State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The members of this august body  are  proud  and
 3    honored  to  recognize  fellow  members  as  they  leave this
 4    chamber to pursue new endeavors; and
 5        WHEREAS, Senator Thomas A. Dunn of Joliet  will  end  his
 6    distinguished ten-year career in the Illinois Senate on March
 7    14, 1997; and
 8        WHEREAS,  Thomas  A. Dunn was born on October 12, 1942 in
 9    Joliet to Francis and Helen Dunn; and
10        WHEREAS, Thomas A. Dunn is a graduate of Joliet  Catholic
11    High  School, received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint
12    Ambrose College of Davenport, Iowa, and  received  his  Juris
13    Doctor from the DePaul University School of Law; and
14        WHEREAS,  At the age of 18, Thomas A. Dunn was recognized
15    as an All-American trapshooter; and
16        WHEREAS, During the early 1960's Thomas  A.  Dunn  worked
17    for  three years as a truck driver, a job which later in life
18    allowed him to understand and  represent  the  needs  of  his
19    large blue-collar constituency; and
20        WHEREAS,  Thomas  A.  Dunn served his country proudly and
21    distinguished himself in Vietnam as a Corporal in the  United
22    States  Marine Corps, serving as a helicopter machine gunner,
23    and successfully completing more than  200  combat  missions,
24    for   which   he   was  awarded  Permanent  Combat  Wings,  a
25    Presidential Citation, and four Air Medals; and
26        WHEREAS, Thomas A. Dunn is married to the  former  Bonnie
27    McNichols, a loving union which has produced three daughters:
28    Meagan, Moira, and Kiely; and
29        WHEREAS,  For  many  years  during  Tom's  tenure  in the
30    Senate, the entire Dunn family traveled  to  Springfield  for
                            -2-                LRB9005422XXcb
 1    days when lawmakers were in session, and Bonnie and the three
 2    young  Dunn  girls  were  a  welcome  presence  in the Senate
 3    chambers and the Capitol complex; and
 4        WHEREAS, Thomas A. Dunn followed in the footsteps of  his
 5    legendary  father  Francis Dunn and became a respected leader
 6    in Democratic Party circles,  serving  as  a  member  of  the
 7    Democratic  National  Committee and as an Illinois Democratic
 8    State Central Committeeman; and
 9        WHEREAS, Prior to his election to  the  Illinois  Senate,
10    Thomas  A.  Dunn served as a Cook County Legal Aid and in the
11    Cook County State's Attorney's office, and as  a  partner  in
12    the Joliet law firm of Dunn, Martin and Miller; and
13        WHEREAS,  Thomas  A.  Dunn  was  elected  to the Illinois
14    Senate in 1986 and was re-elected in 1988, 1992 and 1996; and
15        WHEREAS, Thomas A. Dunn is former  chairman  and  current
16    minority spokesman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and has
17    also  served  on  the  Senate  Committees  on Agriculture and
18    Conservation, Appropriations, Revenue, Local Government,  and
19    Public Health and Commerce; and
20        WHEREAS,  During  his  ten years in the Senate, Thomas A.
21    Dunn  has  been  a  tireless  advocate  for  local   economic
22    development,  victims  rights,  the  rights  of veterans, the
23    rights and benefits of senior citizens, the rights of working
24    men and  women,  tax  limitation  and  property  tax  relief,
25    changing  the  way  Illinois  funds public education, curbing
26    gang violence, and protecting the American flag; and
27        WHEREAS, Thomas A.  Dunn  was  instrumental  in  bringing
28    riverboat gaming to his district, which provided badly needed
29    local jobs and tax revenue, and has also worked to find a new
30    use for the Joliet Arsenal; and
31        WHEREAS,   Because   of   his   outstanding   legislative
                            -3-                LRB9005422XXcb
 1    achievements,  Thomas  A.  Dunn  has  been recognized by such
 2    organizations as the Illinois Hospital Association,  Illinois
 3    Farm   Bureau,   Illinois  Education  Association,  Taxpayers
 4    Federation  of  Illinois,  National   Taxpayers   United   of
 5    Illinois,  Illinois Council of Senior Citizens Organizations,
 6    Associated   Firefighters,    Illinois    States    Attorneys
 7    Association,  and  the  Illinois  Coalition for Citizens with
 8    Disabilities; and
 9        WHEREAS, Thomas A. Dunn has also been active in civic and
10    community affairs in Joliet and the surrounding area, serving
11    as a member of the Board of Trustees of St. Francis  College,
12    the Board of St. Joseph Hospital, the Stone City VFW, as well
13    as many other groups and organizations; and
14        WHEREAS,  Thomas A. Dunn has also served with distinction
15    as a member  of,  among  other  groups,  the  Illinois  State
16    Justice  Commission,  the  Legislative  Committee on Juvenile
17    Justice, and the Medicaid and Welfare Reform Task Force; and
18        WHEREAS, Thomas A. Dunn will end his distinguished tenure
19    as a State Senator to take the Oath of Office as an Associate
20    Judge in Will County on March 14, 1997; therefore, be it
22    OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we congratulate Thomas A. Dunn
23    on his outstanding service to the citizens of  the  42nd  and
24    43rd  Districts, and extend our gratitude for having him as a
25    member of this august body for the past ten years; and be  it
26    further
27        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of  this preamble and
28    resolution be presented to Thomas A.  Dunn,  along  with  our
29    very  best  wishes  to  Tom  and  the  entire Dunn family for
30    success and happiness in all of their future endeavors.

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