State of Illinois
91st General Assembly

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 1        AN ACT to amend the Property Tax Code by changing Section
 2    2-30.

 3        Be  it  enacted  by  the People of the State of Illinois,
 4    represented in the General Assembly:

 5        Section 5.  The Property Tax Code is amended by  changing
 6    Section 2-30 as follows:

 7        (35 ILCS 200/2-30)
 8        Sec.  2-30.  Budget Making. At least 60 days prior to the
 9    beginning  of  each  fiscal  year,  the  assessor  for   each
10    multi-township  assessment district or township shall prepare
11    and present on forms provided or approved by  the  Department
12    an   office   budget   for   the  ensuing  fiscal  year.  The
13    multi-township or township board of trustees  shall  adopt  a
14    budget  and  appropriation  ordinance  in accordance with the
15    Illinois Municipal Budget Law.
16        The multi-township board must, at least  30  days  before
17    the  public  hearing  required  by  Section 3 of the Illinois
18    Municipal Budget Law, prepare  or  cause  to  be  prepared  a
19    tentative  budget  and  appropriation  ordinance and file the
20    ordinance  with  the  township  clerks   of   the   townships
21    comprising   the  multi-township  assessment  district.   The
22    township  clerks  must  make   the   tentative   budget   and
23    appropriation  ordinance  available for public inspection for
24    at least 30 days before final action on  the  ordinance.  The
25    required  public  hearing  must be held on or before the last
26    day of the first quarter of the fiscal year before the board.
27    Notice of the hearing must  be  given  by  publication  in  a
28    newspaper published in the multi-township assessment district
29    at  least 30 days before the time of the hearing. If there is
30    no  newspaper  published  in  the  multi-township  assessment
31    district, notice of  the  public  hearing  may  be  given  by
                            -2-                LRB9110704MWgc
 1    posting  notices  in  5  of  the  most  public places in each
 2    township comprising the multi-township  assessment  district.
 3    It  is  the  duty  of  the township clerks to arrange for the
 4    public hearing. The board at the public hearing may adopt all
 5    or part of the tentative budget and appropriation  ordinance,
 6    as the board deems necessary.
 7        The  multi-township  or  township board of trustees shall
 8    determine the amount required and permitted by law to finance
 9    the  operations  of  the  office  of  the  multi-township  or
10    township assessor.  The board of trustees shall certify  that
11    amount  in  a levy to the county clerk in the manner provided
12    in Section 2-20.  The  county  clerk  shall  extend  the  tax
13    levies,  as  provided  in  this  Code,  against  all  taxable
14    property within the jurisdiction.
15    (Source: P.A. 82-554; 88-455.)

16        Section  99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect upon
17    becoming law.

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