and  group insurance policies to provide coverage
24    for  serious  mental  illness  under   the  same  terms   and
25    conditions as coverage is provided for other illnesses; and

26        WHEREAS,  Kathy  Parker  graduated from the University of
27    Miami (FL) with a Bachelor of Arts  in  Mass  Communications;
28    and

29        WHEREAS, She and her husband Keith have two sons; and

30        WHEREAS,  When  she  leaves,  her  legacy to the State of
                           -3-                 LRB9218497HShs
 1    Illinois will be one of  commitment to the greater  good  and
 2    representation of people with disabilities; therefore be it

 4    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we congratulate Kathy
 5    Parker for eight years of dedication as State Senator for the
 6    29th District; and be it further

 7        RESOLVED, That a  suitable  copy  of  this  preamble  and
 8    resolution be presented to Kathy Parker with our thanks for a
 9    lot  of  hard  work and for acting as a voice for those whose
10    concerns might not otherwise be heard.