(20 ILCS 1805/) Military Code of Illinois.

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Article I - State Militia In General
Article II - The Organized Militia
Article III - General Organization
Article IV - The Department Of Military Affairs
Article IV-A - Military Funeral Honors
Article V - Organization Of The National Guard
Article V-A - National Guard Employment Rights
Article VII - Separation
Article VIII - Appointments And Commissions
Article IX - Warrant Officers
Article X - Enlisted Members
Article XI - Pay And Allowances
Article XII - Uniforms, Arms And Other Public Property
Article XIII - Armories And Rifle Ranges
Article XIV - Military Offenses (Repealed by P.A. 99-796)
Article XV - Courts-Martial (Repealed by P.A. 99-796)
Article XVI - Mobs, Riots And Disturbances
Article XVI-A - Illinois National Guard State-Sponsored Life Insurance Program
Article XVII - General Provisions
Article XVIII - Repeal And Construction