State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 2        AMENDMENT NO.     .  Amend House Joint  Resolution  1  by
 3    replacing  everything  after  line  1  on  page  1  with  the
 4    following:

 5        "WHEREAS,  Throughout  history  brave Americans have shed
 6    their blood during wars and conflicts to  preserve,  protect,
 7    and  defend the foundation of the principles of democracy and
 8    freedom, and hundreds of thousands  have  paid  the  ultimate
 9    sacrifice  to  ensure  that  future  generations enjoy life's
10    liberties; and

11        WHEREAS, On August 7,  1782,  General  George  Washington
12    established  the  Military  Badge of Merit, which on February
13    22, 1932, became the present  and  now  the  oldest  military
14    decoration in the world, the Purple Heart medal; and

15        WHEREAS,  The  Purple  Heart  medal  is  awarded  to  all
16    military  personnel  who  are  killed  or  wounded  in action
17    against the enemy; and

18        WHEREAS,  It  is  the  intent  of  the  Illinois  General
19    Assembly, representing the  people  of  the  Great  State  of
20    Illinois,  to  officially  designate  those  portions  of the
21    original location of the Historic Lincoln  Highway,  commonly
22    following  portions  of  US  Route 30, Illinois Route 38, and
                            -2-              LRB9203405KBkbam
 1    various other routes now under local jurisdiction; and

 2        WHEREAS, This route is considered by many to be  historic
 3    in  the  fact  that  in  1912,  there  was  a  vision with an
 4    absolutely radical idea that there should be a paved  highway
 5    across  this  country from New York's Times Square to Lincoln
 6    Park on the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco as  noted  by  the
 7    formal  September  6,  1912 charter that read: "Resolved that
 8    the Lincoln Highway  now  is,  and  henceforth  shall  be  an
 9    existing memorial to the immortal Abraham Lincoln"; and

10        WHEREAS,  In  1919,  Lt.  Colonel  Dwight  D.  Eisenhower
11    accompanied a convoy from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco,
12    thereby  forming an image in the future President's mind of a
13    system of cross continental highways that eventually  led  to
14    the  concept of our National Defense Highway System, commonly
15    referred to as the Interstate Highway System; and

16        WHEREAS, There are sections of  the  Lincoln  Highway  in
17    Illinois  extending  from  the  Illinois-Indiana  border near
18    Lynwood, Sauk Village, and Ford Heights  to  the  Mississippi
19    River at Fulton, Illinois; and

20        WHEREAS,  E.J.  "Zeke"  Giorgi  was  first elected to the
21    House of Representatives in  1964,  and  he  served  in  that
22    position until his passing in 1993; and

23        WHEREAS,  From  his  first  term  through  his service as
24    "Dean of the House", Zeke Giorgi served the  people  of  this
25    State  with  great  distinction,  and he is remembered by his
26    colleagues  on  both  sides  of  the  aisle   for   providing
27    invaluable  guidance and leadership on many important issues;
28    and

29        WHEREAS, During all the years that Zeke Giorgi served  in
30    the  House,  he  drove  between  Springfield and his Rockford
31    legislative district on U.S. Highway  51  and  was  a  strong
                            -3-              LRB9203405KBkbam
 1    advocate  for  Route 51 improvements, which were completed in
 2    several stages; and

 3        WHEREAS, Following the completion of improvements to U.S.
 4    Route 51, the highway was designated  as  Interstate  Highway
 5    39; and

 6        WHEREAS,  Interstate  Highway  39  provides  an essential
 7    transportation corridor between Rockford and Bloomington  and
 8    other parts of Central Illinois; and

 9        WHEREAS,  We   wish   to   permanently  commemorate  Zeke
10    Giorgi's essential role in creating  this  critically  needed
11    highway  and his abiding impact on the lives of the people of
12    Illinois; and

13        WHEREAS, The members of  the  General  Assembly  wish  to
14    honor  legendary  Chicago  Bear  Walter  Payton, who recently
15    passed away, by  naming  U.S.  Route  34  the  Walter  Payton
16    Memorial Highway; and

