91st General Assembly
Summary of HB3619
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REAL PROPERTY-TECH                                                         

Synopsis of Bill as introduced:
        Amends the Code of Civil Procedure.  Makes a technical change  in      
   a  Section  concerning  the  exercise  of  "quick-take" eminent domain      
        SENATE AMENDMENT NO. 1.                                                
          Deletes reference to:                                                
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.1                                                   
          Adds reference to:                                                   
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.97 new                                              
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.98 new                                              
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.99 new                                              
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.100 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.101 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.48                                                  
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.103 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.104 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.105 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.106 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.107 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.53                                                  
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.108 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.110 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.111 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.112 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.114 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.115 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.116 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.117 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.118 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.119 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.120 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.121 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.122 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.123 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.125 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.126 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.127 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.128 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.129 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.130 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.131 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.132 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.133 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.134 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.135 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.136 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.137 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.138 new                                             
        Deletes everything.   Amends  the  Code  of  Civil  Procedure  in      
   relation  to  quick-take eminent domain powers.  Extends the period of      
   time within which quick-take powers may be exercised by  the  Bi-State      
   Development  Agency  of  the  Missouri-Illinois  Metropolitan District      
   (concerning the MetroLink  Light  Rail  System)  and  the  Village  of      
   Elmwood  Park (concerning a Tax Increment Redevelopment Project Area).      
   Grants new quick-take powers to the  following  entities  for  various      
   projects:  the  Village  of Dolton, the City of Benton, the Village of      
   Robbins, the Village of South Holland, the City of Rockford, the  City      
   of  Effingham, the City of Champaign and Champaign County, the City of      
   Aurora, Adams County, the Village of Franklin Park, the City of  Mount      
   Vernon,  the  City  of  Hickory  Hills,  the  City of Palos Hills, the      
   Village of Mount Prospect, the City of Northlake, the Fox Metro  Water      
   Reclamation  District,  the  Village  of  Melrose Park, the Village of      
   Stone Park, the Village of Elmwood Park, the Village of  Forest  Park,      
   the  City  of  St.  Charles,  the City of Loves Park, and Lake County.      
   Effective immediately.                                                      
        SENATE AMENDMENT NO. 3.                                                
          Deletes reference to:                                                
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.128 new                                             
          Adds reference to:                                                   
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.102 new                                             
          735 ILCS 5/7-103.102a new                                            
        Further amends the Code  of  Civil  Procedure.   Adds  quick-take      
   authority  for  the  Village of Barrington to acquire certain property      
   for business development and municipal purposes and for the Village of      
   Lyons to acquire  certain  property  for  downtown  redevelopment  and      
   public  school enhancement.  Deletes quick-take authority for the City      
   of St. Charles to acquire certain commercially zoned property within a      
   proposed TIF district to redevelop blighted property.                       
Last action on Bill: SESSION SINE DIE

   Last action date: 01-01-09

           Location: House

 Amendments to Bill: AMENDMENTS ADOPTED: HOUSE -   0     SENATE -   2


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