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(105 ILCS 5/) School Code.

105 ILCS 5/19-11

    (105 ILCS 5/19-11) (from Ch. 122, par. 19-11)
    Sec. 19-11. Amount of indebtedness - Interest and maturity. Any district which has complied with Section 19-9 and which is authorized to issue bonds under Sections 19-8, 19-9 and 19-10 shall adopt a resolution specifying the amount of indebtedness to be funded, whether for the purpose of paying claims, or for paying teachers' orders, or for paying liabilities or obligations imposed on any district resulting from the division of assets as provided by Article 7 of this Act or Article 5 of this Act as it existed prior to July 1, 1952. The resolution shall set forth the date, denomination, rate of interest and maturities of the bonds, fix all details with respect to the issue and execution thereof, and provide for the levy of a tax sufficient to pay both principal and interest of the bonds as they mature. The bonds shall bear interest at a rate not to exceed the maximum rate authorized by the Bond Authorization Act, as amended at the time of the making of the contract, payable annually or semi-annually, as the governing body may determine, and mature in not more than 20 years from the date thereof or as otherwise authorized by law.
    With respect to instruments for the payment of money issued under this Section either before, on, or after the effective date of this amendatory Act of 1989, it is and always has been the intention of the General Assembly (i) that the Omnibus Bond Acts are and always have been supplementary grants of power to issue instruments in accordance with the Omnibus Bond Acts, regardless of any provision of this Act that may appear to be or to have been more restrictive than those Acts, (ii) that the provisions of this Section are not a limitation on the supplementary authority granted by the Omnibus Bond Acts, and (iii) that instruments issued under this Section within the supplementary authority granted by the Omnibus Bond Acts are not invalid because of any provision of this Act that may appear to be or to have been more restrictive than those Acts.
(Source: P.A. 100-531, eff. 9-22-17.)

105 ILCS 5/19-12

    (105 ILCS 5/19-12) (from Ch. 122, par. 19-12)
    Sec. 19-12. Filing copy of resolution-Extension of taxes. A certified copy of the resolution authorizing the issue of bonds under Sections 19-8 through 19-11 shall be filed with the county clerk of each county in which any portion of any such district is situated and the county clerk shall annually extend taxes against all of the taxable property situated in the county and contained in such district in amounts sufficient to pay maturing principal and interest of such bonds without limitation as to rate or amount and in addition to and in excess of any taxes that may now or hereafter be authorized to be levied by Sections 12-11 and 12-11.1 or 17-2 through 17-9.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 31.)

105 ILCS 5/19-13

    (105 ILCS 5/19-13) (from Ch. 122, par. 19-13)
    Sec. 19-13. Sale or exchange of bonds. Any bonds issued under Sections 19-8 to 19-11, inclusive, may be exchanged par for par for claims or unpaid orders for wages of teachers, or both, or may be sold and the proceeds received used to pay such claims or orders.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 31.)

105 ILCS 5/19-14

    (105 ILCS 5/19-14) (from Ch. 122, par. 19-14)
    Sec. 19-14. Validity of indebtedness-Validity of bonds. Purchasers of such bonds shall not be obligated to inquire into the validity of the indebtedness funded, and bonds issued under sections 19-8 through 19-11 shall be the valid and binding obligations of the school district, notwithstanding the fact that the bonds, together with existing indebtedness, either in whole or in part, exceed any statutory debt limitation in force at the time the bonds are issued.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 31.)

105 ILCS 5/prec. Sec. 19-15

    (105 ILCS 5/prec. Sec. 19-15 heading)

105 ILCS 5/19-15

    (105 ILCS 5/19-15) (from Ch. 122, par. 19-15)
    Sec. 19-15. Authority to refund bonds. When a school district has issued bonds or other evidence of indebtedness for any purposes which are binding and subsisting legal obligations and remaining outstanding, the school board of the district may, upon the surrender of the bonds or other evidences of indebtedness, issue in lieu thereof to the holders or owners thereof or to other persons for money with which to pay them, new bonds or other evidences of indebtedness, according to the subsequent provisions of this Article.
    For the purposes of Sections 19-15 through 19-26 "school district" includes any non-high school district.
(Source: Laws 1961, p. 31.)