17        WHEREAS,  U.S. Route 34 starts in the City of Chicago and
18    runs west across the State of Illinois, through  such  cities
19    as  Lyons,  Brookfield, LaGrange, Western Springs, Hindsdale,
20    Westmont, Downers Grove, Lisle, Naperville,  Aurora,  Oswego,
21    Plano,   Sandwich,   Somonauk,  Mendota,  Princeton,  Wyanet,
22    Kewanee, Galva, and Galesburg; and

23        WHEREAS, Walter Payton was a 1st round draft pick for the
24    Chicago Bears in 1975; the young college football  star  from
25    Jackson  State  would go on to set 8 NFL records and 28 Bears
26    team records in his 13 seasons with the team; and

27        WHEREAS, Known as  "Sweetness"  for  his  running  style,
28    Walter  Payton  was selected to play in the Pro Bowl 9 times,
29    and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in  1993;
30    he  was  a  part  of the spectacular 1985 Bears season, which
31    ended with a Super Bowl victory; and
                            -4-              LRB9203405KBkbam
 1        WHEREAS, Many  of  Walter  Payton's  records  include:  a
 2    record 16,726 yards rushing in his career; he had 110 rushing
 3    touchdowns in his career, and 77 100-yard rushing games; in a
 4    game  against  the  Minnesota Vikings in 1977 he had a record
 5    275 rushing yards; he played 10 seasons with  1,000  or  more
 6    rushing  yards;  he  made  3,838  rushing  attempts; he had 4
 7    consecutive seasons leading the NFL in rushing attempts;  his
 8    career  combined  net  yards totaled 21,803, and his combined
 9    net attempts in his career totaled 4,368; and

10        WHEREAS, On October 7,  1984  Walter  Payton  passed  Jim
11    Brown's   rushing  record  of  12,312  yards,  setting  up  a
12    celebration in Soldier Field by his teammates and the fans in
13    attendance; and

14        WHEREAS, Walter Payton retired from the Chicago Bears  in
15    1987,  and  the  Chicago  Bears  honored  him by retiring his
16    jersey number, 34; on November 1, 1999, Walter Payton  passed
17    away  after  a  battle  with  cancer and liver disease; he is
18    survived by his wife,  Connie;  his  son,  Jarrett;  and  his
19    daughter, Brittney; and

20        WHEREAS,  The  State  of  Illinois  is  proud to remember
21    people, places, things, or events  that  have  been  a  major
22    influence on the State of Illinois; and

23        WHEREAS, One way the State of Illinois can bestow such an
24    honor  is by renaming a major highway, interstate, or traffic
25    route; and

26        WHEREAS,  The  National  Road  was  the  nation's   first
27    interstate  highway, conceived by Thomas Jefferson and Albert
28    Gallatin, beginning in  Cumberland,  Maryland  in  1811,  and
29    ending in Illinois in 1833; and

30        WHEREAS,  This  road was the means of travel of our hardy
31    pioneer forefathers; and
                            -5-              LRB9203405KBkbam
 1        WHEREAS, This road was rebuilt  in  the  1920's  as  U.S.
 2    Route  40,  beginning  at the State line shared with Indiana,
 3    running through such communities  as  Marshal,  Martinsville,
 4    Casey,  Greenup,  Jewett,  Montrose,  Teutopolis,  Effingham,
 5    Altamont,   St.   Elmo,  Brownstown,  Bluff  City,  Vandalia,
 6    Mulberry Grove, Greenville, Pocahontas, Highland, St.  Jacob,
 7    Troy,  Collinsville,  and  ending  in  East  St. Louis at the
 8    historic Eads Bridge and the Gateway to the West; and

 9        WHEREAS, Thomas William Davenport was  a  licensed  civil
10    engineer  with  the Illinois Department of Transportation; on
11    April 16, 1992, he was killed by a drunk driver north of  his
12    home in Chatham, Illinois; and

