State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                       SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois General Assembly are
 3    deeply saddened to learn of the death of Richard H. Newhouse,
 4    Jr., who was a friend, colleague, mentor and  trailblazer  to
 5    many with whom he served in the Illinois State Senate;and

 6        WHEREAS,  Richard  H. Newhouse, Jr., was born January 24,
 7    1924  in  Louisville,  Kentucky  to  Richard  H.  and   Annie
 8    Singleton Newhouse; and

 9        WHEREAS  He  departed  this  world on Thursday, April 25,
10    2002; and

11        WHEREAS, He was educated in public schools in  Louisville
12    and  received  both  his  bachelors and master's degrees from
13    Boston  University  and  graduated  from  the  University  of
14    Chicago Law School with a Juris Doctorate; and

15        WHEREAS, He was  a  decoder  for  the  U.  S.  Air  Force
16    intelligence  during World War II and was among the troops in
17    the Normandy invasion; he also served in the  National  Guard
18    from 1950 to 1952; and

19        WHEREAS,  Senator  Newhouse  began  his distinguished law
20    career as legal counsel to the United  States  Department  of
21    Housing  and donated his considerable legal expertise to many
22    community  groups  in  Chicago,   including   the   Maremount
23    Foundation and the Community Renewal Society; and

24        WHEREAS,  He  married  his beloved wife Katherine in 1958
25    and their union was blessed  with  three  children,  Suzanne,
26    Holly and Richard; and

27        WHEREAS,  Richard  H.  Newhouse,  Jr., was elected to the
28    Illinois Senate and served as  State  Senator  from  1967  to
29    1991; he served as Assistant Majority Leader, retiring as the
30    Dean of the Senate; and
                            -2-                LRB9216778RHrh
 1        WHEREAS,  During  his 24 years in the Illinois Senate, he
 2    served as the Chairman of the Senate  Committee  on  Commerce
 3    and  Economic  Development,  the  Senate  Committee on Higher
 4    Education, the Senate Committee on Pensions, the  Legislative
 5    Advisory  Committee  on  Public  Aid, and the subcommittee on
 6    Minority Concerns in Higher Education; and

 7        WHEREAS, Senator  Newhouse  also  served  on  the  Senate
 8    Committees    on    Elementary   and   Secondary   Education,
 9    Appropriations I and II, Revenue, and Consumer  Affairs,  and
10    served on the Senate Operations Commission; and

11        WHEREAS,  Senator  Newhouse  continually  sought  to open
12    doors and keep them open  for others who came after him; and

13        WHEREAS, Senator Richard Newhouse, Jr. founded and served
14    as Chairman of the Black Legislative  Clearing  House,  which
15    became  the  National  Black Conference of Black Legislators;
16    and

17        WHEREAS, Senator Newhouse will be forever  known  as  the
18    trailblazer  for  minorities  in  Chicago politics because he
19    holds the distinction of being the first minority to run  for
20    the office of Mayor of the City of Chicago; and

21        WHEREAS, Senator Newhouse's abilities and accomplishments
22    were  reflected  in his many prestigious roles and positions;
23    all  of  which  he  undertook  with  honor  and   dedication,
24    including  his  service  as  a  Commissioner on the Education
25    Commission of the States, duties as the legal counsel for the
26    Chief Plaintiffs in the Chicago Ward District reapportionment
27    case, service on the Board of Directors of the  Joint  Center
28    for   Political  and  Economic  Studies,  membership  of  the
29    Committees on Health and Human Resources  and  Arts,  Tourism
30    and  Cultural  Resources  in the National Conference of State
31    Legislatures,  and  most  recently   his   service   on   the
32    exploratory  committee  for  former  Chicago Schools CEO Paul
                            -3-                LRB9216778RHrh
 1    Vallas in his bid for the Democratic nomination for Governor;
 2    and

 3        WHEREAS, Senator Newhouse was the originator of the  very
 4    successful Newhouse Architectural Competition for students in
 5    Chicago Public High Schools, now in its 20th year; and

 6        WHEREAS, Senator Newhouse was also honored in 1991 by the
 7    National  Conference  of  Christians  and  Jews  for his long
 8    career of public service; and

 9        WHEREAS,  Senator  Newhouse  is  survived  by  his  wife,
10    Katherine; children, Suzanne, Holly and Richard; and a sister
11    Eloise Frayser; therefore be it

14    REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING HEREIN, that we mourn the  passing
15    of  Richard  H.  Newhouse, Jr., with his family and all those
16    who knew and loved him; and be it further

17        RESOLVED That a suitable copy of this joint resolution be
18    presented to the family of Richard H. Newhouse, Jr., with our
19    most heartfelt sympathies.

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