State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, It is the duty of the Illinois General  Assembly
 3    and  the  Illinois  Board of Education to develop a system of
 4    public education for the citizens of the  State,  to  provide
 5    proper  funding  for  education programs and the operation of
 6    public schools, and to ensure that such funds  are  used  for
 7    their  intended purpose as provided in federal and State law;
 8    and
 9        WHEREAS, It has recently come to  the  attention  of  the
10    General  Assembly  that Chapter 1 federal funds may have been
11    misused by officials and the local school board  at  Clemente
12    High  School  in Chicago, as reported in a series of articles
13    in the Chicago  Sun-Times  in  1996  and  1997  following  an
14    investigation  by  the  newspaper into the alleged incidents;
15    and
16        WHEREAS, It has been reported that the Chapter 1  federal
17    funds  that  were  intended  to  educate poor children in the
18    State of Illinois have been misused by officials at  Clemente
19    High  School  in various ways inconsistent with the education
20    of students and in particular to promote  the  goals  of  the
21    National  Liberation  Movement  (MLN),  a  group whose stated
22    purpose is to free convicted terrorists  who  support  Puerto
23    Rican independence; and
24        WHEREAS, As representatives of the people of the State of
25    Illinois,  the  House  of Representatives of the 90th General
26    Assembly  must  carefully  investigate  and  scrutinize  this
27    alleged  misuse  of  public   funds,   with   the   goal   of
28    understanding  its  causes and preventing a recurrence of the
29    misuse of public funds at  Clemente  High  School  and  other
30    public education institutions in the State; therefore, be it
                            -2-               LRB9005400CBcbA
 1    Special Committee specifically appointed by  the  Speaker  of
 2    the House of Representatives to investigate the alleged abuse
 3    of  funds  at  Clemente  High School ("Special Committee") is
 4    hereby directed to investigate the use of federal  and  State
 5    funds  at  Clemente  High  School  and other public education
 6    institutions in this State  provided  for  the  education  of
 7    Illinois students; and be it further
 8        RESOLVED, That a Special Committee shall conduct hearings
 9    and  investigate  Clemente  High School officials, members of
10    the local school board, and other individuals  or  groups  or
11    organizations who may have been involved in or have knowledge
12    of  the  misuse  of  public  education funds at Clemente High
13    School; and be it further
14        RESOLVED, That the Special Committee shall have  all  the
15    powers  granted  under  the  Constitution  of  the  State  of
16    Illinois,  under the laws of Illinois, and under the Rules of
17    the House of Representatives of the 90th General Assembly  of
18    the   State   of   Illinois   to  conduct  the  hearings  and
19    investigation, including without  limitation,  the  power  to
20    issue  warrants,  subpoenas, and writs; compel the appearance
21    and testimony of  witnesses  and  the  production  of  books,
22    records, papers, documents, video tapes, and any other items;
23    examine   witnesses   under   oath;   and   appoint   special
24    investigators  and  attorneys, court reporters, and any other
25    personnel necessary to conduct hearings and an investigation;
26    and be it further
27        RESOLVED, That the Joint Committee on Legislative Support
28    Services  shall  make  available  to  the  Special  Committee
29    appointed to investigate this matter  such  staff  assistance
30    and other resources as may be needed to comply with the terms
31    of this resolution; and be it further
32        RESOLVED, That the Joint Committee on Legislative Support
                            -3-               LRB9005400CBcbA
 1    Services  shall authorize the payment of such expenses of the
 2    Special Committee as may be necessary for expert  counsel  or
 3    other professional expertise from funds appropriated for such
 4    purposes; and be it further
 5        RESOLVED,   That  the  Special  Committee  shall  develop
 6    recommendations to deal with and solve the problems uncovered
 7    by hearings and investigation; and be it further
 8        RESOLVED,   That   the   results   of   these   hearings,
 9    investigation, and recommendations shall be reported  to  the
10    House  of Representatives of the 90th General Assembly of the
11    State of Illinois and the Governor of Illinois.

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