13        WHEREAS,  Thomas  Davenport  was a son, brother, husband,
14    and a father; and

15        WHEREAS, Thomas  Davenport,  working  with  the  Illinois
16    Department  of  Transportation, assisted with the building of
17    the bridge on South Chatham Road that crosses  Interstate  72
18    and Illinois Route 36; and

19        WHEREAS,  The  bridge is located on South Chatham Road in
20    Springfield,  Illinois,  and  is  used  as  an  overpass  for
21    Interstate 72 and Illinois Route 36; and

22        WHEREAS, Justice  Thurgood  Marshall  first  brought  his
23    cause  to  the  courts  as  a  private  citizen  and traveled
24    throughout the United States demanding that the legal  system
25    uphold  rights  that  the political system would not enforce;
26    and

27        WHEREAS, Justice Marshall constructed the legal arguments
28    which ended segregation in 1954, so that equality in  America
29    truly  could  mean  "getting the same thing, at the same time
30    and in the same place"; and

31        WHEREAS, Justice Marshall, as the chief legal officer  of
                            -6-              LRB9203405KBkbam
 1    the  National  Association  for  the  Advancement  of Colored
 2    People for more than 20 years, organized and implemented  the
 3    nation's   first   program   of  systematic  public  interest
 4    litigation; and

 5        WHEREAS, Justice Marshall ably served the public for over
 6    three decades, as a judge on the United States Second Circuit
 7    Court of Appeals, as Solicitor General of the United  States,
 8    and  finally  as  the  first  African-American Justice of the
 9    United States Supreme Court; and

10        WHEREAS,  Justice   Marshall   remained   true   to   the
11    Constitution   in  his  crusade  for  equal  educational  and
12    employment   opportunities,   for   First    Amendment    and
13    reproductive  freedoms, and for preservation of the rights of
14    the accused and the convicted; and

15        WHEREAS, Justice Marshall's  life-long  support  for  the
16    rights  of  the disenfranchised, the underprivileged, and the
17    powerless served as a constant reminder that this country was
18    founded upon the promise of equality - a  promise  which  for
19    many has not yet been fulfilled; and

20        WHEREAS, Justice Marshall's contributions to the American
21    justice  system  will  have  an  enduring  impact on American
22    society and warrant a permanent public tribute; and

23        WHEREAS, Interstate 57, from Cairo to Chicago, links  all
24    ethnic  groups  and  economic  strata  of  the  State, passes
25    through notable sites in the State's struggle to ensure civil
26    rights, and is an appropriate public improvement to bear  the
27    name of Justice Marshall; and

28        WHEREAS,  The members of the House were saddened to learn
29    of the death last year of Mayor Kenneth P. Hayes of  Bradley;
30    and

31        WHEREAS,  He was elected mayor in 1981 and was re-elected
                            -7-              LRB9203405KBkbam
 1    in 1985, 1989, 1993, and 1997; and

 2        WHEREAS,  Under  Mayor  Hayes'  strong  leadership,   the
 3    Village  of  Bradley experienced unprecedented commercial and
 4    retail growth, amounting to  large  increases  in  sales  tax
 5    revenue to Bradley; and

 6        WHEREAS,  Much  of  the commercial growth and development
 7    that Mayor Hayes worked for occurred along Illinois Route 50;
 8    therefore, be it
11    SENATE CONCURRING  HEREIN,  that  Interstate  72,  traversing
12    through   the   heart  of  Illinois,  be  designated  as  the
13    commemorative "Purple Heart Memorial Highway", to pay tribute
14    to the many thousands of Illinois  residents  who  have  been
15    awarded the Purple Heart medal; and be it further

16        RESOLVED,  That the Illinois Department of Transportation
17    is requested to erect at suitable locations, consistent  with
18    State and federal regulations, an appropriate plaque or signs
19    giving notice to the Purple Heart Memorial Highway; and be it
20    further

21        RESOLVED,  That  the  portion of Interstate Route 74 that
22    begins with the intersection  of  Interstate  Route  74  with
23    Interstate  Route  57  and  ends  with  the  intersection  of
24    Interstate  Route  74 with U.S. Route 45 is designated as the
25    Veterans Memorial Parkway; and be it further

