State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  wish to congratulate the alumni of Lake View
 4    High  School,  as  they  prepare  to  celebrate   the   125th
 5    anniversary  of  the oldest township high school in Illinois;
 6    and

 7        WHEREAS,  In  1873  the  voters  of  Lake  View  township
 8    presented the township treasurer  with  a  petition  for  the
 9    establishment  of  a  high  school; the trustees of Graceland
10    Cemetery offered the township the  current  property  at  the
11    corner of Irving Park and Ashland, and on May 4, 1874 classes
12    started  at the new school; since the school opened its doors
13    it has had only thirteen principals; Dr. nightingale was  the
14    first and Mr. Scott Feaman is the current principal; and

15        WHEREAS,  Out  of  the 78 students that first enrolled at
16    the school, only 8 of the students were  advanced  enough  to
17    begin at the high school level; and

18        WHEREAS,  The school was gutted by fire in March of 1885,
19    but classes went on at the  Evanston  Avenue  Chapel;  a  new
20    school  was  completed in 1886; in 1889 the town of Lake View
21    was incorporated into the City of Chicago, making  Lake  View
22    High School a member of the Chicago Public School System; and

23        WHEREAS,  A  four  story  addition  was added to the high
24    school in 1898;  in  1916  a  new  four  story  addition  was
25    erected;  a girls gymnasium and a new cafeteria were added in
26    1939; Campus Park was  completed  in  1997;  and  in  1998  a
27    science  lab  and  student  health  center  became the newest
28    additions to Lake View  High  School  and  its  ever-changing
29    facade; and

30        WHEREAS,   Lake  View  High  School  has  seen  admirals,
31    generals, judges, politicians, stars from  the  entertainment
                            -2-               LRB9101944KBkbA
 1    industry,  and  business  leaders  graduate from its halls of
 2    academia; Edgar Bergen, Gloria Swanson, and  Tom  Bosley  are
 3    from  the  entertainment  field;  former State Representative
 4    Sidney Yates was a graduate; and the Reverend George A. Rice,
 5    pastor of the Addison Street Community Church  and  president
 6    of the Friends of Lake View is an alum;  Lake View is a proud
 7    part  of  the  State of Illinois; with help from the New Lake
 8    View Alumni Association and the Friends of  Lake  View,  Lake
 9    View  High School will soon head into a new century of caring
10    for its students; therefore, be it

13    we congratulate all those involved in Lake View  High  School
14    throughout  its  many  years on a job well done; we wish Lake
15    View High School a happy anniversary; may Lake View  continue
16    to  provide quality education to its students for another 125
17    years; and be it further

18        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
19    presented to a representative of Lake View High School.

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