State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois  State  Senate  were
 3    saddened  to  learn  of  the death of former St. Clair County
 4    Circuit   Judge   Jerome   Francis   Lopinot   on   Saturday,
 5    September 28, 2002; and

 6        WHEREAS, He was born March 29, 1925 in  East  St.  Louis,
 7    the  son  of  Frank  E.  and  Rose (Jerome) Lopinot; he was a
 8    graduate of Central Catholic High School in  East  St.  Louis
 9    and Shurtleff College in Alton; in 1950 he graduated from St.
10    Louis  University Law School; he was preceded in death by his
11    wife, Mary P. (Darmody) Lopinot; and

12        WHEREAS, Jerome Lopinot was a  U.S.  Navy  World  War  II
13    veteran;  he  served  in  the  Pacific  Theater  in  the 98th
14    Construction Battalion SeaBees; and

15        WHEREAS, Mr. Lopinot was a prominent  lawyer  in  Cahokia
16    and  East  St.  Louis;  for  over  30  years  he served as an
17    assistant state's attorney for St. Clair County and assistant
18    attorney general for the State of  Illinois;  he  was  a  St.
19    Clair  County  associate  circuit judge from 1988 to 1989 and
20    circuit judge from 1989 until his retirement in 1998; and

21        WHEREAS, He was a fourth-degree member of the Knights  of
22    Columbus,  Leo  Jerome  Assembly  in  Cahokia, and past grand
23    knight of the Knights of Columbus  4596  of  Cahokia;  senior
24    counselor  of  the St. Clair County Bar Association; a member
25    of  the  Illinois  Judges  Association,  the   American   Bar
26    Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, the East St.
27    Louis  Bar Association, the Cahokia Tricentennial Commission,
28    the Friends of  the  Cahokia  Public  Library  District,  the
29    American Legion Post 784, the Centreville Men's Club, and the
30    Kiwanis   Club,   the   Cahokia   Democratic  Club,  and  the
31    LaGuinannee Singers; he was a charter member of  the  Cahokia
32    Optimist Club; and
                            -2-                LRB9218055HShs
 1        WHEREAS, He was a member of one of the oldest families in
 2    St.   Clair  County  and  spent  his  lifetime  studying  and
 3    promoting the French heritage of Southern Illinois; he served
 4    as historian of the Cahokia Tricentennial Commission and  was
 5    published  as  "The Ol' Timer" in vignettes about old Cahokia
 6    in the Cahokia Herald; he had long established  contact  with
 7    family  in  France  and  was  planning a trip to Trinidad and
 8    Tobago as part of an archaeological study of Lopinots  there;
 9    and

10        WHEREAS,  His  passing  will be deeply felt by his family
11    and friends, especially his  children,  Vincent  J.  (Connie)
12    Lopinot,  Joseph  F.  (Mary  Greteman)  Lopinot,  M.  Loretta
13    (Russell  K.  Scott)  Lopinot,  and  M.  Annette Lopinot; his
14    sisters, Faye Graham  and  Virginia  (Forrest)  DeRanek;  his
15    grandchildren  Andrew  and  Lucy Lopinot; and many family and
16    friends; therefore, be it

18    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we note with sorrow
19    and regret the death of  Judge  Jerome  Francis  Lopinot  and
20    extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends; and
21    be it further

22        RESOLVED,  that  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
23    presented to the family of Jerome Francis Lopinot.

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