26        RESOLVED,  That  the  Department  of  Transportation   is
27    requested  to  erect  appropriate plaques along this route in
28    recognition of the  Veterans  Memorial  Parkway;  and  be  it
29    further

30        RESOLVED,    That    the   following   route   from   the
31    Illinois-Indiana  border  to   the   Mississippi   River   be
                            -8-              LRB9203405KBkbam
 1    designated the Historic Lincoln Highway:
 2        Beginning  at Dyer, Indiana, on US 30 to East Sauk Trail,
 3        west of the Illinois - Indiana state line.  The  original
 4        roadway  the  Village of Sauk to South Chicago Heights at
 5        the intersection of IL Route I or the Dixie Highway.  The
 6        Lincoln Highway then traverses along the Dixie Highway to
 7        Chicago Heights at its intersection with US 30. The route
 8        followed  US 30 to West Haven Road, east of New Lenox. At
 9        this point, the route followed West Haven Road  to  North
10        Cedar  Road, west of New Lenox, then north on North Cedar
11        Road to US 30. The route proceeds west on US  30  through
12        Joliet,  Plainfield to Rance Road near the Kendall - Will
13        County Line. The route follows Rance Road to Harvey  Road
14        back to US 30 just south of US 34. The route remains then
15        on  US  30  to  the US 30 bypass road, or Ohio Street, to
16        east Benton Street in Aurora. The Lincoln Highway follows
17        East Benton Street in Aurora  to  South  LaSalle  Street,
18        north  to West Downer Street, to its intersection with IL
19        31 on the west side of Fox  River.  The  Lincoln  Highway
20        then  follows  IL 31 through north Aurora, Batavia, to IL
21        38 in Geneva. The Lincoln Highway follows IL 38 in Geneva
22        to Kaneville Road in Geneva, to Keslinger Road,  west  of
23        Geneva.   The  roadway  follows  Keslinger  Road  (County
24        Highway 41) to Schrader Road, southeast  of  Maple  Park.
25        The  Lincoln Highway traverses on Schrader Road to IL 38,
26        just  southeast  of  Maple  Park.  Lincoln  Highway  then
27        follows IL 38 to DeKalb, Malta, East Street, the  Lincoln
28        Highway  turns south and follows East Street to Cederholm
29        to Main Street, south to North Street, west to  Southwest
30        Street, north to South Beck, back to IL 38. The road then
31        follows  IL  38  to  Lincoln Street in Rochelle. The road
32        follows Lincoln Street  to  Lincoln  Avenue  (IL  38)  in
33        Rochelle.  The  route proceeds west on IL 38 to Ashton at
34        its intersection with Brown Street, south on Brown Street
                            -9-              LRB9203405KBkbam
 1        in Ashton to Main Street, west on Main Street,  to  South
 2        Richardson  Road, south on South Richardson Road to Track
 3        Road, Track Road back to IL 38 west of Ashton. The  route
 4        then follows IL 38 to South Elm Street in Franklin Grove,
 5        south  on South Elm Street to West Lahman, west on Lahman
 6        to Franklin Road, south on Franklin  Road  to  Gap  Road,
 7        back  to  IL  38,  west  on  IL  38  through Dixon to its
 8        intersection with US 52, north on US 52  (Galena  Avenue)
 9        to Everett Street (IL 2), west on IL 2 to Palmyra Road at
10        the  west edge of Dixon. The Lincoln Highway then follows
11        Palmyra Road through Gap Grove, Prairieville, back to  IL
12        2  just  west of Whiteside - Lee County Line. The Lincoln
13        Highway follows IL 2 through Sterling on East 4th  Street
14        to  10th  Avenue, at 10th Avenue the Lincoln Highway goes
15        south to East 3rd Street then Second  Avenue.  The  route
16        goes  north  on Second Avenue to 4th Street, then Lincoln
17        Highway follows 4th Street in Sterling  westerly  to  its
18        intersection  with  Emerson  Road. At Emerson the Lincoln
19        Highway traverses through Emerson back to US 30 just west
20        of Agnew. The Lincoln Highway then follows US 30  through
21        Morrison  to  its  intersection with IL 136, just east of
22        Fulton. At Fulton the Lincoln Highway follows IL  136  to
23        the 16th Avenue intersection with IL 136. Lincoln Highway
24        follows 16th Avenue to its intersection with 15th Avenue,
25        and  the  route  follows  15th Avenue to its intersection
26        with 4th Street, north on 4th Street to 10th Avenue  west
27        on  10th  Avenue to Second Street, north on Second Street
28        to its intersection with 9th Avenue, to the  crossing  of
29        the  Mississippi  River  on  the Lyons - Fulton Bridge to
30        Iowa; and be it further

