State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The Illinois  National  Guard  and  its  militia
 3    forebears have faithfully served the State and the nation for
 4    more than 300 years; and

 5        WHEREAS, Illinois Patriots, such as Colonel George Rogers
 6    Clark,  have  always  quickly  answered the call to arms with
 7    pride and professionalism; and

 8        WHEREAS, Five brigades of Illinois volunteers,  including
 9    Abraham  Lincoln,  were  mustered  in  April  1832  to defend
10    settlers and end hostilities during the Black Hawk War; and

11        WHEREAS,  Six  Illinois  militia   regiments   and   five
12    independent  companies  volunteered  for the Mexican American
13    War; and

14        WHEREAS, Illinois provided the Union with leaders such as
15    President Lincoln and Generals Grant, Logan, and  McClernand,
16    as  well  as  more than 250,000 men during the Civil War, the
17    largest contingent of any state; and

18        WHEREAS, Units in the Chicago  area  kept  order  in  the
19    aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire; and

20        WHEREAS,  Illinois  was the first state to respond to the
21    Federal call for troops and mustered ten regiments, including
22    Poet Carl Sandburg, and the Naval Militia for service in  the
23    Spanish American War; and

24        WHEREAS,  The  Illinois  National  Guard  was  called for
25    service to pursue Pancho  Villa  and  restore  peace  on  the
26    Mexican Border in 1916; and

27        WHEREAS,  25,000  Illinois  National  Guard  troops  were
28    mobilized  during  WWI and nine Illinois soldiers of the 33rd
29    Infantry Division received Medals of Honor for  their  heroic
30    conduct; and
                            -2-                LRB9113525CBcb
 1        WHEREAS,  The 33rd Infantry Division helped recapture the
 2    Philippines and Illinois National Guard units served  in  all
 3    theatres of WWII; and

 4        WHEREAS, Illinois National Guard units served in both the
 5    Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War; and

 6        WHEREAS,   The   170th  Fighter  Squadron,  Illinois  Air
 7    National Guard, and several Army National  Guard  units  were
 8    called to active duty during the Berlin Crisis; and

 9        WHEREAS,  In  1993,  when  the  Mississippi  and Illinois
10    Rivers flooded their banks, 7,000  members  of  the  Illinois
11    National   Guard   provided   assistance   to   their  fellow
12    Illinoisans who were displaced; and

13        WHEREAS, 1,200  Illinois  Army  and  Air  National  Guard
14    members  have been recently deployed to support operations in
15    Macedonia, Kosovo, and Iraq; and

16        WHEREAS,  The  Illinois  National  Guard  Drug  Reduction
17    Program assists local law  enforcement  in  removing  illegal
18    drugs from Illinois communities; and

19        WHEREAS,  The  Illinois National Guard sponsors Lincoln's
20    Challenge and Operation First Choice which provide  training,
21    mentorship,  and other services designed to meet the needs of
22    the youth of Illinois; and

23        WHEREAS, Illinois  National  Guard  members  daily  serve
24    their Nation, State, and local communities; and

25        WHEREAS,  George  H.  Ryan,  Governor  of  the  State  of
26    Illinois,  has  proclaimed April 5, 2000 as ILLINOIS NATIONAL
27    GUARD DAY in Illinois; therefore, be it

30    we commend the men and women of the Illinois  National  Guard
                            -3-                LRB9113525CBcb
 1    for  their  long  and  outstanding  service  to  the State of
 2    Illinois; and be it further

 3        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
 4    presented  to  the Adjutant General for the State of Illinois
 5    in conjunction with Illinois National Guard Day on  April  5,
 6    2000.

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