State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  THe  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives are pleased to recognized milestone events in
 4    the lives of the citizens of the State of Illinois; and

 5        WHEREAS,  It has come to our attention that Lutrelle "Lu"
 6    Palmer  is  retiring  from  a  career  of  service   to   the
 7    African-American community; and

 8        WHEREAS,  Lutrelle  Palmer  was born on March 28, 1922 in
 9    Newport News, Virginia, where he received his elementary  and
10    high  school  education;  he  earned his Bachelor's Degree in
11    Journalism  from  Virginia  Union  University  in  1942,  his
12    Master's Degree from Syracuse University  in  1947,  and  his
13    Ph.D.   in   Media:   Mass  Communications  from  Iowa  State
14    University in 1955; he  holds  a  honorary  Doctor  of  Human
15    Letters Degree from St. Martin's College and Seminary; and

16        WHEREAS,  Lutrelle  Palmer has led an extensive career in
17    journalism; he served as a reporter for the Chicago Defender,
18    the Chicago Courier, the Chicago American,  and  the  Chicago
19    Daily  News,  where he also served as a syndicated columnist,
20    and as editor for the Tri-State Defender, a  newspaper  based
21    in  Nashville,  Tennessee;  he  was  the founder, editor, and
22    publisher for the Black X-Press Info-Paper  in  Chicago  from
23    1971 to 1974; and he was a recruiter, organizer and preceptor
24    for  the  Associated  Colleges of the Midwest from 1970 until
25    1990; and

26        WHEREAS, Lutrelle Palmer's articles and columns are  read
27    by   thousands  of  people  in  mass  media  newspapers;  his
28    commentaries can be heard on "Lu's Notebook" on Chicago radio
29    stations WVON, WBEE, and WJPC,  and  on  his  talk  show  "On
30    Target"  where he has served as host from 1983 to the present
31    day; prior to his radio experience, Mr. Palmer was the writer
32    and editorial director for Congressman  Ralph  Metcalfe  from
                            -2-                LRB9208538RHrh
 1    the  1970s  to  the  1980s,  and served as a public relations
 2    liasion at Michael Reese Hospital; and

 3        WHEREAS, Lutrelle Palmer has conducted  several  seminars
 4    and  participated  in workshops all over the country where he
 5    has  transmitted  powerful  images  for  enrichment  and  the
 6    uplifting of African Americans; he has served as a leader  in
 7    the  Chicago  African-American  community  and fought against
 8    many  strong  issues  such  as  police  brutality,   wrongful
 9    military draft of African Americans, and the  overcrowding of
10    schools  in  the African-American community; Mr. Palmer led a
11    historic march in 1981 in a successful effort that led to the
12    election of Chicago's first  African-American  mayor,  Harold
13    Washington;  his  other leadership roles have been as founder
14    of the Black Business Network, founder of the  Chicago  Black
15    United Communities in 1979 to the present day, founder of the
16    Black  Independent  Political  Organization  from 1981 to the
17    present day; and as chairman of the Extended Services Program
18    for the Group Living Facilities for Boys  from  1998  to  the
19    present day; and

20        WHEREAS,  During his career, Lutrelle Palmer has received
21    numerous merit and honorary  awards  that  include  the  Lu's
22    Notebook  Award  for "10 years Outstanding "Community Service
23    from 1970-1980", the Kuumba Liberation  Award  in  1983,  the
24    Proclamation   of   Unity  Award  in  1976,  the  Outstanding
25    Community Service Award in 1981, the Journalistic  Excellence
26    Award  from the National Conference of Black Lawyers in 1977,
27    the Unity Awards in Media  in  1980,  the  Community  Service
28    Award  in 1980, the Outstanding Service/Community Information
29    Award in 1985, an induction into  the  Black  Press  Hall  of
30    Fame,  the  Childrens  Life  Enrichment/Jean Baptiste DuSable
31    Award Award in 1997, the Saviors Day Appreciation Award  from
32    the  Nation of Islam in 1991, the Garvey-Muhhammad-King Award
33    in 1991, the Hero & Leadership Award, the  African  Community
                            -3-                LRB9208538RHrh
 1    Award  in  1983,  and  the  Community Service Award 29th Ward
 2    People's Assembly in 1981; and

 3        WHEREAS,  In  addition  Lutrelle  Palmer  has  been   the
 4    recipient  of  the  Outstanding  Service Award from Grambling
 5    State  University  Alumni  Association  in  1983,   the   Par
 6    Excellence/Journalism  Achievment Award from the Coalition of
 7    Community Action in 1985, the Thank You Picture  Plaque  from
 8    Nelson  Mandela  and the African National Conference in 1990,
 9    the Frederick Douglas Award in 1988,  the  Black  Achievement
10    Against  the  Odds  Award from Bell Laboratories in 1982, the
11    Jomo Kenyatta Award  for  Political  Activism  in  1994,  the
12    Chicago State University Black Writers' Hall of Fame in 1999,
13    and  the  Lifetime  Achievement  Award  from the "Final Call"
14    Newspaper in 1999; and

15        WHEREAS, Lutrelle Palmer is looking forward to life after
16    his retirement with his wife, Jorja Palmer, his six children,
17    and five grandchildren; and

18        WHEREAS,   Lutrelle   Palmer's    is    a    legend    in
19    African-American  life;  the  impact  of  his  leadership and
20    commitment  have  led  to  a  powerful  enrichment   of   the
21    African-American community; therefore, be it

24    we congratulate Lutrelle Palmer  on  his  retirement  from  a
25    lifetime  career  of  service  and  leadership  to  Chicago's
26    African-American  community,  and  we wish him well in all of
27    his future endeavors; and be it further

28        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
29    presented to Lutrelle Palmer an an expression of our esteem.

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