31        RESOLVED, That the Illinois Department of  Transportation
32    and  local  agencies  in their respective jurisdictions along
33    the  Historic  Lincoln  Highway   be   requested   to   erect
34    appropriate  signs  marking  the route, consistent with State
                            -10-             LRB9203405KBkbam
 1    and federal regulations; and be it further

 2        RESOLVED,  That the  portion  of  Interstate  Highway  39
 3    commencing  at  its  point  of origin in Winnebago County and
 4    ending with its intersection  with  Interstate  Route  88  be
 5    designated the E.J. "Zeke" Giorgi Highway; and be it further

 6        RESOLVED,   That  the  Department  of  Transportation  is
 7    requested to erect appropriate plaques or signs giving notice
 8    to the E.J. "Zeke" Giorgi Highway; and be it further

 9        RESOLVED, That we wish to memorialize Chicago Bear  great
10    Walter  Payton  by  naming  U.S.  Route  34 the Walter Payton
11    Memorial Highway in tribute to this great athlete; and be  it
12    further

13        RESOLVED,   That  the  Department  of  Transportation  is
14    requested to erect appropriate plaques or signs giving notice
15    to the Walter Payton Memorial Highway; and be it further

16        RESOLVED, That U.S. Route  40  be  renamed  the  Historic
17    National Road; and be it further

18        RESOLVED,  That the Illinois Department of Transportation
19    be requested to erect, at suitable locations consistent  with
20    State and federal regulations, appropriate plaques, signs, or
21    markers  giving  notice to the Historic National Road; and be
22    it further

23        RESOLVED, That we urge the bridge on South Chatham  Road,
24    spanning  Interstate  72  and Illinois Route 36, be named the
25    Thomas William Davenport Memorial Bridge; and be it further

26        RESOLVED, That the Illinois Department of  Transportation
27    be requested to erect, at a suitable location consistent with
28    State and federal regulations, an appropriate plaque or signs
29    giving notice of the name; and be it further

30        RESOLVED,  That  the  part  of Interstate Route 57 of the
                            -11-             LRB9203405KBkbam
 1    National System of Interstate and Defense Highways  which  is
 2    within  the  State  of Illinois is designated as the Thurgood
 3    Marshall Memorial Freeway; and be it further

 4        RESOLVED, That the Illinois Department of  Transportation
 5    erect  appropriate  signs,  markers,  or  plaques  along  the
 6    highway in recognition of this designation; and be it further

 7        RESOLVED,  That  the  portion  of  Illinois Route 50 from
 8    North Street to Larry Power Road in Bradley is designated the
 9    Kenneth P. Hayes Memorial Highway; and be it further

10        RESOLVED,  That  the  Department  of  Transportation   is
11    directed  to  erect  appropriate  signage along this route in
12    recognition of this designation; and be it further

13        RESOLVED, That suitable  copies  of  this  resolution  be
14    presented  to:  the  Secretary  of  the  U.S.  Department  of
15    Transportation;  the  Secretary of the Illinois Department of
16    Transportation; the family of E.J. "Zeke" Giorgi; the  family
17    of  Walter  Payton;  the  family of Thomas William Davenport;
18    Mrs. Rose Hayes, the widow of Mayor Kenneth P. Hayes; and the
19    Village of Bradley.".

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